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Free Energy

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Dr. Eugene Malllove, MIT: Cold Fusion & Zero Point. Evidence Of Free Energy In The Space All Around Us. Have you ever heard about vacuum energy?

Evidence Of Free Energy In The Space All Around Us

Everything in the entire universe, everything that you and I perceive to be solid matter, is actually not matter at all. All the space around us is pure energy which we will call vacuum energy. Not only that, but this vacuum energy is infinitely dense. The reality that you and I have been led to believe in is a lie. The only truly dense thing in this universe is the apparent empty space all around us, and whenever we see objects, hold them, touch them, or otherwise … that is most likely due to a gradient within the infinite density of the vacuum energy which gives off a little oscillation of energy slow enough for our senses to perceive it.

Related Article: Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy – Scientists Explain The World Of Quantum Physics Here Is The Proof: Infinite Vacuum Energy In Quantum Physics This is not a fringe theory. On the topic of renormalization, Nassim Haramein can add to this conversation: Nassim continues: Damien Duffy. Main Page. LENR News Report on PBS (1991) Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point (2008) Panel Discussion - 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference. The Pyramids of Egypt were Giant Electric Power Plants (?) Source:, The idea that civilizations progress from a primitive state to a more advanced one is a fallacy that evolutionists try to apply to history.

The Pyramids of Egypt were Giant Electric Power Plants (?)

If one abandons evolutionist nonsense and prejudice, and looks at the historical references and findings with an unbiased mind, what one encounters is civilizations that used highly advanced technologies. Remains left from ancient Egypt, the Mayans and the Sumerians indicate that branches of science such as electricity, electrochemistry, electromagnetics, metallurgy, hydrogeology, medicine, chemistry and physics were used to a considerable extent. Electricity was efficiently generated and widely utilized in ancient Egypt. The Baghdad battery and the first arc lights were used at that time. 1] The outer casing of the Great Pyramid was covered with white tufa limestone, so tightly built that not even a razor blade could fit between the blocks. So for what purpose did the Egyptians use electricity?

Like this: Tesla The Race to Zero Point Free Energy. Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy – Here’s The Proof. Who is benefiting from suppressing scientific research?

Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy – Here’s The Proof

Whose power and wealth is threatened by access to clean and free energy? Who has the desire to create a system where so few have so much, and so many have so little? It’s become extremely obvious, especially within the past few years, that Earth’s dependence on fossil fuels is not needed at all. Yet we continue to create war, destroy the environment and harm mother Earth so we can continue using the same old techniques that generate trillions of dollars for those at the top of the energy industry. Corporate media continues to push the idea that we are in an energy crisis, that we are approaching a severe problem due to a lack of resources. These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. Posted on April 1st - Working A-F-P Part 2 "Dr Lirpa Sloof" technology exposed! Posted on April 1st - Expanding Water! The Lirpa Sloof secret to perpetual motion and over-unity!

What happens when you collapse an underwater bubble with a soundwave. The Orion Project - The Orion Project's Energy Solutions Plan. During the past two decades, Dr.

The Orion Project - The Orion Project's Energy Solutions Plan

Steven Greer and his team have extensively researched the most promising inventors and technologies available on the planet today. They have traveled the globe investigating scores of inventors, and have witnessed an exhaustive range of technologies from the impossible to the near miraculous. From this painstaking work they have narrowed their scope to a handful of the most brilliant inventors and the most promising technologies. Heretofore, these inventors have been valiantly struggling forward to bring earth-saving technologies out to the world. Usually, these committed and intrepid pioneers are operating with: Low budgetsVery limited equipment in their personal shopsLittle or no access to other brilliant people to spur their thinking Frequent strong skepticism, outright ridicule, and in some cases harrassment Following are the technical description and performance criteria for this mission: Technology Performance Criteria.

Breakthrough Energy Movement

UFO Energy & Propulsion Theory - Dr. Tom Valone LIVE.