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One Penny One Minute Science Activity When I was a kid I accidentally saw little dots in my vision when squinting in bright light. Later, I discovered that I was actually seeing stuff floating around in the fluid of my eye. Bob Colbertson told me a quick and easy way to see them. Take a piece of aluminum foil—at least big enough to cover one eye—and crumple it up into a ball. Open it back up again. The wrinkles make tiny holes (use cheap foil, not the “heavy duty” kind).

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6 Fun Science Experiments for Kids My kids love to work on science experiments so I’m always on the look out for simple kids science projects that we can do at home, using items we have around the house. These science experiments I found look like fun. Remember to provide supervision as needed and keep your kids away from harmful chemicals! Crystal Geodes Here’s one from Martha Stewart that is actually a great way to decorate eggs for Easter too.

Science Writer - Help with Lab Reports Welcome to CAST Science Writer, the tool that supports students in writing lab and class reports. This tool is geared toward middle school and high school students. Check out the supports and help available in Science Writer described below. Or click the "Take a Tour" button above to see how Science Writer works. Project-Based Engineering for Kids Fun, original, and exciting collection of project-based engineering lessons for kids. If you enjoy these projects, then I encourage you to buy my book, Rubber Band Engineer. It's a full-color-photo book full of more project plans that range from the surprisingly simple to the curiously complex, and some have their roots right here at Instructables. These project-based lessons focus on basic principles of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering. Physical models are built from a similar set of materials that can be easily sourced online (links are provided in-lesson). All of the project plans in this collection are designed to be used in an after school enrichment setting, though you may use and modify these ideas for other not-for-profit purposes provided you cite The Workshop for Young Engineers.

Free Plans-Model Steam Engine A curriculum support site providing free lab-project plans for technical students, their teachers and others interested in applied mechanical engineering. SPECIAL NOTE: Tripod generously provides this web space free: unfortunately, they do not provide unlimited bandwidth. This site has been fairly popular and as a result, it has occasionally overused the free bandwidth provided. If you have trouble re-reaching this site, wait a few hours and try again! Science, Technology - Dr. Bob's Home Page Science is the observation, investigation, and explanation of the things that happen around us. This site is devoted to the wonders of science and technology. This is an interactive place where you can explore, learn, and ask questions. The focus is on unusual, interesting, and thought provoking topics. I hope that you enjoy exploring Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff.

Children's Object Lesson: The Full Armor of God Object Lessons and children's sermons are a great way to teach children through everyday objects that God is real, alive and ready to help them in their lives. We can't expect children to fully understand God's love for them without using objects, concepts or thought processes that are already familiar to them. As you prepare to teach a bible talk for children, pray that God will use you to get out his message to the young hearts and mind that he has set before you. Obviously, no one knows better than God on how to reach children.

The Energy Story Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. We use energy to do work. Energy lights our cities. Paper Stomp Rockets I run a free summertime activity program for kids as part of my job in the city where I live. So I've got a lot of fun little projects up my sleeves, and I'm always on the lookout for more. One of the more popular summertime activities in my repertoire is homemade stomp rockets.

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