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FreedomClubUSA. FreedomClub CANADA The Canadian Resource of FreedomClubUSA Freedom Club USA is here to guide humanity to an abundant life and attract financial, health, emotional and spiritual freedoms – enough to be able to give freely and help others through inner awakening ~ FreedomClubUSA Articles • 12 Steps to Prosperity • What is Freedom Club?


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Special Update

"There is no such thing as bad publicity". Every inventor, builder, painter, singer, actor, explorer or sports figure who has made an impact on history had their detractors. Columbus, Galileo, Einstein, Babe Ruth, Abe Lincoln, Nicola Tesla... all had their share of failures. They were defeated by public opinion time and again but never by themselves. Each had several characteristics in common: belief in themselves, belief in their ideas, a tenacity to never quit and passion for the truth no matter what others thought, said or did. There are three phases naysayers go through when trying to unseat an old paradigm belief: 1) Denial - If you are right, then I will have to do a lot of examining of some lifelong beliefs. 2) Anger - As this new information persists, I will defend my old position with firmness, even anger and will not be swayed despite what the facts say. 4) Acceptance - OK.

All humans are somewhere on this pathway on deeply held beliefs. Freedom Club USA - FAQ. The Truth About Money. Print This document is meant to take the reader down a road they have likely never traveled.

The Truth About Money

This is a layman’s explanation of what has been happening in this country that most have no idea or inkling of. It is intended to give the reader an overview of a systemic Fraud in this country that has reached epic proportions and provoke action to eradicate this scourge that has descended upon the people of . Depending on what your situation is, you may react with disbelief, fear, anger or outright disgust at what you are about to learn.

The following information is supported with facts, exhibits, law and is not mere opinion. Let’s start our journey of discovery with the purchase of a home and subsequent steps in the financial process through the life of the “mortgage loan”. Let’s start with the very first part of the transaction. Everything appears to be relatively simple and straightforward but is that really the case? How can it be that you could just write a “Note” and pay for your home? P o. The Truth About Freedom. Read with an Open Heart, take what you may let the rest prove itself.

The Truth About Freedom

After all we are moving back into our Divine Nature which is the most fantastic thing of all. Some good history about NESARA & St. Germain Dear ones, As outrageous as this lengthy message sent me by my friend Milson from may seem, it will soon be revealed to be the truth! For those of you who are in the Prosperity programs, there is much background info that you should know about, if you do not already. And for those of you who are on the "gifting lists" it will provide some excellent clarification. As all of you are aware, we are on the brink of some major changes in our world and many of the details are provided in this report. TOGETHER WE HAVE HEALED OUR WORLD WITH OUR KNOWLEDGE, LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS AND MOST OF ALL OUR INTENT!

CHANGE IS ON THE HORIZON The story of how this change will occur, takes us back to Tudor England. 1 with 40 zeros behind it. NESARA implements the following changes; 1. 4. 9. The Truth About Taxes. Reprinted from "Alert" (Circa 1992-1993) POB 9411, Boise, Idaho 83707 Another Research Foundation Member Found "Not Guilty" on All Counts in Well-Publicized Jury Trial by Lamarr Hardy "Hallelujah!

The Truth About Taxes

" was Lloyd L. Long's first comment, after being acquitted, recently, of all "Willful Failure to File" tax charges lodged against him by the Internal Revenue Service for the years 1989 and 1990. How did he do that? Long based his defense on his personal belief that he was not a person required to file Federal income tax returns. To open his defense, Long testified under oath that he had personally studied the IR Code (Title 26), and truly believed the income tax to be an excise tax which applied only to specific type of individuals or "persons" specified in the IR Code. According to Long's research, the income tax applied ONLY to non- resident aliens, and U.S. citizens living abroad in a country where a tax treaty exists with the United States (Internal Revenue Code Sections 1441-1443).

Lloyd L. Mon Recorded Calls. Rewards. Freedom Club USA - Ambassador. Document on Presenting FCUSA (Word) (PDF) Role of the Ambassador Following are some suggestions on approaching and interacting with friends, relatives or strangers regarding HOW TO INVITE THEM TO THE FREEDOM CLUB USA WEB-SITE Typically, we ask ourselves.

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