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And Some Businesses & Corporations are Outstanding Citizens

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Starbucks Already Hit Its Goal of Hiring 10,000 Veterans. Some companies might have simply said, “Mission accomplished.”

Starbucks Already Hit Its Goal of Hiring 10,000 Veterans

But after hitting its goal of hiring 10,000 US veterans a full year ahead of schedule, Starbucks has decided to extend its commitment to support those who have served America, more than doubling its hiring goal moving forward. The world’s largest coffee chain originally announced its commitment to hire veterans and military spouses back in November 2013, pledging to hire 10,000 former members of the armed forces within the next five years. This Company Uses Trash From Haiti to Create Ethical Fabrics.

1Share0 Image credit: Courtesy Thread International The global fashion industry has a major pollution problem, thanks to the rise of fast-fashion apparel.

This Company Uses Trash From Haiti to Create Ethical Fabrics

Cheap, low quality items can be bought, disposed of, and bought again, but at an environmental cost—large quantities of water that become contaminated with bleaches, dyes, and more during the manufacturing process, for one thing. CREDO Confirms It’s at Center of Long-Running Legal Fight Over NSLs. San Francisco - CREDO Mobile representatives confirmed today that their company was at the center of the long-running legal battle over the constitutionality of national security letters (NSLs), and published the letters the government sent three years ago.

CREDO Confirms It’s at Center of Long-Running Legal Fight Over NSLs

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has represented CREDO in this matter since 2013—and the case, bundled with two other NSL challenges, has reached the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Log In. Photo.

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Orlando club shooting: Survivors' medical bills waived. Image copyright Reuters Hospitals in the US city of Orlando say they will not charge for treatment provided to survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre in which 49 people were killed by a gunman in June.

Orlando club shooting: Survivors' medical bills waived

They say they will write off about $5.5m (£4.2m) in medical care expenses. After the attack by Omar Mateen on 12 June, 53 people needed immediate medical attention. Wegmans Is Officially America's Favorite Grocery Store. Store’s Heartwarming Response To Customer’s Coat Return Goes Viral. In parity effort, Salesforce adjusts employees’ pay by $3 million. Kickstarter is legally obliged to give back to society. Kickstarter Focuses Its Mission on Altruism Over Profit. Photo Many technology start-ups aim to become “unicorns,” the companies that get valued at $1 billion or more on their way to probable vast riches.

Kickstarter Focuses Its Mission on Altruism Over Profit

Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen have no interest in that. As co-founders of Kickstarter, the popular online crowdfunding website that lets people raise money to help fund all manner of projects, including cooking gadgets and movies, Mr. Huffingtonpost. Britain's Largest Grocer Is Giving Unsold Food To Those Who Need It. Transgender Community Caught Slightly Off Guard By Baskin-Robbins’ Enthusiastic Support - The Onion - America's Finest News Source.

A Woman Complained To Planet Fitness About A Transgender Member. This Is How They Responded. Brewers Help Troops With $100 Million in Beer Commercials. Pittsburgh Restaurant Bans Tips, Will Pay Servers A Livable Salary Instead. The hottest tip in Pittsburgh's dining scene these days may actually be no tip at all.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Bans Tips, Will Pay Servers A Livable Salary Instead

Bar Marco, an upscale city eatery, plans to ban the practice of tipping servers, beginning in April. Instead, the restaurant's 16 full-time employees will be paid a base salary of $35,000, plus health care benefits and 500 shares of stock. And as this announcement tweet makes clear, they're hiring: Restaurant co-owner Bobby Fry told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review he and the eatery's partners decided to enact the change after they researched how to implement healthcare for their employees. "The light bulb went off,” Fry told the paper. TD Canada Trust Customers Floored By Automated Thanking Machines. On days when most of the headlines about banks make you consider storing all your money in a mattress, it's nice to see a financial firm break from the trend of "bad banks behaving badly.

TD Canada Trust Customers Floored By Automated Thanking Machines

" In an effort to thank its customers, TD Canada Trust went above and beyond offering free coffee and cookies; the bank deployed "Automated Thanking Machines" to branches across Canada that gave lucky customers some remarkable gifts, including trips, memorable experiences and fulfilled dreams, the Examiner reports. Why Is One Fast Food Restaurant Paying Double The Minimum Wage? Chipotle Considers Using Antibiotic-Treated Beef. 2 E-Mail Services Close and Destroy Data Rather Than Reveal Files. An image of Silent Circle’s Web page, ending its e-mail.

2 E-Mail Services Close and Destroy Data Rather Than Reveal Files

A spokesman said the company’s customers included heads of state, members of royalty and government agencies. The company will continue its encrypted phone and text messaging service. The shutdown of two small e-mail providers on Thursday illustrates why it is so hard for Internet companies to challenge secret government surveillance: to protect their customers’ data from federal authorities, the two companies essentially committed suicide. Panera Trying New Pay-What-You-Want Experiment. ST.

Panera Trying New Pay-What-You-Want Experiment

10 Most Unusual Company Perks. The company that offers free beer to employees every Friday If you work for Advanced Medical, a company in Port Orange, Florida, you probably look forward to Beer Cart Fridays. Once a week, each employee is provided with an ice-cold beer. The Onion Freely And Happily Gives Its Employees' Passwords To China. In the wake of a four-month cyber-assault by Chinese hackers on the New York Times, during which multiple high-level Times reporters’ passwords were stolen using sophisticated infiltration techniques, The Onion would like to once again affirm our commitment to providing the Chinese government with our employees’ passwords and personal information with total and unquestioning cooperation.

As a billion-dollar multinational conglomerate and fellow global superpower, The Onion shares a special affinity with the guiding principles of The People’s Republic of China. In fact, we love China. Certified Organic Plant Growth Products - Worm Power. Panera Sandwich Chain Explores 'Pay What You Want' Concept : The Salt.