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Virtual Reality Films - VR on Cloud. It is very difficult to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy watching movies.

Virtual Reality Films - VR on Cloud

Film making has been evolving by leaps and bounds – it is indeed difficult to imagine a time not so long ago when people stood with amazement while watching silent black-and-white films. We have come a long way since then, with Hollywood producing films with huge budgets and spectacular special effects. Every year, we see films getting better and better, with studios and filmmakers attempting to make movie-watching a more engaging and immersive experience. What if you could watch a movie while being ‘in it’? The Most Popular VR Viewers - VR on Cloud. In the past, virtual reality was seen as ‘all hype’.

The Most Popular VR Viewers - VR on Cloud

Today, all that has changed – in fact, 2016 has begun with a bang for virtual reality. This year, virtual reality is quickly becoming a mainstream technology with many consumer VR headsets taking the market by storm. Many big names are now associated with virtual reality, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and HTC. The Success Of Virtual Reality Devices - VR on Cloud.

Virtual reality is quickly becoming a very popular technology with many big companies like Facebook, Google, Samsung, etc., giving the virtual reality sector a lot of attention.

The Success Of Virtual Reality Devices - VR on Cloud

That virtual reality and augmented reality could become a $110 billion business in 5 years is a prediction that has been made by Goldman Sachs. In 2016, HTC Vive is the second major high-end VR headset to have gone on sale after Oculus VR’s Rift head-mounted display in January. HTC Vive is a PC peripheral that is to be worn over the eyes and ears, enabling the user to feel as if they are within a game or a virtual environment, making them feel as if they are ‘actually there’. One of the features that set HTC Vive apart from the competition is the extra sensors which track the user’s movements within a room.

This contributes greatly towards making a user feel as if they are actually present within the virtual environment. As far as Rift sales figures as concerned, the first shipments were sold out within minutes. A Virtual Reality Boom In 2016 - VR on Cloud. It has been claimed that a range of virtual reality headsets are being developed by Google to compete with HTC, Oculus and other companies making virtual reality headsets.

A Virtual Reality Boom In 2016 - VR on Cloud

The success of Google Cardboard is very well-known. It is indeed commendable how the company was able to make a low-cost device made of simple cardboard take virtual reality to the masses. The device uses a smart-phone as the display and a special app for showing 3D videos and images. The goal was to create a simple and inexpensive way to experience virtual reality. Recent virtual reality job postings from Google seem to indicate plans of large-scale manufacturing of dedicated consumer VR hardware.

Apple and Virtual Reality? - VR on Cloud. Virtual Reality And Retail - VR on Cloud. Retailers are already looking at how customers will be shopping in the future, and it is possible that they will employ technologies like virtual reality for retaining customer interest.

Virtual Reality And Retail - VR on Cloud

What is to be understood is that retail is not going to remain about products lined up on shelves or a website that looks good. The future of retail is going to be much more than that. Many retailers are taking steps like merging online and in-store efforts for gathering information regarding their customers, so as to boost sales and improve customer service. In the future, when an online customer enters an ‘actual’ store of the retailer, the retailer may be able to use information like what the customer was looking at on the website earlier, for boosting business. In the future, retailers with online stores, but with physical stores only in major urban centers may be able to give customers in rural locations the feeling that they are actually walking through a real store while still being at home.

Virtual Reality Going Mainstream - VR on Cloud. Virtual reality is indeed attracting a lot of attention nowadays.

Virtual Reality Going Mainstream - VR on Cloud

We keep hearing of ‘Oculus Rift’, ‘Vive’, ‘Google Cardboard’, etc. Virtual Reality and Dining - VR on Cloud. Many are acquainted with the term ‘virtual reality’ and have at least a rough idea about what it means and its many applications.

Virtual Reality and Dining - VR on Cloud

However, the very same people may be surprised to know that virtual reality has applications involving food! ‘Project Nourished’ is a project that aims to connect virtual reality and dining. Imagine getting to enjoy your favourite foods and not put on weight! A dream come true, right? Or how about getting to eat foods that are literally out of this world?

The virtual reality headset is what provides the visuals – both of the environment and the food itself. Whenever we dine at a restaurant, a significant part of the dining experience lies in the ambience – after all, it is not just about the food! Recently a blog was released by Samsung that was titled “Using Samsung Gear VR to Revolutionize the Restaurant Experience.” Virtual Reality Going Mainstream - VR on Cloud. Industries Using Virtual Reality - VR on Cloud. When many people hear the term ‘virtual reality’, they tend to think of just entertainment and videogames.

Industries Using Virtual Reality - VR on Cloud

However, virtual reality extends far beyond simply fun and games, with many industries using the technology. Let us look at a few industries that use virtual reality and augmented reality. One industry that uses virtual reality and augmented reality is skilled trades. For example, fields like oil and gas, and construction, have adopted the use of smart glasses. Smart glasses can make the repair of equipment quite easy as it can serve as a guide within one’s field of view. Comparing Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality - VR on Cloud. Many people use the term ‘virtual reality’ to include augmented reality or mixed reality.

Comparing Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality - VR on Cloud

However, there are many important differences between the three. Taking A Look At Google Cardboard - VR on Cloud. In June 2014, when Google announced that it had made a virtual reality headset out of simple cardboard, not everyone took the announcement very seriously.

Taking A Look At Google Cardboard - VR on Cloud

However, this ‘piece of cardboard’ has turned out to be a truly revolutionary product that has contributed immensely towards the revival of interest in virtual reality. The simplicity of Google Cardboard is indeed overwhelming! The Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer simply consists of cardboard, Velcro, a rubber band, two lenses and two magnets. ‘That’s it?’ You may ask. Looking at Samsung Gear 360 - VR on Cloud. Many big names are now associated with virtual reality, like Samsung, Facebook, Google, etc.

There are many signs that indicate that even Apple may be interested in virtual reality. However, one concern is that of the lack of enough VR content. In fact, companies may not want to invest in content production due to the lack of enough users.Samsung intends to solve this problem with the Samsung Gear 360. While virtual reality headsets (Samsung Gear VR) are already being sold by Samsung in addition to the smart-phones that power them, the company intends to go a step further with the Samsung Gear 360. The Samsung Gear 360 is a camera that can be used for capturing 360 degree photographs and videos, which will in turn lead to an increase in VR content.

Facebook and 360 Videos - VR on Cloud. Facebook is all set to contribute to the virtual reality revolution with the much-awaited Oculus Rift. Also, cameras which can be used for shooting 360 degree videos are being developed by companies like GoPro. This and many other developments in virtual reality are sure to lead to the creation of a large amount of 360 degree video content. Facebook has developed its own streaming technology for handling this amount of content without its data centres getting overloaded.

In 360 videos, viewers can choose which direction to look at, and is definitely a huge improvement over ‘flat’ 2-D videos that we are all used to. 360 videos and virtual reality are very closely linked. Virtual Reality As A Tool In Therapy - VR on Cloud. In this blog we will focus on how virtual reality can be used as a tool by therapists for treating conditions like phobias. Therapists have been using virtual reality for administering virtual reality exposure therapy for many years. While earlier its wide availability had been affected by constraints of costs and technology, today we are seeing the rise of new opportunities due to the arrival of affordable virtual reality headsets like Samsung Gear VR.

How Virtual Reality Can Help Your Business - VR on Cloud. Lions of Sasan Gir come to AlphaOne Mall. Imagine being able to transport yourself in the middle of the Lion Pride whenever you wanted? Tailored Solutions partnered with Gujarat Tourism to create a unique teleportation experience for the public. Tailored Solutions explains that it's, “A Revolutionary 4D Tourism experience for Gujarat Tourism, that transports you to the Lions of Sasan Gir right from anywhere. This increases the likelihood of viewers actually visiting the Sasan Gir as a tourist destination.” While observing the reactions of the viewers, saw few children getting excited and bit scared of having lions in proximity. Virtual Reality And Real Estate - Blog. Virtual Reality Shopping - Tailored Solutions Blog.

We are living in an age where online shopping has made life easier for all of us. Virtual Reality Revolutionizing Social Interaction. You might be aware that an app called the ‘Oculus Social alpha’ was recently released by the Facebook-owned virtual reality company, Oculus VR. Virtual Reality In Architecture - Blog. Virtual Reality – The Road Ahead. The past few years have seen rapid advancements in the field of virtual reality. In early 2016, we will get to experience the much-awaited Oculus Rift virtual reality headset as well as many other devices. As of now, the focus is on the basic elements. The Virtual Reality Revolution - Blog. The unveiling of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was something that was eagerly looked forward to by many.

The Virtual Reality Revolution - Blog. Virtual Reality Educational Experiences - Tailored Solutions Blog. Virtual Reality As A Powerful Marketing Tool - Tailored Solutions Blog. Since the introduction of 360-video on Facebook and YouTube, and companies like Samsung, Google and Microsoft releasing VR hardware devices, virtual reality has been receiving a lot of attention from marketers who now understand how useful the technology can be as a tool for connecting with consumers. What was previously associated mostly with videogames is now being seen as an immensely powerful tool for marketing. Virtual Reality in Journalism - Tailored Solutions Blog. Virtual Reality – A World Beyond Gaming. Imagine walking into your office or a restaurant and seeing most of the people within the space wearing headsets or special glasses.

They seem to be totally absorbed and appear to be peering into a world that you cannot see. Using Virtual Reality For Everything From Cars To Submarines. The technology of virtual reality can be broken down into four basic elements. The first element is ‘content’ – this is basically the 3D model that is visualised. The second element is the ‘delivery mechanism’. The third element is the ‘driving software’ and the fourth element is the ‘interface’. Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery - Tailored Solutions Blog. Virtual Reality – A Boon For The Disabled - Tailored Solutions Blog. A Virtual Reality Kitchen. Google And Virtual Reality http: // #Google #VirtualReality #GoogleCardboard #Microsoft. Google And Virtual Reality. #Virtual #Reality In The #Classroom. Virtual Reality In The Classroom. Virtual Reality’s Wide Spectrum of Applications - Tailored Solutions Blog. Virtual Reality For Marketing Travel - Tailored Solutions Blog. Military Applications Of Virtual Reality - Tailored Solutions Blog.

Virtual Reality – What To Expect In 2016 - Tailored Solutions Blog. Major Virtual Reality Developments In 2015 - Tailored Solutions Blog. The Revival Of Virtual Reality - Tailored Solutions Blog. A Virtual Reality Kitchen - Tailored Solutions Blog. Using Virtual Reality for Climbing To Great Heights - Tailored Solutions Blog. Google And Virtual Reality - Tailored Solutions Blog. Virtual Reality In The Classroom - Tailored Solutions Blog.