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Climate change

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The day that plunged Australia's climate policy into 10 years of inertia - ABC News. Ten years ago Andrew Robb arrived at Parliament House intent upon an act of treachery.

The day that plunged Australia's climate policy into 10 years of inertia - ABC News

No-one was expecting him. Robb was formally on leave from the Parliament undergoing treatment for his severe depression. But the plan the Liberal MP nursed to himself that morning would not only bring about the political demise of his leader, Malcolm Turnbull, but blow apart Australia's two great parties irrevocably just as they teetered toward consensus on climate change, the most divisive issue of the Australian political century. They have never again been so close. A decade later, according to the ABC's Australia Talks National Survey, climate change is a matter of urgent community concern.

This is the story — told on its 10th birthday — of a political event that changed the course of a nation's history. How bipartisan policy fell apart Robb was on sick leave from his job as shadow minister for climate, managing the notoriously difficult transition from one anti-depressant medication to another. Climate change to inflate insurance costs in flood and bushfire-prone communities - ABC News. Severe weather has rendered parts of Australia uninhabitable, properties will become uninsurable, and people will be priced out of their homes, leading climate scientists warn.

Climate change to inflate insurance costs in flood and bushfire-prone communities - ABC News

Key points: A climate risk analyst says home insurance premiums could increase to the point where many areas become unaffordableAn insurance spokesman says that has not happened yet, but wants the Government to invest more in disaster mitigationIn a NSW town hit by fire in 2018, only 16 of the 69 houses had been rebuilt due to insurance issues Across Australia, 383,330 addresses were classified as high risk in 2020. That number will almost double to 735,654 by 2100, according to a report produced for local government by analysis platform Climate Risk Engines. BOM and CSIRO State of the Climate 2020 shows Australia is experiencing climate change now - ABC News.

The Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO have teamed up for the latest biannual report on the climate, and the findings are clear: Australia is experiencing climate change now, and the warming trend is continuing.

BOM and CSIRO State of the Climate 2020 shows Australia is experiencing climate change now - ABC News

Key points: Australia's climate has now warmed 1.44 ± 0.24 degrees Celsius since records began in 1910Fire weather and extreme heat days are up, while stream flows are down. Cool season rainfall continues to decline while heavy rainfall events become more intenseThe 2020 global slowdown slowed the increase of CO2 concentrations but overall atmospheric carbon has continued to increase We are now up to 1.44 degrees Celsius of warming since 1910, plus or minus 0.24C, resulting in increased extreme heat days, heatwaves and raised fire danger.

Facts about the Climate Emergency. The facts you need to know about the Climate Emergency: The science of climate change is well established: Climate change is real and human activities are the main cause.

Facts about the Climate Emergency

(IPCC)The concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere is directly linked to the average global temperature on Earth. (IPCC)The concentration has been rising steadily, and mean global temperatures along with it, since the time of the Industrial Revolution. (IPCC)The most abundant greenhouse gas, accounting for about two-thirds of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), is largely the product of burning fossil fuels. The 'loss and devastation' of a relentless drought captured from space.

The great unravelling: 'I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse' If you’ve ever been around someone who is dying, it may have struck you how strong a person’s lifeforce really is.

The great unravelling: 'I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse'

When my dad was gravely ill, an invisible point of no return was gradually crossed, then suddenly death was in plain sight. We stood back helplessly, knowing that nothing more could be done, that something vital had slipped away. All we could do is watch as life extinguished itself in agonising fits and starts. As a climate scientist watching the most destructive bushfires in Australian history unfold, I felt the same stomach-turning recognition of witnessing an irreversible loss. Greenland glacier loses 110 square kilometres' worth of ice - ABC News. Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future. A record amount of California is burning, spurred by a nearly 20-year mega-drought.

Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future

To the north, parts of Oregon that don’t usually catch fire are in flames. Meanwhile, the Atlantic’s 16th and 17th named tropical storms are swirling, a record number for this time of year. Powerful Typhoon Haishen lashed Japan and the Korean Peninsula this week. Last month it hit 130 degrees in Death Valley, the hottest Earth has been in nearly a century. Phoenix keeps setting triple-digit heat records, while Colorado went through a weather whiplash of 90-degree heat to snow this week. Amid all that, Iowa’s derecho — bizarre straight-line winds that got as powerful as a major hurricane, causing billions of dollars in damages — barely went noticed.

UN report: Increased warming closing in on agreed upon limit. The world is getting closer to passing a temperature limit set by global leaders five years ago and may exceed it in the next decade or so, according to a new United Nations report.

UN report: Increased warming closing in on agreed upon limit

In the next five years, the world has nearly a 1-in-4 chance of experiencing a year that’s hot enough to put the global temperature at 2.7 degrees (1.5 degrees Celsius) above pre-industrial times, according to a new science update released Wednesday by the U.N., World Meteorological Organization and other global science groups. That 1.5 degrees Celsius is the more stringent of two limits set in 2015 by world leaders in the Paris climate change agreement.

A 2018 U.N. science report said a world hotter than that still survives, but chances of dangerous problems increase tremendously. The report comes on the heels of a weekend of weather gone wild around the U.S.: Scorching heat, record California wildfires and two more Atlantic storms that set records for earliest 16th and 17th named storms. We may have just seen the world's highest recorded temperature ever. Has that sunk in? How hot was it at the Furnace Creek visitor center at Death Valley national park on 16 August 2020?

We may have just seen the world's highest recorded temperature ever. Has that sunk in?

It was so hot that the huge electronic temperature display (which serves as a ubiquitous selfie backdrop) went on the fritz. Parts of the blocky digital display malfunctioned, resulting in numbers even higher than the actual mind-melting high on what turned out to be a landmark day. An automated weather station at the visitor center recorded a preliminary high of 129.9F (54.4C) at 3.41pm PDT on Sunday. Even for heat-favored landscapes such as Death Valley, it is remarkable for temperatures to inch into such territory so late in the summer, when the sun is considerably lower in the sky than at the summer solstice in late June. According to weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera, the previous global record high for August is 127.9F (53.3C), recorded in Mitribah, Kuwait, in 2011. An Orwellian view of climate change. A few years ago, there was a spike in the sales of George Orwell's 1984.

An Orwellian view of climate change

One of the reasons cited was Kellyanne Conway's infamous interpretation of 'falsehoods' as 'alternative facts'. As Orwell scholar, Professor Stefan Collini, explained, 'That kind of unreality that is propagated as reality [in the world of 1984] is what people feel reminded of'. What Orwell's reaction might have been to the Trump regime is a fascinating if rather pointless speculation. Global heating: best and worst case scenarios less likely than thought. Doomsayers and hopemongers alike may need to revise their climate predictions after a study that almost rules out the most optimistic forecasts for global heating while downplaying the likelihood of worst-case scenarios.

Global heating: best and worst case scenarios less likely than thought

The international team of scientists involved in the research say they have narrowed the range of probable climate outcomes, which reduces the uncertainty that has long plagued public debate about this field. Their increased confidence about the sensitivity of the climate should ease the job of policymakers and diminish the scope for scepticism but it is far from reassuring for the future of the planet. Maps & Data. Today, Australia's Kyoto climate targets end and our Paris cop-out begins. That's nothing to be proud of, Mr Taylor.

Today marks the end of Australia’s commitments under the Kyoto climate deal as we move to its successor, the Paris Agreement. Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor on Wednesday was quick to hail Australia’s success in smashing the Kyoto emissions targets. But let’s be clear: our record is nothing to boast about. Taylor says Australia has beaten Kyoto by up to 430 million tonnes — or 80% of one year of national emissions. On that record, he said, “Australians can be confident that we’ll meet and beat our 2030 Paris target”. The Arctic heatwave: here's what we know. There’s an Arctic heatwave: it’s 38C in Siberia. Arctic sea ice is the second lowest on record, and 2020 may be on course to be the hottest year since records began. For many people, such news induces a lurch of fear, or avoidance – closing the webpage because they don’t want to hear yet more bad news. A few might think “It’s just weather,” and roll their eyes.

The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success by Mark Jaccard. ‘Mark Jaccard gives us very direct, practical steps to make a real difference in the climate crisis – both in our daily lives and with our political powers. This is a potent, smart book that draws on Mark's decades of leadership on climate change, economics, and politics. A crucial read to learn what actions will effectively transform our world from climate crisis to a bright livable future.' Q&A: Are the 2019-20 locust swarms linked to climate change? The past few months have seen locust swarms as large as entire cities sweep across countries in East Africa and surrounding regions.

With each insect able to eat its two-gram body weight in food each day, it is estimated that the swarms of billions are devouring enough crops to threaten the food supply of millions of people. Though the region has seen locust plagues since biblical times, the scale of the current outbreak is the largest seen in 25 years in Ethiopia and Somalia – and in 70 years in Kenya.

Some media reports have pointed to a possible link between the current outbreak and climate change. Climate Change. As lockdowns ease in Asia, Europe and North America, greenhouse-gas emissions are rallying. A study published last month showed that on April 7th they were 17% below 2019’s daily average. But an update that takes in the resumption of economic activity—and transport in particular—shows they are now just 1-8% below last year’s levels. The rebound has even surprised the researchers who track these numbers. An even more startling trend is playing out in Brazil, where aggressive deregulation and lagging enforcement has led to a marked revival of deforestation. Shrinking Ozone Hole, Climate Change Are Causing Atmospheric "Tug of War" The notorious Antarctic “ozone hole” sparked worldwide concern after its discovery in the 1980s, and for good reason — declining ozone allows harmful ultraviolet radiation to reach the Earth’s surface, a major threat to public health.

Untitled. “The gripping story of the most important environmental law case ever decided by the U.S. Beware oil execs in environmentalists’ clothing – BP could derail real change. BP’s got a new boss, Bernard Looney. He doesn’t wear a tie, he’s on Instagram and he’s going to shrink its carbon footprint to “net zero” by 2050. Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record. Untitled. Untitled. No one job is worth saving at the expense of climate catastrophe. Not even Scott Morrison's. Would the prime minister rule out protecting Australians from terrorism if it cost a single job? Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull says Trump is the world's 'leading climate denier' Donald Trump is the world’s “leading climate denier”, the former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has said. Turnbull, who lost the prime ministership in August 2018 in part because of his own party’s opposition to his plans to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, made the comments to BBC Newsnight on Tuesday (Wednesday morning, Australian time).

The day that plunged Australia's climate policy into 10 years of inertia - Politics. 'Like a furnace': Massive heatwave could roast Australian records. "Days when it feels like a furnace outside are not going to be great for any moisture that's still around," she said. Apart from humans caught in the prolonged heat, wildlife from birds to bees, livestock and pets may also struggle. Australia's lungs have collapsed and Generation X needs to take part of the blame. The children of many of us Gen X-ers have been saying for years that we are going to bequeath a far worse world than the one we were born into. I’ve written before, here, about what a dangerous place we’ll leave behind. A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid meltdown. Anxiety Much like the planet, people have a tipping point. See how climate change has impacted the world since your childhood.

Will devastating bushfires and division among Liberals force Scott Morrison to rethink climate policy? - Politics. Woman brings remains of home lost in NSW bushfires to parliament in climate protest. Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against. Welcome To The Hip Super-Swingin' Sexy World Of The Globally-Warmed Future. Greenland ice cap melt measured by satellites — and it's enough to cover Tasmania in almost 5m of water. Europe has had five 500-year summers in 15 years. And now this. Cleopatra's Downfall Was Partly Sparked by Climate Change and Volcanoes. Centuries-Old Sea Captain Diaries Are Confirming Modern Climate Science. Climate Change. Edf. CO₂ and other Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C. Wildlife in a warming world. The obsessive focus on imaginary costs of climate action is harming our prosperity.

Climate inaction: School kids storm political offices to fight for environment. Australia's emissions rise again in 2017, putting Paris targets in doubt. ClimateWorks Foundation. Biomass Burning. After a record dry, 2018 may be the year of the Indian Ocean Dipole. Climate change: Where we are in seven charts and what you can do to help. BREAKING NEWS: scientist admits IPCC used fake data to pressure policy makers. Change: Global Temperature. Image. ICECAP. The last time humans engineered the climate, they changed history. Extreme weather shatters records around the world. m06coverbox-20181001-h163lq. Typhoon Mangkhut Slams Hong Kong and Southern China.

In Japan, Weather Killed More Than 300 in July. UN's COP24 climate talks reach global consensus on the rulebook to cap global warming. Experts criticise weak outcome of Poland climate meet: 'Rulebook dilutes Paris deal' Climate change: COP24 fails to adopt key scientific report. Australia's silence during climate change debate shocks COP24 delegates. Titled. COP24 President defends participation of coal companies at climate talks. Climate change denial is delusion, and the biggest threat to human survival. IPCC - Special Report on 1.5 Degrees. Sciencemag. Elevated CO2 does not increase eucalypt forest productivity on a low-phosphorus soil. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Camouflage illusions in the matrix: same mysterious temperature, same day, year after year. JoNova.

A teenager has managed to display a better understanding of global warming than Donald Trump. Long-term temperature record: Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature. Bushfires and extreme heat in south-east Australia « RealClimate. Bushfires and Global Warming — Quadrant Online. Sniffing out good climate research. The climate one year on: exit carbon tax, enter brown coal. Untitled. Ten years ago Turnbull called out Peter Garrett on climate. What went wrong? Australia warned it has radically underestimated climate change security threat. Businessinsider. Trump Will Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement The New York Times. Hamilton Field Day2010. The great climate silence: we are on the edge of the abyss but we ignore it. CSIRO: Time for a 'science culture' again, says leading climatologist John Church - Science News - ABC News. Climate change causes glacial river in Yukon to change direction.

Titled. TS.3.1.1 Global Average Temperatures - AR4 WGI Technical Summary. Map Explorer. Climate Change Health Check 2020. Theconversation. Climate Change Newsroom from the UNFCCC. Climate Action Tracker. Climate policy needs a new lens: health and well-being. Melting ice in west Antarctica could raise seas by 3m, warns study. Climate Change is a Threat to Human Health. 6 Graphs Explain the World’s Top 10 Emitters.