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How To Make Linux Look Like Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10. Grub2 - Failed to get canonical path of /cow.


Mailnag. 82 Keyboard Shortcuts for Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 17.2. Terminator: Introduction. Quite often I read the classic argument that Python is slow, or it's sucking down resources, or that it's a "bad" language for whatever reason.

Terminator: Introduction

I'm going to ignore whether or not Python is good, bad or ugly. It's what I know, and why I was able to contribute to the Terminator project, so as far as I'm concerned that's a pointless discussion for me to have. But I have seen the speed and memory arguments levelled at Terminator on a couple of sites. And I did wonder... and then I got curious... and then I got busy! Now, I am no no way stating that the following is any kind of rigorous and scientific approach, or even that they prove anything for certain. The tests Performance Profiles were configured with command bash -c exit, and the commands run a couple of times to get the caches loaded up. GNOME-Terminal: time for i in {1..30} ; do gnome-terminal --profile=Quickexit; done real 0m10.606s.

RPI - Linux

Node-Red. Linux - Mint. Grub. 5 Hidden Google Calendar Gems. Rainlendar - Rainlendar2 FAQ. After upgrade I cannot resize the windows anymore Written by Kimmo Pekkola The window resizing changed in Rainlendar 2.13.

Rainlendar - Rainlendar2 FAQ

The settings that were in previous versions have been renamed and you can now change the Rainlendar window size with the mouse just like any other window. Note that resizing works only from the right and bottom edges of the windows. You also cannot resize from a transparent area of the window so the mouse needs to be over the window to be registered. Resizing is supported by the built-in skins. 3rd party skins which have not been updated use the old settings still. 100,00% of 4 voters found this FAQ useful, I found this FAQ useful not useful Can I display multiple calendars at the same time? Calendar windows: The Shadow4 skin includes windows that can display 2 months (Dual Calendar), the whole year (Year Calendar) or any number of months you want (Grid Calendar). 82,53% of 973 voters found this FAQ useful, I found this FAQ Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Yes. Nope. Yes. 1. 2. How to Add an iCal or .ICS Calendar to Google Calendar. Would you like to add an existing calendar to your Google Calendar?

How to Add an iCal or .ICS Calendar to Google Calendar

Here’s how you can add iCal .ics calendar files or online calendars to your Google Calendar quickly and easily. Google Calendar is a great tool for managing your schedule and appointments from any computer or mobile device, but unfortunately it can be very time consuming to manually enter all of your appointments, holidays, and more. Thankfully, there are tons of iCal formatted calendars available online, and you can publish your Outlook Calendar in iCal format as well. iCal Exchange. Linux To-Do Lists Software - MAKAGIGA. KSysGuard. General KSysGuard, also known as KDE System Guard and KDE System Monitor, is designed to make simple process control available to a user without needing to do any special setup - the defaults are usually perfectly adequate.


There are two worksheets - the page, pictured above, and the . System Load The screen has three displays, each representing one of the load considerations - CPU History, Memory and Swap History and Network History. If you hover over the title-bar of each section you will see detailed analysis together with a colour-key. The Process Table The view by default gives you an alphabetical order list of all processes running. Hints and Tips Ctrl + Esc brings up the Processes part of KSysGuard, which is very helpful when you are trying to find which application is using too many resources.

In KRunner (Alt + F2 or right click on the desktop and select ) there is a tiny icon to the left of the entry bar - it looks like a microwave oven - that also brings up the Process Table. Ubuntu Indicators Collection : NoobsLab. Linux Tips: Password usage in sudo (PASSWD / NOPASSWD) If you are using sudo you most certainly know that the default setup will require the user running sudo to enter a password (by default the password of the user running sudo).

Linux Tips: Password usage in sudo (PASSWD / NOPASSWD)

I will show you in this post what options sudo offers related to passwords and how they can be used. Defaults If you have an entry in your sudoers file that contains something like this: admin ALL=(ALL) ALL then sudo will require you to enter a password when running a command with sudo. Targetpw If for some reason you want to change this behavior, then you can use the sudo global flag targetpw. Defaults targetpw Personally, I don’t see the use of this parameter and never used it myself… But maybe someone else will find it useful. Autokey Desktop Automation Utility.