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Atlasobscura. Glenrio, a Route 66 town straddling the state borders of Texas and New Mexico, was founded in 1901 by the various railroads that crossed through it.


Despite the fact that its name drew from the English word “glen” and the Spanish word “rio,” Glenrio is nowhere near a valley or a river. Wheat and cattle farmers settled on expansive plots, and a little community grew up. Being divided between two states made for some unusual customs in Glenrio. Network of WWI Training Tunnels and Trenches Found in England. Before shipping out to fight on the frontlines of WWI, many British soldiers underwent rigorous training at Larkhill, a military camp in Wiltshire, England.

Network of WWI Training Tunnels and Trenches Found in England

Now, Maev Kennedy reports for The Guardian, archaeologists recently uncovered an expansive network of tunnels and trenches at the camp, where soldiers waged mock battles, burned through cigarettes and snacked on toffee. The discovery was made during an ongoing construction project to build hundreds of new homes at Larkhill. Archaeologists found a trove of personal items within the trenches and tunnels: pipes, cigarette tins, meat paste, a jar of Canadian cheese, a tin of Australian toffee. There were scorch marks in places where soldiers had prepared food. A bucket appeared to have been used as a brazier for hot coals, presumably to warm the soldiers during cold English nights. Atlasobscura. Walking through the vast Exclusion Zone surrounding the stricken Reactor Number 4 in Chernobyl is a sombre experience.


Entire villages and towns have gradually begun to disappear and be reclaimed by nature. There are some 90 towns inside the Zone, but the most iconic and well known is the worker’s city of Pripyat. Opened in 1970, it existed for just 16 years before being abandoned to a nuclear fallout a hundred times more lethal than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Atlasobscura. Gold.


It was supposed to be the find they had all been waiting for, hidden in a narrow valley, lying just below the surface. The Eureka Lode. The Glory Hole. It was 1894. American-ghost-towns?email=puhnner@hotmail. Fukushima-6-years-on-empty-and-eerie. Log In - New York Times. Log In Don't have an account?

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Sign up here » Facebook Google or Forgot password? Atlasobscura. The Pontiac Silverdome was the former home of the Detroit Lions.


The stadium, built in 1975, pioneered a new type of stadium ceiling, domed fiberglass held up by air pressure. In its 31 years of operation it hosted football, soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee games, concerts, WrestleMania, and even a mass by Pope John Paul II. It closed after the Lions left for Ford Field and has been deteriorating ever since. When it opened in 1975 with a seating capacity of over 80,000, the Silverdome was the largest stadium in the NFL. Atlasobscura. On Ricker Mountain in Vermont’s Little River State Park you’ll find an abandoned farming community.


The mountain is covered with stone walls, cellar holes, the remnants of a sawmill, and a cemetery. The community was established in 1816 by Joseph Ricker. The community didn’t pick up until the railroad came through the area, but once it did some 50 families settled in Ricker’s basin. Atlasobscura. In the state of Nevada, almost exactly dead center, there is a cave lined with colorful pictographs.


The site sits high on Pete’s Summit near the tiny town of Austin, inside the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. There’s a history of gold and silver prospecting around here, but to the Western Shoshone people its purpose has little to do with shiny metals. Located in the Toquima Mountain Range, these remote and rocky hills are full of bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and a chubby partridge called a chukar. The cave is also called Toquima (both are named for a tribe from the lower Reese River valley), and it has nourished deep spiritual roots for Native Americans for millennia. Matt Van der Velde photographs abandoned insane asylums. Canadian photographer Matt Van der Velde has toured the deserted and decaying hospitals once used to house and treat patients suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Matt Van der Velde photographs abandoned insane asylums

Confronting his own mental health issues and giving in to "morbid curiosity", the photographer set about exploring the North American facilities where many patients in the 19th century spent most of their lives institutionalised. These grand buildings were used up until the 1950s, when less isolating methods of care were introduced. The wards were left in various states – some completely empty, and others still with all the furniture and equipment in place. Van der Velde's images are compiled into a book titled Abandoned Asylums, available through his website, and he describes the series and his experiences in this essay for Dezeen: As a past member of the Canadian Forces infantry, I like many others am not immune to mental illness, and depression is something I've always unashamedly carried around.

Atlasobscura. When the Century III mall in the south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania opened in 1979, it was the third-largest enclosed shopping center on Earth.


With three stories and over 200 stores, it was the place to shop, hang, eat, and make mischief involving the indoor fountain. Not anymore. In the early 2000s, local competition, a sagging economy, and retailer bankruptcies caused Century III to struggle. Tenant after tenant shut their doors for good, giving shoppers had fewer reasons to make the trek. In 2014, anchor retailer Sears closed, followed by fellow anchor Macy’s in 2016. Century III is now a dead mall—not entirely abandoned, but mostly deserted, and hauntingly so. The above video tour, created by Dan Bell as part of his Dead Mall Series on YouTube, gives a sense of what it’s like to walk through this retail graveyard.

Every day we track down a Video Wonder: an audiovisual offering that delights, inspires, and entertains. Atlasobscura. Prior to the 19th century there was little distinction between lunatic asylums, as the primitive mental-health facilities were known, poorhouses, and jails. Those unable to fit into society were shut away in these squalid facilities, sometimes for their entire lives. The Kirkbride Plan was introduced in the mid-19th century to get rid of all that. A more humane approach to mental health, the plan focused on care and treatment in psychiatric institutions rather than mere containment. 15 Eerily Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Movie Theaters.

Movies Take a peek inside architectural photographer Matt Lambros's new book, After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater, which pays tribute to the once-lavish movie palaces of yesteryear. PHOTOGRAPHS BY Matt Lambros // After The Final Curtain For more than 100 years, movie theaters have been the place where people’s Technicolor dreams come true. But as technology has advanced and the age of streaming has engulfed us, many of the world’s most lavish movie palaces have been demolished, repurposed, or outright abandoned.

Yet there’s still something compelling and magical about these long-dormant spaces—even those that have been left to crumble. Visit the Ghost Towns of Nevada. During the 19th century mineral rush that earned Nevada the nickname “the Silver State,” boom towns popped up left and right across the desert. Unfortunately, only a few survived. The rest were abandoned. Houses, schools, saloons, hotels, general stores, and mines were left to deteriorate amidst the tumbleweeds. Fortunately for adventurers, many of these ghost towns have survived into the 21st century, albeit a little worse for wear. Here are six eerily empty ghost towns in Nevada awaiting your exploration. Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline. 100 Abandoned Houses. Inside America’s ghost town.

Play Video Gonzo, Nick and Parv throw out the travel books and backpacker guides and hit the highways of USA to explore some of the country's lesser seen subcultures. Ruin: Welcome to Michigan Central Station. Picture: John Hardwick/Flickr 2009. Used under Creative Commons: I AM going to tell you a story about the most inspirational city I have ever been to. 12 Abandoned Movie Sets You Can Actually Visit. Although movie productions often film scenes on location, sometimes a real-life location doesn’t offer all of the right places that are called for in the script. So they build it! But taking that set back down isn’t always a top priority.

Modernist ruin in London canal provides a glimpse at an "uncertain future" British artist Alex Hartley has installed this crumbling modernist ruin in the gardens of London's Victoria Miro Gallery. Gilmore Ghost Town – Leadore, Idaho. Looking Inside the Abandoned Schools of the Irish Countryside. 7 Abandoned Hospitals From Around the World. Take a Ghostly Tour of an Abandoned Soviet Settlement. Travel - Hong Kong’s urban explorers. To some, a deserted public housing block or a derelict hospital is nothing but a waste of space.

But to the explorers behind anonymous collective HK Urbex (Hong Kong Urban Exploration), these forgotten buildings reveal another side of Hong Kong, beyond the shimmering skyscrapers and glitzy malls. 18 Haunting Photos Of An Abandoned Nazi Hospital - Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital. The Domes – Casa Grande, Arizona. Abandoned Orient Express Photos. Theconversation. Without farming, Britain’s countryside would be drastically different. Hitler's Olympic Village – Berlin, Germany. Amazing Photos Of Abandoned Soviet Infrastructure Will Show You the Meaning of Desolate. Fukushima. Photos of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration. Deserted Industry: 7 (More) Abandoned Wonders of America. [Image used with Permission of Photographer Ben Willmore] Much of America’s little-remembered history can be found in largely unknown structures scattered across the United States, some of which are silently falling apart.

Q&A: Photographer Nadav Kander on “Dust” at Flower Gallery. YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS - Inside Abandoned & Haunted Fairfield Hills State Hospital. Abandoned Army Tanks That Have Become A Part Of Nature. Future - The abandoned ‘alien’ forts off Britain’s coast. Wupatki National Monument. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The Lonely Launchpads and Rusted Rockets of America’s Abandoned Space Facilities. Exploring an Abandoned New York Mansion with a Secret Past. Archaeologists Unearth More—a Lot More—of a Massive Underground City. 10 Hidden underground sites in London – HeritageDaily. Costa Concordia Today - Sunken Ship Pictures. These Photos Will Make You Understand Detroit's Education Crisis.

Haunting Photos of Europe's Abandoned Buildings, From Steel Plants to Castles. The Most Insane Abandoned Places in New York City  One of D.C.’s Most Contentious Pieces of Real Estate is 25 Feet Underground. Before Radios, Pilots Navigated by Giant Concrete Arrows. Classic cars stuck in Belgian forest. Swift Meat Packing, Fort Worth Texas. Forgotten Texas: 15 Abandoned Places Nature Is Reclaiming. Abandoned Places. Photos of a Road Trip Home, With Pit Stops in the Abandoned Past. USS Sachem Ruins. Surveying the Ghost Cities of China. Two centuries-old tombs unearthed beneath historic New York City park. @violent_crumble. Haunting Photos Of A Deserted Island In Japan. Abandoned Soviet Ruins By Photographer Rebecca Bathory. These Photos Of Abandoned Places Around The World Are REAL Creepy. 450-Year-Old Church Emerges From Reservoir As Water Levels Drop. Abandoned: A Ghost Town in the Desert.

Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal How The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Was Swallowed By Nature. The 7 Most Insane Abandoned Places in California  Huffingtonpost. Ghost Town Emerges As Drought Makes Nevada's Lake Mead Disappear. First-Ever Excavation of Nazi Death Camp Treblinka Reveals Horrors. The Perfectly Preserved World War I Trench. First stone circle for over a century is discovered on Dartmoor. The Abandoned Settlements Inside National Parks. How do you dismantle a nuclear submarine? Scouting The Gates of Hell: A Visit To The Abandoned Glenwood Power Plant. Scouting Long Island’s Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant. Inside Mike Tyson's Dilapidated Former Mansion.

Abandoned Film Set Photos. Abandoned Floating McDonald's Does NOT Serve Happy Meals. Abandoned Homes Are Surprisingly Full Of Life (Or Remnants Of It) Man Explores Abandoned Untouched Homes In Europe. After I "Discovered" an Abandoned Town and My Film Went Viral. 19 Eerie Photos That Put America's Problems In Plain Sight. Abandoned Mall Filled With Snow Is An Ice-Age Dystopia. Photo Essay: After Schengen. La Famille Express Shipwreck - Bottle Creek, Turks and Caicos Islands. These Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Places Are So Much More Than 'Ruin Porn'

For Halloween, You Should Visit This Turkish Ghost Town. Photographer Risks Nuclear Radiation To Capture Haunting Post-Soviet Landscapes. Isola La Gaiola Is Freakishly Cursed, But Freakishly Beautiful. Eerie Photos Explore A Remote Prison That Has Been Abandoned Since The 1970s. Sarajevo's Abandoned Olympic Sites. Bangkok's Eerie 'Ghost Tower', The Sathorn Unique. Abandoned Olympic Venues - You can Still Visit These Forgotten Sites in Decay. Bokor Hill Station Is An Eerie Abandoned Resort You Have To See (PHOTOS)

Beelitz Heilstätten. Poveglia Island: Like Hell, But in Italy. Presences and Absences of Chernobyl: Interview with Photographer Timm Suess. Strange Argentina Ghost Town That Was Underwater For 25 Years Re-emerges. Texas Home Was Left Vacant For 26 Years, But Incredibly Looks Untouched (PHOTOS) Jordan Liles Shares Captivating Photos Of An Abandoned Neighborhood In Tennessee (PHOTOS)