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The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth

The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth
Remember when we said Aokigahara was the Niagara falls of suicide? Well, for centuries the abbot in the small Czech town of Sedlec has been the Niagara Falls for dead people, regardless of cause of death. Ever since someone sprinkled soil from the Holy Land on the local cemetery in the 13th century, people from all over Europe started demanding to be buried there and the Sedlec graveyard kept growing until 1870, when the priests decided to finally do something about all those surplus bones lying around. Something insane. Bam! Today, the Sedlec Ossuary is a chapel famous for being decorated with tens of thousands of human bones. We realize this is the Czech Republic and all, but it has been 27 years, surely Poltergeist was released out there already. At this point, does it really surprise anyone that the church became the inspiration for Dr. A hotel? Currently, most of the information on the complex comes from the locals who--what a surprise--refuse to go near the damn thing. Related:  Abandoned

CSS Custom Fonts Tutorial Thousand's of fonts are available on the internet today, some are paid some are free to use. Download the font you want to use on your webpage. Then copy the downloaded fonts to your web server and use them on your webpages using CSS. We'll use the free ones for this tutorial. Vtks Revolt → Vtks Revolt Rockfont → Rockfont Gargoyles → Gargoyles MinstrelPosterTwo → MinstrelPosterTwo → Convert The Fonts The downloaded fonts will work on most of the browsers but won't work on IE. How to Convert There are many software's available on the internet, most of them paid. › Online TTF To EOT converter ‹ Upload the font you want to convert on this website and then download the converted font. → The CSS Code The Syntax: The Explanation:@font-face { → With this code we will define a new font-name and include the fonts that we have downloaded using src. font-family:font-name; → Here any name can be assigned to the font. The HTML Code Lets change the fonts inside a div with id change. The CSS Code

Some Moral Dilemmas The Trolley Problem, not in Grassian. Suggested by Philippa Foot (1920-2010), daughter of Esther, the daughter of President Grover Cleveland, but of British birth because of her father, William Sidney Bence Bosanquet. A trolley is running out of control down a track. In its path are five people who have been tied to the track by a mad philosopher. Fortunately, you could flip a switch, which will lead the trolley down a different track to safety. Unfortunately, there is a single person tied to that track.

The Forgotten Villas of Italy Doctor Zhivago’s Summer Home is currently taking Reservations Omar Sharif, best-known of course for his role as Doctor Zhivago, bought this cave house on the island of Lanzarote in the 1970s. It was love at first sight when he discovered it during a press t... All Aboard the Incredible Flying Yacht, circa 1950 They don't call it the 'Golden Age of Travel' for nothing. The Hidden Speakeasy Room found at Pixar Studios where Steve Jobs Hung Out At the Redbull headquarters, you can take a carbon slide down to the ground floor instead using the stairs, at Google you can sit around and talk strategy in ski gondolas, but at the Pixar offices... Here, here, a Tumblr dedicated entirely to Vintage French Photos you probably Haven’t Seen Wouldn't it be wonderful if life just looked like one long vintage French photo album? Skateboarding in Iran & other Unlikely Terrains The Secret Symphonic Stage Forgotten 40 feet below a Local Piano Shop 13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. 1.

This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids This December, in a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large domestic environment, painting every wall, chair, table, piano, and household decoration a brilliant white, effectively serving as a giant white canvas. Over the course of two weeks, the museum’s smallest visitors were given thousands upon thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, turning the house into a vibrantly mottled explosion of color. How great is this? If you liked this you’ll also enjoy Roman Ondak’s Room of Heights and Karina Smigla-Bobinski’s helium-filled kinetic drawing sculpture. The first four images courtesy Queensland Art Gallery and photographer Mark Sherwood. - Videos Related To Phreaking Mallows Bay Ghost Fleet along the Potomac River, Maryland - A kayak trip Kayak Trip to Mallows Bay - The History of the Ghost Fleet After paddling our wobbly kayak along the Potomac for over an hour, we finally saw an old rusted hull looming in the distance. This old ferry, the "Accomac," was the first evidence that we made it to the ghost fleet of Mallows Bay. Traveling here was tough, but it was well worth it to paddle, and get lost in the history of Mallows Bay. Paddling up to the ferry, we heard warning cries from an Osprey tending to its nest on the ships' bow. After rounding the rusted bow and an angry Osprey, the ghost ships suddenly appeared. Built to carry cargo across the Atlantic to support the war effort in Europe, the ships arrived too little too late. Once W.W.I. was over, no one wanted the leaky, obsolete ships. Looking nothing like they did in 1918, the fleet of wooden steamships are now empty, rotting hulls poking haphazardly out of the water; a navigational nightmare even for our small kayak. Hull identification is based on Shomette (1996).

Your Age on Other Worlds Want to melt those years away? Travel to an outer planet! <div class="js-required"><hr> This Page requires a Javascript capable browser <hr></div> Fill in your birthdate below in the space indicated. The Days (And Years) Of Our Lives Looking at the numbers above, you'll immediately notice that you are different ages on the different planets. The earth is in motion. The top-like rotation of the earth on its axis is how we define the day. The revolution of the earth around the sun is how we define the year. We all learn in grade school that the planets move at differing rates around the sun. Why the huge differences in periods? Johannes Kelper Tycho Brahe Kepler briefly worked with the great Danish observational astronomer, Tycho Brahe. Here you see a planet in a very elliptical orbit. Kepler's third law is the one that interests us the most. Let's just solve for the period by taking the square root of both sides: The Gravity Of The Situation Isaac Newton ©2000 Ron Hipschman

The List Blog 10. Why are dogs committing suicide by jumpingoff the Overtoun Bridge? The Overtoun Bridge is an arch bridge located near Milton, Scotland, overthe Overtoun Burn. A burn is a term used to describe a type of streamwhich is smaller than a river. The long leap from the bridge onto the waterfalls of the Overtoun Estatealmost always results in immediate death. There have been a number of theories as to why dogs are choosing to endtheir lives by jumping off the bridge, ranging from the bridge being hauntedto the canines suffering from depression, or even picking up depressed orsuicidal feelings from the bridge. It has been suggested that the height of the bridge’s granite walls significantlyimpairs the dogs’ sense of sight and hearing, so when they go to investigatethe smell, they are unaware of the massive fall that awaits them. 9. In the 1960s a group a marine biologists planted microphones in the world’soceans to record the songs of blue whales. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. In 1940, Willard F.M. 3. 2.

Haludovo, Abandoned hotel in Croatia The kitchen spa Help your skin survive unpredictable weather with these two essential steps: exfoliation and moisturization. Skin-cell buildup leads to dryness, poor circulation and blemishes. Exfoliation eliminates these dead cells, revealing fresh skin that is better able to absorb moisture. And guys, take note: While men’s skin tends to be oilier than women’s, men may be more prone to epidermal dehydration. Food: Avocado Purpose: Moisturizer The scoop: Loaded with vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as potassium and fat, avocado is the perfect moisturizer. Recipe: Take a spent avocado peel and using gentle upward strokes, lightly massage your face with the inside of the peel. Food: Cucumber The scoop: Cucumbers contain compounds known to tighten pores and reduce inflammation, which is why they’re the classic choice for minimizing puffiness around the eyes. Recipe: Puree 1 tablespoon each of cucumber and parsley. Food: Oatmeal Purpose: Exfoliant and moisturizer Food: Peach Purpose: Exfoliant Food: Strawberry

21 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 8) #9. If Who Framed Roger Rabbit Was Directed by Michel Gondry Via What looks like a Lego building cropped into a nature photograph is actually a real building that sleeps four adults. It's not the Treehotel's only room that will make your brain sneeze forth from your ears. #8. Via Even though this photo of an octopus playing with a Mr. Then you notice the shadows on the nose and body cast by the tentacle, and realize the Mr. Via ... and you find out the Internet is full of the same picture from other angles. Via #7. This looks like one of those "look how much this area has changed in just 30 years!" And before you rush in to make some racist comment about how the American side is a bustling civilization and the Mexican side is a deserted wasteland, you have the two mixed up. #6. Via Once again we have something that not only looks like a Photoshop, but also looks like a lousy one. #5. Via

Exploring an Abandoned Beach Resort in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera In its heyday, the Club Maeva Tulum (formerly Robinsons Club Tulum) was an idyllic getaway in paradise; a long sweep of white sandy beach on one end, lush pristine jungle on the other. The numerous online reviews and forum discussions from regular frequenters of the resort capture a vivid picture of day in the life at Club Maeva Tulum – hours lounging beside the expansive pool, turtle sightings on the uncrowded beach, and outstanding food and drink despite its all-inclusive status. The only complaint appeared to be regarding the beds – seems the firmness of the mattresses didn’t quite suit the taste of a few. Hurricane Emily in July 2005 changed all that. The resort now lies in ruins. After the hurricanes, the property was sold to the Palace Group. It’s an eerie feeling being in an abandoned resort. Special thanks to David Barnard from for use of the Club Maeva Tulum before photos. If you liked this post, check out this abandoned private island in Thailand.