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How to Handle Multiple Offers and Bidding Wars on My Home. How Deal With a Real Estate Bidding War Wanting to know how to deal with a bidding war on a house is far more common today than it used to be.

How to Handle Multiple Offers and Bidding Wars on My Home

When selling a home in a hot market, it is normal to get multiple offers. Sometimes, if the market is hot enough, the offers can start getting quite competitive, with bids going higher and higher. There are also times when sellers will price their home lower than it is worth just to start a bidding war. Whatever your particular circumstances, if you start getting multiple offers on your home, you are going to have to choose the one that works best for you – and that does not always mean the offer for the most money. Two of the questions real estate agents are often asked is “How do I handle multiple offers on my home?” Before we get into how to handle multiple offers, let’s first discuss how you can increase the odds of actually getting them. What you are doing is creating demand for your home. Handling Multiple Offers Can the Buyer Afford the Offer? Do buyers save money working directly with listing agents? Podcast: Play in new window | Download Why do so many buyers think that working directly with the listing agent they can save a bundle?

Do buyers save money working directly with listing agents?

Like most urban legends, this one just can’t seem to die a natural death. The scenario goes something like this: The buyer “hires” a buyer’s agent (sucker) to open a few doors and drive them around. Once they find the house they are interested in, they ditch the buyer’s agent and call the listing agent directly. They then fantasize that they can pocket the buyer’s agent share of the commission all for themselves.

It’s Complicated.. Although the fantasy of pocketing anywhere from 2-3% of the sales price is non-starter, it still begs the questions: Is working directly with the listing agent really a good idea? The answer is complicated. Basically, it all comes down to risk. Buyers almost never pocket the entire buyer’s side commission.. Most buyers forget that the listing agent has a contract with the sellers. Working with the listing agent as a customer.. A Millennial’s Guide to Buying Your 1st Home - Wendy Weir Relocation. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter That moment when you just can’t stand writing one more check to your landlord so that he can pay his mortgage payment, with your money!

A Millennial’s Guide to Buying Your 1st Home - Wendy Weir Relocation

Tips on Buying a House. In Residential Real Estate a Seller's market is defined as having less than six months of available inventory, and this means that sellers have the advantage.

Tips on Buying a House

I don't know what you call a market where inventories are measured in weeks not months. If you are trying to buy a house, you already understand the frustration this type of market creates. To have success in this kind of market, you need to have a solid strategy. These “Tips on buying a house”, apply to any kind of market but are more pertinent in the type red hot seller's market we are currently experiencing.

Having said this, no matter what the condition of the market it's a good idea to have a plan. 5 Smart Ways To Sell Your Home For More Money. 5 Smart Ways To Sell Your Home For More Money 5 Smart Ways To Sell Your Home For More Money Wouldn’t you like to sell your home for more money?

5 Smart Ways To Sell Your Home For More Money

Of course, you would! It shouldn’t be a big surprise to see that quite a few home sellers have high expectations for the sale of their property. 3 Keys to Selling Your Home - Realty Times. When it comes time to sell your home, most home sellers want to sell their home fast and for top dollar.

3 Keys to Selling Your Home - Realty Times

Really, who wouldn't? Selling a home has a lot of facets to do it right and no homeowner wants their house to linger on the market. But, I bundle those steps down into the 3 keys to successfully selling a home. When you hear about successful home sales, there is usually a carefully crafted plan that requires an experienced listing agent along with the willingness of the seller to follow advice and put in some effort.

A little upfront planning can certainly prevent your house from languishing on the market unsold. What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Home? What Are Some Of The Top Advantages Of Owning A Home?

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Home?

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Home? Owning a home is often referred to as the “American Dream.” There are many obvious benefits of owning a home and also some that are not so obvious. One of the first steps to buying a home is to determine whether owning a home is the right fit for yourself. It’s important when making any decision that you strongly consider both the PROs and CONs of what you’re deciding on. If you’re currently living with family, friends, or renting a property and you’re considering the purchase of a home, below are some of the best benefits of owning a home. 1.) If you’re going to be buying a home by obtaining a mortgage, it’s highly likely that the mortgage product you’ll use for the purchase will be a fixed rate mortgage since they’re the most popular type of mortgage. One of the wildcards to renting a property is the unknown that comes with the monthly payments, year over year. 2.)

Using an Escalation Clause in a Real Estate Contract - AgentLinkus. Will Going Directly To the Listing Agent Save You Money. Does Going Directly to The Listing Agent Save Money?

Will Going Directly To the Listing Agent Save You Money

Some home buyers think that if they go to an open house or call the listing agent directly on a home they will save money. The thought is if they go directly to the listing agent they will receive an edge in negotiations and/or the listing agent will give up part of their commission to make the deal work. Reasons to Use Your Local Realtor Website Instead of Zillow. Sellstate Next Generation Realty realtor Fred Franks explained that "Here in the Ocala FL area, I have many customers calling me about buying a home in Ocala FL, but they always calling asking for information about homes that have already been sold.

Reasons to Use Your Local Realtor Website Instead of Zillow

" and he is not the only person who frequently sees such issues. Often, it is a better choice to use a local realtor website, because: 1 - Listings on Local Sites are Real Time Instead of wasting endless hours calling around to find that the property you're interested in is already taken, you can get listings that are updated frequently throughout the day, so you'll only see properties that are still available. What is an Escalation Clause and How Do They Work.

How Does An Escalation Clause Work In hot real estate markets, it is not uncommon for a seller to get multiple offers for a home.

What is an Escalation Clause and How Do They Work

As a buyer, the situation can become frustrating as you make offers – only to lose to other buyers that go higher and having to repeatedly find another house to bid on. Over the years a type of language inserted into an offer known as an escalation clause has become popular to address such situations. Understanding what an escalation clause is, and how they work, is important for both buyers and sellers in today’s market. In fact, in strong seller’s markets, buyers will often hear about such clauses in contracts and will ask their agent “what is an escalation clause” or “how does an escalation clause work.” 4 Timeless Real Estate Investment Strategies. Seasoned investing veterans will tell you that the US real estate market is still one of the best investment avenues you can go into. However, most people who are just getting into investing are still reluctant because of real estate’s undeserved bad reputation, brought by the housing bubble and subprime mortgage crisis a few years back.

Warren Buffet once said that “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”, and another quote from him goes “be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” There is no doubt that in the previous real estate bubble, there were a few who got out richer while others were scrambling to cut losses, simply because they knew what they were doing. Markets periodically go through “busts” or crash because prices can’t go on rising rapidly forever. Dual Agency Offers No Benefits to Buyers & Sellers. Best Google+ Real Estate Articles July 2017. Real Estate articles can be a dime a dozen with all the content madness that is thrown at us each and every day. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to wade through it all. And, worse yet, sometimes the really good articles are missed for any number of reasons. However, ever since Bill Gassett has been rounding up his monthly Best of Google+ Real Estate articles we can breathe a little easier, knowing that in case we did miss some of the really good articles, Bill’s monthly post will bring many to light.

And, this month, I had the task of finding the articles to put a spotlight upon for your reading pleasure. 8 Tips for Buying a Luxury Home. Top 10 Final Walk-Through Issues That Can Delay Or Kill A Closing. What Are The Most Common Final Walk-Through Issues In Real Estate? Top 10 Final Walk-Through Issues That Can Delay Or Kill A Deal One of the final steps of buying a house is scheduling and completing the final walk-through. The final walk-through is not something that buyers or sellers should take lightly. Why is the final walk-through so important for both buyers and sellers? It’s actually pretty simple, if there are final walk-through issues, it can delay or even worse can kill a deal. 5 things You Need To Know When Buying An Apartment. Buying an apartment is an entirely different ballgame compared to just buying a home. As opposed to purchasing a home, there are by-laws or restrictions for apartment owners.

This may consist of renovation restrictions, allowing pets, or even hanging laundry in balconies. These by-laws ensure the apartment is kept pleasant and livable for all owners and their tenants—and is only a small part of what you need to learn before you decide to acquire that apartment property. Whether you are planning on residing in the unit to be close to your workplace or as an investment and turn it into a rental property, here are 5 additional things you need to research before purchasing an apartment:

Why do some homes languish on the market and other homes sell so fast. We are in a red hot seller’s market here in the greater Boston area. Inventory is low and market times are blazing fast. Yet you might be left wondering why some houses sell so fast why others linger on the market forever. First let me start off by saying you only hear about the real estate success stories, not the real estate stories that have gone bad. Seriously, when is the last time you heard someone bragging that their house has been on the market for 6 months with out an offer around the water cooler? Probably NEVER!

When to Reduce The Price of Your Home. The False Hope of an Open House. You spend all morning, cleaning up the house, packing the kids into the car, rounding up the family dog and taking off for a few hours so your REALTOR can have an open house. Personal Property vs Fixtures in Home Sales. 30 Influencers Share How They Got Their 1st 1000 Subscribers. Never Trust a Zillow Real Estate Value. Are Zillow estimates accurate? This is a question on the minds of many buyers and sellers who jump into the real estate market. In the digital age potential buyers and sellers can sit at their computer looking at their leisure for properties online. One of the most popular sites happens to be Zillow.

While Zillow has an excellent platform for looking at homes and offers consumers excellent information they may not be able to find elsewhere, it does an absolutely horrible job at estimating home values. So when people ask are Zillow estimates accurate, the answer is far from it. Bill Gassett's Advice For First Time Buyers - Buy Your First. Top Five Reasons to Improve Your Credit before Buying a Home. Buying a property is one of the most nerve-wracking and exciting decisions a person will make in his/her life. Summer Home Maintenance Checklist And Tips For Your Home. Important Tasks To Complete Around The House This Summer. Selling For Sale By Owner is Hard in The Summer - AgentLinkus.

What You Need to Know - Buying a Multi Family as an Owner Occupant. 5 Ways to Determine if You Are Ready to Become a Homeowner. Share on Facebook. De-Clutter Tips To Maximize Resale Potential. The Drawbacks of For Sale By Owner in The Summer. Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter Free. 14 Experts Share Their Fix & Flip Secrets. What's the difference Between Pre-Qualification vs, Pre-Approval? 6 Great Tips on How To Sell A Home Fast In The Summer. Holiday Weekend Real Estate Marketing. Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent. Avoid Making Biggest Moving Mistake - Boulder Real Estate News. Buying a Home with Bad Credit. Why You Need To Work With The Best Real Estate Agents In Your Area. Real Estate Advice: How to Hire Real Estate Agent.

PROs & CONs Of Hiring A Solo Real Estate Agent Versus A Team. Issues to Research When Purchasing an Antique - AgentLinkus. Problems to Look For When Buying an Old House. Best Google+ Real Estate Articles June 2017. Six Important Reasons Why Your Luxury Home Did Not Sell - Realty Times. Should I Sell My Home If There Aren't Many Homes For Sale? Buying a Home With a Well: What You Need to Know. After the Home Inspection: How to Negotiate. Top Real Estate Influencers Share Their Favorite Marketing Ideas.

Most Common Reasons Homes Don't Sell - AgentLinkus. Why Isn't My House Selling. How to Sell Luxury Homes: Our 5 Tip Guide. Learn these 4 Secrets to Boost your Home’s Value. How to Find A Real Estate Agent in Westborough Massachusetts - Realty Times. Top 10 Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling. 30 Experts Ways to Get More Twitter Followers in 2017. How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling. Safety Tips When Selling Your Home. The Guide to Dual Agency in Real Estate (with images) · massrealty. 59 Entrepreneurs Share their Best Tip on How to Start a New Business. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents.

Renovate Your Existing Home or Move? - Wendy Weir Relocation. The Most Annoying Things Home Sellers Deal With. What is a Dual Agent in Real Estate. When Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell My Home? How to Avoid Dual Agency in Real Estate. 5 Tips For Finding And Choosing A Mortgage Broker Or Lender. Understanding Real Estate Agency- Is My Real Estate Agent Really Working for Me. Why Have a Buyer's Agent When Purchasing New Construction. Tips For Buying A Home For A Child With A Vision Impairment. REAL ESTATE TERMS 101 - Shannon Holmes. What is dual agency in Real Estate. Should Dual Agency Be Allowed in Real Estate Sa... Top 4 Fake Real Estate Revelations [truth revealed] 7 Tasks to Tackle Before Moving Day!  5 Tips For Buying A Rural Home. What is a VA Loan. Advice for Buyers When the Real Estate Market is HOT! - Frederick Real Estate Online.

12 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score In Order To Buy A Home. What Is Dual Agency in Real Estate — Steemit. Reasons Why an Appraisal Comes in Low. Behance. Do Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners? Best Google+ Real Estate Articles April 2017. The Best Small Business Blogs of 2017. How Do You Calculate The Square Footage of Your Home. Top 13 Tasks To Complete After Closing On A Home. Dual Agency Should Be Banned in All States. What Can Be Considered a Bedroom When Selling a Home - AgentLinkus. What is The Legal Requirement For a Bedroom.

Friday Fab Five - Q&A With Warren Buffett, House Hacking Interview, & Your Money or Your Life. How Does Dual Agency Work in Real Estate - Realty Times. Dual Agency is a Terrible Arrangement For Buyers and Sellers - AgentLinkus. What is Dual Agency and Why Buyers & Sellers Should Avoid it. 15 VA Mortgage FACTS That Veterans Must Know - Realty Times. Trying to get the Lowest Mortgage Rate in Massachusetts. Luxury Home Selling Tips For A Successful Sale: High-End Marketing Ideas. What To Know About An Estate Sale - 9 Essential Tips For Success. Why Home Sellers Don't Need an Open House - AgentLinkus.