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Business Storytelling: 21 Quotes To Inspire You To Tell Your Story. The ABCs of B2B Appointment Setting Campaign: Let’s Make it Easier. When the B2B marketing world and its complexities reach beyond what you can handle, you can only trust this simple advice—get back to the basics.

The ABCs of B2B Appointment Setting Campaign: Let’s Make it Easier

But here’s the rub: how do you get back to the basics of B2B appointment setting? Getting back to the basics—it sounds almost so primal that we negate the idea even before our wildest thoughts could stray its shore. But here’s how to make it as easy as memorizing your ABC. Ask the right questions. In setting business appointments with your qualified leads, your first few words will determine your relevance as a B2B marketer.

The tricky part is choosing what kind of questions to ask and how to ask them. Avoid questions answerable by yes or no. Be innovative. Cold Calling. With online marketing becoming one of the highly preferred methods for generating sales leads, B2B marketers ask: Is cold calling still an effective B2B lead generation strategy?

Cold Calling

Most business people hate telemarketing. You can’t blame them. For many years, this lead generation method has been synonymous with bad-mannered salespeople calling at the most inconvenient times of the day. The thought of getting slammed by an irate contact who only knows professional telemarketers as an interruption in their busy day still scares even some of the most experienced inside sales professionals. However, many sales lead generation companies still use the telephone in generating new business — and for good reasons. The Good News Despite growing interest in online marketing, B2B marketers have not totally abandoned their telephones. Social Media Shortcut #1 - Grow On Twitter Like A Pro. 9 Ways to make your Business Website more Lead – Friendly.

Website Design, Online Marketing, Website Development, SEO Services, Vancouver Canada. Online Leads not converting -These are your Usu... Why CRM Solutions in the Healthcare Industry are Heaven-sent. A decade ago, when healthcare providers and hospitals needed to cut down on their expenses, the marketing budget would always be one the first ones to go.

Why CRM Solutions in the Healthcare Industry are Heaven-sent

Why? Back then, there was no urgent need for them to employ professional marketers to help increase marketability and profit. But those days are over. Marketing is now an indispensable aspect of any business, and healthcare providers are not excluded. They have become more competitive and aggressive throughout the years, and they have gradually shifted from general advertising to targeted marketing. The role of CRM A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is basically a tool for organizing business operations and creating a fluid, synchronized system for analyzing, sharing, and consolidating data. The target market can be in the form of patients, non-patient consumers, referring physicians (owned and non-owned), and non-referring physicians.

Benefits of CRM for healthcare providers Sources: If you’re an SEO Marketer, Google+ should be your BFF. Google+ is a great platform for sharing content and making connections with relevant people in your industry.

If you’re an SEO Marketer, Google+ should be your BFF

But this up and coming social media site is not only for content distribution and lead generation – it’s also one of the biggest SEO tools. The mere fact that online marketers have been for years trying to crack the mystery of getting found on Google is already a plus point for its brainchild that is Google+. Happy Mother’s Day! Still remember what Mom taught you about Marketing? Common Business Obstacles and How Outsourced Marketing can solve them. The Importance of ‘Cleansing’ your Telemarketing Database. The data that you will be using in your telemarketing – and other marketing activities, for that matter – is the raw material in ‘manufacturing’ leads for your business.

The Importance of ‘Cleansing’ your Telemarketing Database

Naturally, you would want to make sure that all the information you have are updated and accurate. Not only does a wobbly database a complete waste of time and energy (i.e., wrong numbers, non-existent names and job titles, unqualified company listings), it also ultimately lessens the likelihood of stumbling upon good leads. B2B Marketing Lessons from Starbucks. The success of the world's undisputed coffee kingpin can teach B2B marketers a lot.

B2B Marketing Lessons from Starbucks

Starting with culture, marketers should focus on creating a range of authentic experiences, fostering communities, and emphasizing insightful marketing tactics. I never used to understand the appeal of Starbucks. Before becoming an avid coffee drinker, I couldn’t grasp why the alternative atmosphere, odd ordering system, or premium (sometimes crazy) pricing was so appealing to so many coffee loving consumers. It all seemed like a bit much. 5 Mistakes Companies Make When Automating Their Marketing.

Many companies look to marketing automation as the solution to many of their demand generation problems.

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Automating Their Marketing

However, technology is only an enabler and cannot fix anything in and of itself. Make sure you get the most from your automation by avoiding these 5 mistakes. According to Raab Associates, Inc. the marketing automation space is due to grow by 60% this year and reach overall revenues of $1.2 billion. The continued rise in revenue is indicative of the increased sophistication of the B2B market and the need for marketers to be more strategic in driving demand for their organizations. However, there are some additional numbers that reveal that the growth in automation does not equal success. So where is the disconnect? Pin by Lorie Lewis on B2B Lead Generation. The 8 Types of Images That Increase the Psychological Impact of Your Content. What If Your Business Had Trees as Clients? Why Businesses Outsource their Marketing (aside from obvious reasons)