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See numerous outstanding real estate and mortgage articles from top authors from around the country.

Advice for Buyers When the Real Estate Market is HOT! - Frederick Real Estate Online. In many towns and cities across America right now (Spring 2017) the market is hot… meaning the demand is high and the inventory is low.

Advice for Buyers When the Real Estate Market is HOT! - Frederick Real Estate Online

It can be a tough market for buyers, so here’s some advice for homebuyers in a hot market from industry veterans: Setting the Stage for Homebuying Advice Before I even begin, let me give you a word picture to get you in the right frame of mind: You set out on a nice day-trip from Frederick County, to visit some sights in Washington D.C. You know, take in some monuments or the Smithsonian. You head south at a nice leisurely pace, because, you know…Frederick County. Eventually, though, you’re going to have to face I-270, or the “Big-Ugly”, and then the beltway…I-495. Entering into a hot real estate market is very much like a NASCAR driver coming out of a pit stop at top speed.

Proper Expectations When buyers know what to expect in the market, they are better equipped to get the house they want. We get it. Additional Reading: Pre-Approval. 12 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score In Order To Buy A Home. What Are The Best Ways To Improve A Credit Score?

12 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score In Order To Buy A Home

12 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score In Order To Buy A Home! What Is Dual Agency in Real Estate — Steemit. When buying or selling a home it is quite common for consumers to have a real estate agent in their corner representing their best interests.

What Is Dual Agency in Real Estate — Steemit

Buyers, for example, have a buyer's agent and sellers have a seller's agent. The agent is supposed to have the client back. They are their support system throughout the entire transaction. Reasons Why an Appraisal Comes in Low. It can be quite upsetting to find out that an appraiser thinks the home you want to buy is not worth what you thought it was.

Reasons Why an Appraisal Comes in Low

And a low appraisal can be more than just upsetting – unless you are a cash buyer, a low appraisal can make it impossible for you to purchase your dream home. Lenders will only give you enough money to buy a home at fair market value. If the appraisal comes in low, you may have to come up with the difference. Having an appraisal come in low is of course just as upsetting to a seller. When something like a low appraisal comes from out of left field, it can leave everyone disturbed. Behance. Do Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners? With energy prices and energy consumption trending higher many homeowners think about the idea of installing solar panels on the roof of their home in order to save money on energy bills and possibly boost the value.

Do Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners?

Like real estate solar is also location dependent and those homeowners in states with higher average annual sunshine will see a quicker return on investment than those with lower average sunshine or in areas where the sun may be blocked by trees or other geographical features. The type of solar energy system installed can also dictate whether a homeowner will realize a boost in home value in addition to the savings on the energy bill. Types Of Solar Systems. Best Google+ Real Estate Articles April 2017. Each month you can find outstanding real estate articles on Google Plus where industry professionals have shared their knowledge and wisdom in the hope of better-educating buyers, investors, and sellers.

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles April 2017

Sometimes these experts also share to help each other or better educate our industry on specific topics too. This month there has been a wide variety of killer content produced and shared on G+ to aid real estate consumers. With so many fantastic articles to choose from, it was tough paring down the list to those that made the list this month! No reason to delay so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the very best real estate articles on G+ this month. It is a question that has come up for generations and is worth delving into again to provide this generation clear guidance and market understanding.

The Best Small Business Blogs of 2017. How Do You Calculate The Square Footage of Your Home. The square footage of your home plays a large role in how to market your home and the buyers that will be attracted to your home as well. In this article we will be discussing How Do You Calculate the Square Footage of Your Home? Obviously, a 1200 square foot home will function much differently than a 4000 square foot home. The cost of construction alone will be quite significant. The square footage of your home plays a fairly large role in determining the correct price of your home when it comes time to sell. While calculating the square footage of your home accurately is important for many reasons, including pricing, you should never value your home strictly by square footage.

Top 13 Tasks To Complete After Closing On A Home. What Are The Most Important Things To Do After Closing On A House?

Top 13 Tasks To Complete After Closing On A Home

Top 13 Tasks To Complete After Closing On A New Home There are many steps to buying a house that buyers are often aware of. On the other hand, there are also many steps that buyers should take after closing on a new home that many buyers aren’t aware of. It’s important that when buying a house you realize that the work doesn’t stop as soon as you close on your new home.

In fact, in many cases, the work is just beginning. Dual Agency Should Be Banned in All States. Dual Agency Offers No Benefits to Buyers and Sellers For those of you reading who are not real estate agents, dual agency is when one real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller in the sale of a property.

Dual Agency Should Be Banned in All States

In some states, dual agency can be the two agents from the same company each representing the buyer and seller. I will get that situation in a minute. Frankly, dual agency is the dumbest thing that was ever invented for the real estate industry. Why might you be asking yourself? What Can Be Considered a Bedroom When Selling a Home - AgentLinkus. What is The Legal Requirement For a Bedroom. The Definition of a Bedroom Working as a real estate agent, many people ask me what the legal requirement for a bedroom is.

What is The Legal Requirement For a Bedroom

Friday Fab Five - Q&A With Warren Buffett, House Hacking Interview, & Your Money or Your Life. The Friday Fab Five is a series where I share five recommended articles, books, or resources.

Friday Fab Five - Q&A With Warren Buffett, House Hacking Interview, & Your Money or Your Life

I read & study A LOT about real estate, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and life. The Friday Fab Five are some of my favorites that I think are worth your time. Here is this week’s Friday Fab Five. How Does Dual Agency Work in Real Estate - Realty Times. What is Dual Agency? Let me be very clear right out of the gate.

I am not a fan of dual agency. Dual Agency is a Terrible Arrangement For Buyers and Sellers - AgentLinkus. What is Dual Agency and Why Buyers & Sellers Should Avoid it. How Does Dual Agency Work? One of my duties as a real estate agent is to explain how agency law works in Massachusetts. In fact, I am required by law to explain agency law at my first meeting with a prospective buyer or seller client. Real Estate agents can essentially do one of three things; represent a seller, a buyer or both. When a real estate agent represents both parties in a real estate transactions, it is what’s known as dual agency.

Over the years many buyers and sellers have asked me how dual agency works. Most people recognize the benefits of working with an exceptional real estate agent. Unfortunately, it is possible to wind up with an agent that is legally prohibited from looking out for you and representing your interests as a fiduciary. 15 VA Mortgage FACTS That Veterans Must Know - Realty Times. The world of mortgages is loaded with information, jargon, guidelines, horror stories and feel-good endings. Due to the sheer volume of data, and the fact that VA home loans are backed by the government, some things are misunderstood and other items are simply false. The following compilation will provide important facts that are definitely true about VA mortgages as well as debunk some commonly believed myths.

Down Payment is Not Necessary The Veterans Administration does not require a down payment in order to purchase a home. While some people may need to save for a down payment in order to qualify for a conventional loan or even an FHA loan, this is not the case for VA mortgages. Trying to get the Lowest Mortgage Rate in Massachusetts. If you are looking online at mortgage rates or in the paper, read the fine print. Of course they advertise the lowest mortgage rate they can offer, but there is usually a slew of conditions. Here is a list of criteria that can prevent you from getting the lowest mortgage rate advertised: The list goes on. You get the point. Luxury Home Selling Tips For A Successful Sale: High-End Marketing Ideas. What To Know About An Estate Sale - 9 Essential Tips For Success.

Why Home Sellers Don't Need an Open House - AgentLinkus. Sell Your Home Without an Open House. The open house is ubiquitous in real estate sales. How to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance. One of the easiest ways to save on your home insurance policy is to bundle it with another type of insurance policy. How to Sell a Home Without a Realtor. One of the most important things you can do before ever considering putting a for sale sign on your lawn is getting the home spruced up both inside and out. How to Dispute a Low Appraisal on Your Home. How to Remove Wallpaper - All. Yоu lоvе уоur hоuѕе, but уоu сrіngе еvеrу tіmе уоu wаlk bу thаt bаthrооm. Whаt wеrе уоu thіnkіng whеn уоu рісkеd оut thаt wаllрареr? Rеlаx, wаllрареr іѕ nоt fоrеvеr. Get Rid of Ice Dams - All. Winter is the only season that is loved by everyone not because you may be surrounded by mountains filled with snow, but winter nonetheless has something whimsical to offer no matter where you are.

Cold weather brings people together, we yearn for warmth, love and connection. But besides this, people living in cold region where normal snowfall occurs, people mainly faces very common problem of Ice Dams. An Ice Dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. If people have a home with poor roof ventilation and warn attic then people can meet a great damage as ice gets heavier when it gets collected in large amount and it can pull off gutters and can damage the roof edge. What Should You Consider Before Buying A Condo? How to Write The Best Real Estate Listing For Your Home. Home Buying Tax Deductions - AgentLinkus. Solar Panels: Are They Worth the Cost?

4 Ways a Loan Officer Can Work Better with Real Estate Agents. Pros and Cons of Selling a Home For Sale By Owner. Complete FSBO Seller's Guide- How To Sell A Home By Owner - Dallas, TX Patch. How to Sell High End Real Estate. Ways to Get Your Mortgage Preapproval Revoked. Understanding Real Estate vs Personal Property Tax. Bidding Wars and Multiple Offers: How To Bring Your "A" Game Every Time. 6 Reasons to Start a Real Estate Blog Now -  Real Estate Blog Ideas  What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval Vs Pre-Qualification? Best Google+ Real Estate Articles May 2016. Summer Home Selling Tips. Southeast Florida Real Estate. HOW TO BUY THE RIGHT HOUSE FOR YOU IN A GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD - Shannon Holmes. Clever Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move. Pros and Cons of We Buy Houses Flipping Companies. What Are The Benefits Of A Having A Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Tips For First Time Home Sellers. 5 Things First Time Home Buyers Must Consider Before Buying.

The "Who's Who" Of The Real Estate Industry To Follow On Social Media - LinkedIn. How to Sell Your Home for More Money [INFORGRAPHIC] Real Estate Listing Descriptions Are Vital to Marketing. Clayton NC Real Estate Blog By David O'Doherty. How Student Loans Affect Getting A Mortgage When Buying A Home. Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers. Buzz Worthy Real Estate Articles. Real Estate's Dirty Little Secret And Why It's Costing You Money  How To Price My Home For Sale - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Best Google+ Real Estate Articles April 2016. 101 Real Estate Leaders to Follow on Twitter - The Basics of Buying a House. What Are Real Estate Capital Gains. Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage. Open Houses in Real Estate.

Top Southborough Mass Real Estate Agent Guide (with image, tweet) · massrealty. 15 Killer Tips For Selling a Home. How to Write Real Estate Blogs! - Club Wealth. NEED MORE SPACE? FIVE WAYS TO TELL IF IT'S TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR HOME - Shannon Holmes. Spring Home Buying Tips for First Time Home Buyers. 5 Major Reasons Why People Don't Like Real Estate Agents (And How You Can Prove Them Wrong!)  Guide to Millbury Mass Real Estate. Top Real Estate Agent Millbury Mass. Questions to Ask A Listing Agent at an Open House. Best Real Estate Round Up Compilations (with image, tweet) · massrealty. Best Google+ Real Estate Articles March 2016. Why Social Media is Crucial for Today’s Real Estate Agent. Real Estate Round Up March 2016. 4 Important Mortgage Documents Buyers Must Sign. How To Find An Energy Efficient Home. Why Do Real Estate Agents Hold Open Houses on Behance.

How To Determine What Type Of Mortgage Is Best For Me. 20 Things to Do Before Buying a House. For Sale By Owner: Financial Pitfalls of Selling Your Home Yourself. Great #RealEstate People To Follow On Twitter In 2016! - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Is Hiring A Realtor® When Selling My Home Worth It? on Behance. 20 Social Media Tactics to Rule Your Market. 7 Ways Nightmare Neighbors Sabotage Your Home Sale (And How To Handle Them!) How Can Home Staging Help Sell a Home. 5 reasons why moving into a neighborhood is a good idea. How to Dominate With Print Media. Top 6 Myths About Pricing a Home For Sale. Twelve Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Realtor - Marin County Real Estate. Private Mortgage Insurance, Real Estates and Social Media.

6 Most Common Social Media Mistakes That Real Estate Agents Make. Jumbo Mortgage Myths That Are Holding You Back. 6 MUST SEE Pros and Cons For Buying A Condo [Infographic] Real Estate Advice: How to Hire Real Estate Agent. Expenses a Home Seller Will Have to Pay. Why Sellers Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent.