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Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality. 12 augmented reality apps students can use today. Augmented reality–a technology that uses a trigger image to superimpose digital content over a user’s view of the real world–is growing in popularity and accessibility, and it holds a wealth of potential for education.

12 augmented reality apps students can use today

Often described as “QR codes on steroids,” the technology offers new and exciting ways for students to interact with lessons, said Jeff Peterson, an instructional technologist in the Lamar Consolidated ISD in Texas. Peterson presented a TCEA 2017 session on augmented reality’s application in classrooms. Augmented reality-based apps infuse more engagement into learning exercises, and students often grasp complex concepts quickly with interactive content, said Peterson, referencing Drew Minock, an advocate for augmented reality in the classroom and outreach manager at augmented reality company Daqri.

“If you can captivate those kids when you introduce the lesson, you know they’re going to pay attention throughout the lesson,” Peterson said. The Augmented Reality for Education Shelf. Integration of AR. Meaningful Integration of Augmented Reality in Education Below you will find a list of ideas and apps to help meaningfully integrate augmented reality into education.

Integration of AR

This list will continue to grow as we collaborate with amazing educators on game changing ideas! Homework Mini-Lessons: Grade Level: All grades We use Explain Everything for many activities in our classrooms. Grade Level: PK-2, ELL This app uses augmented reality to engage the students in learning their letters. Grade Level: K-3 This fun app uses augmented reality to engage students in solving addition and subtraction problems. Student created book reviews: Grade Level: All grades Students can create short video book reviews of the book they have read from the classroom library or school library.

Faculty Photo Wall Personalize your school's entryway by hanging a photograph of each staff member. PTA Support/Recruiting Rubrics Grade: All Learning Targets: Exit Slips/Tickets Words of Encouragement Mystery Reader or Staff Members. An Open Valve: How a Modding Community Shaped the Future of Virtual Reality. Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:.

An Open Valve: How a Modding Community Shaped the Future of Virtual Reality

Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Getting Started with Virtual Reality: Building for Google Cardboard. This is part 2 of our series introducing Makers to Virtual reality.

Getting Started with Virtual Reality: Building for Google Cardboard

If you haven’t already seen it, you should go check out: An Introduction To Unity. The Google Cardboard headset is the perfect and inexpensive way to get started with virtual reality for anyone who owns a smartphone. Mainstream companies are already helping get headsets into the hands of the public like wildfire. The New York Times recently sent out more than a million Google Cardboard headsets to its subscribers, bringing VR to a whole new audience. Children are also poised to have their own Google Cardboard headsets in droves as companies like View-Master produce Google Cardboard headsets targeted at children. I’m looking to share the basics of how people who are used to building physical things can get involved in helping build these VR experiences in Unity.

Exploring Augmented Reality with Vuforia and Unity. It has always been a dream of mine to play with the holograms from Star Wars.

Exploring Augmented Reality with Vuforia and Unity

While that dream may still be a long ways down the line, there is some supplemental hope for my space fantasy. A company called Qualcomm has released a technology called Vuforia, which among many other applications, can help you play with a concept called augmented reality. Augmented reality is different from entirely virtual reality, which is another type of digital experience that is often lumped together with augmented reality.

The primary difference is that virtual reality, or VR, is immersive and places you inside an entirely new world trying its very best to remove you from the physical world. Getting Started with Virtual Reality: An Introduction to Unity. The Maker community is an extraordinary bunch filled with wild ideas and potential, limited only by the capabilities of the components they can get their hands on — but what if I told you there were worlds you could have complete control over?

Getting Started with Virtual Reality: An Introduction to Unity

They’re out there, and over the next few years we’ll see their populations and influences explode. And I’m not talking about Mars. Welcome to the virtual worlds. You’ll soon be able to roam these virtual worlds in an incredibly immersive way thanks to advancements in virtual reality. But — and this is where I think things get interesting for Makers — you’re not going to be limited to exploring these environments. Sculpting 3D Printable Items in Virtual Reality with Oculus Medium. When we were writing the Virtual Reality issue of Make Magazine, we kept asking ourselves how virtual reality relates to makers.

Sculpting 3D Printable Items in Virtual Reality with Oculus Medium

We covered topics like home built headsets, prototypes, custom control systems, and similar electronics projects. However, we didn’t really talk about what people would be using virtual reality for, in terms of making other non-vr related things. This was mainly because there just wasn’t much available in terms of tools. Now, that is changing. We are starting to see a few programs pop up, which focus on creating items for use in other digital media as well as for 3D printing. I got a chance to demo a program called Oculus Medium, which is like sculpting with a magical clay dispenser. Literature class meets virtual reality – Making VR child’s play. Google Expeditions I Best Buy for Education. VR Apps & Videos - EdTechnocation. Apps for the Classroom. The Walk VR on the App Store. Spacecraft 3D. Amazon. [Expeditions] - List of available Expeditions - Google Sheets.

Diary of a Techie Chick. Katie Ann (@KatieAnn_76) Google Cardboard VR- Symbaloo Gallery.