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Resources. Science Connects - Information for Teachers. Funmaths Roadshow sessions for particular year groups.

Science Connects - Information for Teachers

For further information contact Pat Lyden: Mobile: 077816 160 946 Tel: 01436 679 582 Email: Scottish Food and Drink Federation A Future in Food Bringing Scotland's schools and food and drink manufacturers together. A Future in Food is an innovative national programme, established and rolled out by the Scottish Food and Drink Federation. A Future in Food is a collective approach that contributes to the future of Scotland's young people, the food and drink industry and the wider economy. Working with schools and food manufacturers, the programme facilitates the creation and development of valuable educational partnerships that support A Curriculum for Excellence.

Due to the diverse nature of the food and drink industry, there are opportunities for engagement with many subjects including maths, sciences, IT, technology and Home Economics. Please visit the website for more details . STEM Directories. HE STEM Outreach. These outreach resources have been designed to get students excited about chemistry, to show them the real-life applications of chemistry and to demonstrate the huge range of opportunities available in studying the chemical sciences.

HE STEM Outreach

Each activity is clearly explained with instructions on setting up and delivering the activities as well as an indication of the time and resource requirements. Questions and further work for students to undertake as part of the activity are also included. Whether you are an outreach coordinator delivering outreach to schools, a teacher looking for ways to make outreach relevant, or just curious about how to engage and inspire students with chemistry, these tried-and-tested resources are full of great ideas. Large-scale Murder in the lab Giving students a flavour of analytical techniques that are used in forensic science Aspirin Students undertake the synthesis and analysis of aspirin Organic molecules day Medium-scale Chemistry is fun The salt cellar mystery.

Floating Garden Challenge. Images to support the Floating Garden Challenge You're welcome to use our any of our great pictures from our project work in Bangladesh to support the challenge.

Floating Garden Challenge

We've uploaded them to Flickr for you to access here. Created with flickr slideshow. To find out more about floating gardens in Bangladesh please go to our main website For a technical brief on how to make a real floating garden go to Floating Gardens in Bangladesh To help students explore the concept of technology justice further we have range of short group activities To find more about how schools are using the Floating Garden Challenge visit our Challenges in Schools site. Theatre, props and explanations, oh my! Mobile Family Laboratory - School of Biologcal Sciences Practice - University of East Anglia (UEA) Mobile Family Science Laboratory Teachers Resources Cell Biology Cell City - Paint a Plate Our cells are like miniature factories.

Mobile Family Laboratory - School of Biologcal Sciences Practice - University of East Anglia (UEA)

Each part ofthe cell has a special job to do Cell City Wordsearch Top Trumps Card Template Cloning Cardboard Cloning - Information Cardboard Cloning - Image DNA in a Twist DNA in a Twist - Teacher's Notes DNA in a Twist - Worksheet Modelling DNA DNA Wordsearch Karyotype Exercise. Lor Changing Milk - Sick Science! #019. -BSI The Secret Life of Snot - British Society for Immunology. Snot, what's it all about?

-BSI The Secret Life of Snot - British Society for Immunology

Here at the BSI, we're inquisitive people so we set about finding out more about those disgusting things called bogies. The result was our stand 'The Secret Life of Snot' at The Big Bang Fair 2011 which took place at the ExCeL Centre, London from the 10-12 March. You can see photos of the stand and our activities at The Big Bang Fair here. For those of you that weren't able to make it, we’ve put our findings here, along with our snot recipe. You can download copies of this and our other snot related resources here. Why do we make it? How does our body make something that is quite so disgusting and gloopy? The remaining proteins in mucus give it a protective function, these include: antibodies – these tiny proteins produced by B cells, activate the immune system alerting it to the presence of foreign objects such as dust and germs lysozyme – an enzyme that chops up bacteria What about the colour?

Wetsuits for Paratriathletes. Sep 12, 2013 Triathlon is an event that requires competitors to complete a three-stage race of swimming, cycling and running.

Wetsuits for Paratriathletes

Triathletes wear special wetsuits for the swim which are then removed before the cycling and running stages. Whilst still providing warmth and buoyancy, these wetsuits are designed slightly differently to the ones surfers might wear. They can be thinner and smoother to make them go faster through the water and they are easier to take off (the race does not stop between stages so it is really important to be able to take the wetsuit off quickly). Triathlon wetsuits are, of course, expertly designed – but they are designed for able-bodied athletes. Your challenge is to design a new wetsuit for a paratriathlete. Students should work in teams of 4-6 and the STEM Challenge is designed to take approximately 6-8 school weeks. Further guidance on how to approach the Challenge can be found on the Guidance page. This STEM Challenge Resource Pack includes: The Salters' Chemistry Club. Chemistry Week.

SAPS Science Club Activities. Science club activities. Planet Science. Build a 4 chamber working heart model. Science club ideas.