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Industrial Design and Future Technology – Tuvie - Car Design

Industrial Design and Future Technology – Tuvie - Car Design
TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch is the latest device for sports enthusiasts from TomTom. This company has integrated heart rate monitor to help you maintain the effectiveness of your workout. A heart rate is one of great ways to let you know that your workout has impact on your body, this watch offers graphical training partner with easy navigation. You can train more effectively with its full screen graphics and 3 unique training modes, thanks to a smart sensor that measures bloodflow through yo... Posted in » Gadgets, Sports If you think riding a bike isn’t practical enough, perhaps Halfbike can change your mind.

CoDesign Lab & Media Studies » CoDesignLab Forbidden Touch and New Media in Museums The co-design lab works on a research project taking place within the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. website: focus on the project is how to interact with objects that you cannot touch. We are producing representations and scenarios of use with the students of Telecom ParisTech who poetically explore the potentials of new media but also of photography, video and narrative that address this question of touch in Museum.for Telecom ParisTech course material see: The engineering design and innovation program at Mines ParisTech, (research institute, engineering school and member of ParisTech), is based on recent transformations of design in companies, which have put the established engineering design methods, used in companies and taught in engineering schools, into question.

Design Freak Product Designers, You Need to Know The 7 Deadly Sins of Product Designing From the start…the plans of the design was clear and the project was well understood. But the weather change rapidly, a new design was overlapped by another design and then overlapped by another which distresses the design team. Now the team in marketing become worried and hurriedly printed some brochures.

Howie Owl – hoot hoot! « 3EyedBear The first kit of the new year is this deceivingly simple looking little owl to expand the bird-population in 3EyedBear’s universe. We all know owls are one of the wisest creatures and this one certainly will be one day too. Thing is: she’s still very young and inexperienced, but she compensates that with a passion for reading thick books while you sleep. Psychedelic Science This past weekend, the Psychedelic Science 2013 Conference, co-hosted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), took over two floors of the Oakland Marriott City Center, with attendees spilling into bars and waiting areas. Though the illicit thrill of psychedelics (written in rainbow letters on the conference bric-a-brac) was dampened somewhat by the staid surroundings of the convention center, recreational drug users and academics alike networked at a conference that UC Berkeley professor of molecular and cell biology David Presti deemed “extraordinary.” Over five days, researchers discussed their clinical studies with LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, ayahuasca and other psychedelic drugs, and focused on the drugs’ therapeutic benefits. The conference was like any other academic conference in that it was largely self-referential. Like novelists who resurface only for book tours, academics work assiduously, often cloistered in their respective niches.

Yindesign's Blog My goals for this quarter As I didn’t have so much sketch training before, it is very necessary to take design communication class in Cincinnati. 1-Improve my sketch skill was my goal I gave to myself before I came here. 2-Redesign my portfolio in order to apply an awesome Co-Op. 3-Choosing a studio project, which in an area I have never tried before. Future Office Pods / Alexa Getting FOPods (Future Office Pods) revamp the office building typology. The project was designed by Alexa Getting. As we continually advance technologically, the office needs transform from physical space to virtual (paperless) space. The office becomes hand-held, thus decreasing the office footprint. FOPods capitalize on this concept to create a unique, open air, minimal footprint, public, and hourly rentable office spaces.

50 Best Blogs for Industrial Design Students From fabulous furniture to amazing tech products, the work of industrial designers is all around you. If you’re currently pursuing a college degree in the subject or plan to in the future, you can get your fix of all thing industrial design on the web. Here are 50 blogs that anyone interested in learning more about great product design should check out, with news, stunning photos and tips that can help you improve your skills in the field. Must-Read Presentation - Know us The Public Institution of Cultural Co-operation (EPCC) Cité du design - Higher School of Art and Design, brought together, in January 2010, the Cité du design and the Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design, on the same site, the former Arms Manufacture of Saint-Etienne. Supported by the City of Saint-Etienne, the Saint-Etienne Metropole, the Rhone-Alps Region, and the State (Ministry of Culture), it is a platform of higher education, research, economic development and promotion of art and design. The principal missions of the Cité du Design are: The raising of public awareness of design the development of innovation through design design researchthe organization of major events such as the International Biennial of Design of Saint-Etienne, or annual exhibitions both in Saint-Etienne and abroad.The Cité du design raises public awareness of design

Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color. Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. This infographic examines the psychology of color and looks at some common associations of different colors. It shows the overall importance of color to consumers and characteristics of many individual colors, and it also helps show the connection between graphic design and psychology.

Product Design ONDU Pinhole Cameras – SLO LUMU, a light meter for iPhone and Android, MUSGUARD, a removable, rollable bicycle fender and ONDU, a pinhole camera. All these three cool products have been designed by young Slovenian creatives. Browse Palettes Log In Sign Up COLOURlovers Search Create

Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 inspection – Images and insights from day 1 Today was the first day of the official World Design Capital 2014 visit, and it started early with breakfast (and if photos are anything to go by, broad smiles) at Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). There our visitors were warmly welcomed by City of Cape Town Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille and introduced in person to the city’s bid and visitor offerings. Here are a few insights and images from the morning. Jorge Santoyo Henaine, Industrial Designer in Shanghai, China Share Nordic Walking Pole 2 Gaming Mouse Concept 2 2

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