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Positive News, Green Things, Microcredit and The Green Children

Positive News, Green Things, Microcredit and The Green Children
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Bold Construction Page 2 of 2 - Three years ago, as the construction industry cratered, Bill Haney and Maura McCarthy made the curious–maybe crazy–decision to launch a prefabricated- home business. Their vision: architect- designed, factory-built, single-family dwellings with green accents (including energy-efficient appliances and airtight construction) that appeal to higher- income, eco-conscious buyers. “Yes, the housing market has been decimated,” says Haney, 49. “But if you have the moxie to get going during a recession, you can build something sustainable and significant.” So-called modern prefab had become a staple of home-design magazines during the housing boom. But the economics of mass-producing green homes like Priuses didn’t work. With Blu Homes, headquartered in Waltham, Mass., Haney and McCarthy are building a different model. That recipe sounded plausible enough to attract $25 million in funding from investors like Abby Disney, Walt’s grandniece. Blu’s customers are clustered on the coasts. STEP 1.

Living Generously: alternative and unique gifts for good that change lives Green Prefab Shed Homes: Small Space Living by Design Sheds do not sound like something you would want to live in, but as modern modular, mobile and miniature houses become increasingly popular sustainable living space options, well, even products dubbed with titles like the Big Shed and Little Shed is not such a bad idea. There is an art to designing smalls-space structures so they are convenient and compact but also comfortable and livable – and a certain lifestyle of simplicity sought by many that makes them a good match for some people.Plus, these designs by Dwelle are relatively affordable as home prices go: you can buy ones of these all-in-one buildings (and not worry about the hassles of construction) for between fifty and eighty thousand dollars. This surprisingly cheap and simple-yet-modern shed home is has its own living area complete with fireplace, elevated bedroom loft space and separated restroom and cooking areas.

WCER: About WCER The Wisconsin Center for Education Research is one of the oldest, largest, and most productive university-based education research centers in the world. Under the direction of Robert Mathieu, WCER provides a dynamic environment where some of the country's leading scholars conduct basic and applied education research. The WCER portfolio includes research centers and projects that investigate a variety of topics in education. A place for research WCER is home to some 425 faculty, staff, and graduate students who are engaged in more than 100 research projects spanning the full range of education research – including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), English language learning and assessment, social studies and literacy, the learning sciences, education policy, school finance and human resource management, teacher professional development, and value-added modeling. Training tomorrow's researchers Collaborating across disciplines Using technology to facilitate research

Flat-Pack Mobile Home: The Swiss Army Knife of Apartments Since its first iterations over a century ago, the Swiss Army Knife has evolved into the household name and industry standard for compact multipurpose design in the realm of tools … now another firm from Switzerland has taken aim at doing the same thing for portable living. Made to fit everything from minivans and station wagons to compact cars, the Swiss Room Box folds and unfolds to create every essential room of a house … all from four core modules requiring no special tools or outside parts to assemble or deploy. For once, too, this is not just a conceptual fantasy – it is an engineered reality, ready for use as a portable dwelling for traveling urban couples or base camp for families heading into the forest for a rural retreat. Flat-pack pieces slide into place to form tables and chairs as well as more complex shapes needed for sinks, structural support for warp-around shower curtains and sturdy longer platforms to support single sleepers or double beds.

Official Home of the Free Hugs Campaign - Inspired by Juan Mann - Home $1000 Egg House on Wheels for a Working Urban Architect The newly-graduated architect rarely has the luxury of living in an owned home, and may even find their starting salary insufficient to afford a decent apartment within walking (or riding) distance of the office. For a three-figure sum, this designer has solved both problems at once via a unique DIY dwelling project. Dai Haifei needed to save money and spent so much time at work anyway, the solution was strange but simple: construct a livable abode that can be wheeled and parked in the empty space right outside of the workplace. It isn’t much – just a bed, a lamp and a water tank inside – but it is sufficient for someone trying to save and scrape together a living. While not the warmest of residences, seed sacks on the outside are slowing adding some exterior weather and sound protection. - Computers for Africa - Home Bubbles of Luxury: Inflatable Spheres for Modular Camping When you head into the wild, privacy may be of little concern as you progress further from the beaten path – views to and connections with nature may, instead, become a higher priority. Hence, the spherical BubbleTree tent with 360-degree lines of sight. The basic design comes complete with portable wardrobes, sofas, roll-out beds and even optional electricity for lighting. Translucent and half-transparent designs are also available, depending on one’s desired degree of environmental exhibitionism. For those who still see this as ‘roughing it’ there is a leveled-up luxury version titled the BubbleLodge that works much like a hotel, featuring opaque sides and attachable bathroom and secondary bedroom spaces. Additional variants include beach-friendly bubbles that put you right up next to the water, and tree-suspended versions that wrap around trunks and hover over the ground.