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Winners of the Big Data VR Challenge. Masters of Pie teamed up with our pals at Lumacode to form team LumaPie after being chosen to participate in the exciting Big Data VR Challenge, a joint initiative from the Wellcome Trust and Epic Games.

Winners of the Big Data VR Challenge

The event is designed to harness ‘some of the brightest minds in interactive entertainment’ to attempt to solve the ever growing problem of navigating, finding connections, trends and solutions among the huge data sets being gathered every minute by industries around the world. We were assigned the specific task of working with the researches at ALSPAC, the Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children on their ‘Children of the 90’s’ project. The study follows 14,000 children born in the 90’s and their parents and offspring until they reach the age of 70. The large scale study records a vast amount of data including everyday characteristics such as diet, lifestyle, socioeconomic status, parent-child contact and so on, as well as tens of thousands of samples of urine, blood and DNA.

We make breakroom. 7 Unexpected Virtual Reality Use Cases. Implementing 360 Video in Unity for Gear VR and Cardboard. This entry will describe our efforts to get 360 video working in Unity for apps running on Gear VR and Cardboard (both iOS and android).

Implementing 360 Video in Unity for Gear VR and Cardboard

This is more of a work in progress than a full guide, but I hope it helps. Feel free to leave questions or suggestions! The overall process is: Start with google cardboard camera or oculus camera demo scene.Add a sphere with an equirectangular UV mapping and inward facing normals around the camera.Purchase a plugin to play a movie on that sphere’s texture. (Note: if you just want to run on Gear VR, you can adapt their movie example to play on the inside of a sphere. Movie & Video Plugins for Unity and Android / iOS / Gear VR. The most success so far has been achieved using the Easy Movie Texture plugin for Unity, currently $45. The best part of this plugin is that it comes with a demo scene including a sphere to play back equirectangular videos.

I also tried prime31’s iOS video plugin, LiveTexture, which was $75. Open Questions. Google grants a 97-year-old's wish - Oct. 25, 2015. The 97-year old is holding a Project Cardboard viewer, Google's DIY virtual-reality headset.

Google grants a 97-year-old's wish - Oct. 25, 2015

It resembles an old View-Master toy. "This is old fashioned stuff! Way before your time," she says. She puts on headphones, holds the viewer up to her eyes, and her jaw immediately drops. Spinning around in her wheelchair, Olive excitedly shouts and points at things only she can see. "There's no way I can understand that," she says finally. Sign Up. Alven un million d'euro dans boite vr captation. How to create 360-degree videos.

How to create 360-degree videos. Shooting 360-degree video with four GoPro HD Hero cameras. Posted by ryanjackson on Feb 8, 2011 in 360 Panoramas, DIY, photos, training, video | First off, watch my 360-degree Video of the World Record Dodgeball Game at the U of A So last year I shot this video of the University of Alberta setting a world record for most people playing dodgeball and the video got over 650,000 hits.

Shooting 360-degree video with four GoPro HD Hero cameras

I’ve seen a few 360-degree videos out there but not as many as you would think considering how freaking cool they are. Since 360-degree videos is pretty uncharted territory in the photojournalism world I absolutely had to take the challenge. To shoot my 360-degree dodgeball video I used four GoPro Hero HD cameras on 1280×960 mode mounted vertically. The short version of this story is that I shot with four GoPros, extracted still images from video, stitched the stills together into panoramas then recombined them back into video. For the much more detailed and nerdy answer read on…. Here was my shooting process. Light fields – the future of VR-AR-MR. The world of virtual reality (VR) encompasses immersive head gear experiences such as Oculus Rift and also extends to augmented reality (AR), or as industry experts such as Felix & Paul's Sebastian Sylwan prefers to say, 'Mixed Reality' (MR), which is most identified with Magic Leap and Microsoft's HoloLens.

Light fields – the future of VR-AR-MR

The difference is best illustrated by Google Glass and Magic Leap's as yet unreleased newer devices. The 'screen' of data on the now discontinued Google Glass moves with your head. It is fixed in relation to your eye. The data or overlay of information in the Magic Leap headset will track with the world. This second approach allows for a digital chess board to 'sit' on a table in front of you and stay fixed relative to the desk as your head moves - very much unlike the Google Glass display. When you understand what the team at Magic Leap are trying to do , compared to just traditional stereo bi-ocular vision, the need for Light field technology becomes clear. AWE 2015 historic AR vs. VR Debate - Is the Future Augmented or Virtual? AFRV, Association Française de Réalité Virtuelle, Augmentée, Mixte et d'Interaction 3D. Exhibitors 2014. The World's largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference.

360° VR Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference. General information Prague 2015 is THE annual event of the 360° Panoramic VR industry that you definitely do not want to miss.

360° VR Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference

Whether you are just starting out, interested in learning more, or a seasoned pro, you will return from this great destination with your head full of new ideas. The program will include 5 days of incredible VR Photography Talks, Workshops and Excursions surrounded by many of the most talented members of our community. Prague 2015 Talks will cover a wide range of subjects from 360º panoramas to 360º Video, from hardware to software, from commercial to artistic uses of 360º panoramic imaging.

Prague 2015 Workshops will include a hands on tutorial from the masterminds behind some of the best panorama creation software currently available in our industry. Prague 2015 Excursions will provide an opportunity for a group visit to fantastic locations in this historic city while group members discuss and learn various shooting techniques. Ticket and Registration Organizer.