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VR and Education

AR Hardware. AR/VR Creation Software. VR Destinations. The Future of Augmented Reality Will Be Boring – Barron Webster. Lots of people seem excited about something called AR, or “Augmented Reality,” lately.

The Future of Augmented Reality Will Be Boring – Barron Webster

There’s tons of cool demos floating around on Twitter. Facebook launched their Camera Effects Platform. Apple has an Augmented Reality developer kit and demoed a flashy AR game on stage at their iPhone X event. Google launched ARcore and a suite of experiments. Magic Leap is still secretly chugging along, releasing demo-like teasers. Mostly for my own sanity, I’ll be using “AR” or “Augmented Reality” from here on out to mean Things You Can Do Via Your Smartphone Camera Other Than Take Photos or Videos.

Most of the cool AR demos we see today appear to superimpose objects, characters, filters, or other effects to the world around us. These “superimposing demos” are super rad and very shareable because they show you something impossible. Additive AR is the logical next step in a lineage of enhancing our photos & videos. You don’t need Augmented Reality to tell you a table is a table. Object-recognition. Augmented & Virtual Reality. Providers on augmented and virtual reality ROI.

Why should colleges and universities invest financial resources in augmented and virtual reality?

Providers on augmented and virtual reality ROI

“Augmented and virtual reality systems can actually reduce the financial burden on university and college programs that require a lot of consumables or expensive hands-on training systems. … I’ve seen a community college reduce the cost of its welding program from $2,800 to $1,800 per student per semester based on material savings alone.” —Gary Daniels, consultant, Amtek Company Link to main story: Virtual reality, real rewards in higher ed “Universities are uniquely positioned to accelerate the change already happening throughout industry. AR & VR technology investment allows students and faculty to shape their future workplace, whether it be designing VR games, early product design visualization or teaching doctors how to operate using virtual surgery.” —Victoria Rege, global alliances and ecosystem development, VR, NVIDIA —Kurt Doornaert, business and market director, VR Worldwide, Barco.

Snap Inc. Spectacles and Snapchat show campuses in new light. Whether or not you’re one of the 166 million daily Snapchat users, it’s impossible to ignore the deep impact of the mobile app on how teens and young adults communicate.

Snap Inc. Spectacles and Snapchat show campuses in new light

Snapchat is now the top social media site in high schools across the country, according to the 2017 E-Expectations Survey. Snap Inc.’s Spectacles are at the center of a new strategy focused on future augmented-reality wearables. But what are Spectacles? They are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses equipped with a camera that can record up to 30 seconds of video, capturing experiences from a first-person point of view. The short videos shot with Spectacles are automatically synced in SD or HD directly to the Moments tab of a paired Snapchat account. Cool, but not revolutionary Snap’s first wearable device has been designed, marketed and priced (at $129) more like a cool toy than a technological innovation. You could initially buy them only through “Snapbots,” large, yellow vending machines placed in a few locations. New Google Earth Has Exciting Features for Teachers. Virtual Classroom New Google Earth Has Exciting Features for Teachers Google has recently released a brand new version of Google Earth for both Chrome and Android.

New Google Earth Has Exciting Features for Teachers

This new version has come with a slew of nifty features teachers can use for educational purposes with students in class. Following is a quick overview of the most fascinating features: 1. 2. John Hanke on How Augmented Reality Will Change Tech Experiences - The Atlantic - The Atlantic. AugThat - Augmented Reality Learning Media, Augmented Reality Learning in classroom education. Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality.