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RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America (#OccupyWallSt) - w Pilger, Mahfouz & Glenn Beck

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The American Dream Film Free speech fights Free speech fights are conflicts over the right to speak freely, particularly involving the Industrial Workers of the World (the "IWW", or "Wobblies'") efforts in the early twentieth century to organize workers and publicly speak about labor issues. Wobblies, Single Taxers, and other radicals of the time were actively engaged in organizing workers and others, and their efforts were often opposed, and sometimes met with violent repression by local government and business authorities. The most notorious of these conflicts was the "San Diego Free Speech Fight",[1] which brought the IWW to the greater notice of the American public and was notable for the intensity of violence by anti-labor vigilantes directed at the IWW; this violence included the kidnapping and tarring and feathering of Ben Reitman, who was a physician, and was Emma Goldman's lover. More generally, a free speech fight is any incident in which a group is involved in a conflict over its speech. Spokane[edit] Missoula[edit]

Occupy LSX criticizes British media Occupy LSX criticizes British media The Occupy London Stock Exchange movement has criticized the British media for downgrading the anti-capitalism demonstration after claiming only one out of ten protest camps were occupied during the nights. British media, which had formerly imposed a total blackout on the event, claimed that the majority of Occupy LSX protesters who are camped outside St Paul's Cathedral leave their tents at night and return to their “warm beds.” According to the Daily Mail, “footage from a thermal imaging camera” shot by a police helicopter showed that the camps were almost completely empty during the nights. “It suggests the majority of the 300 'defiant' protesters at the cathedral return home or to hotels after dark to sleep in warm beds,” the Daily Mail reported. The paper also quoted from Matthew Richardson, Corporation of London councillor, as saying, “It's incredible. “This is simply not the case. “We are ordinary people with jobs and families.

The Globalization of Protest - Joseph E. Stiglitz NEW YORK – The protest movement that began in Tunisia in January, subsequently spreading to Egypt, and then to Spain, has now become global, with the protests engulfing Wall Street and cities across America. Globalization and modern technology now enables social movements to transcend borders as rapidly as ideas can. And social protest has found fertile ground everywhere: a sense that the “system” has failed, and the conviction that even in a democracy, the electoral process will not set things right – at least not without strong pressure from the street. In May, I went to the site of the Tunisian protests; in July, I talked to Spain’s indignados; from there, I went to meet the young Egyptian revolutionaries in Cairo’s Tahrir Square; and, a few weeks ago, I talked with Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York. There is a common theme, expressed by the OWS movement in a simple phrase: “We are the 99%.” This is not to deny that some of the 1% have contributed a great deal.

RuLeaks We the Occupation- by Douglas Rushkoff (written for the human microphone at Zuccotti Park) I am humbled and honored to be amplified by your voices. You are not fighting against people, but against a machine. It was put in place over 500 years ago. They invented an operating system called central currency. The elite also invented software for that operating system. It is a program designed to extract value. We outsource our work, we outsource our savings, we outsource our borrowing, we outsource our investing – all instead of sourcing one another. This 13th Century, printing-press era operating system is incompatible with a 21st Century economy. Too many are mistaking this operating system – for the way things are. The Long Extraction is Over. The peer to peer society is back. They say that the Occupy Movement has no leadership. The rest of us are your followers. You are the classroom – we are the students You are the experiment – we are the results. You are the proposition – we are the resolution. If you can resist the cops.

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15th october: #United we will re-invent the world Marokkaans protest krijgt Nederlandse tak - Nederland Majda Ouhajji − 12/11/11, 12:55 © ap. De Marokkaanse koning Mohammed VI tijdens een ceremonie in zijn paleis in Tetouan. De Marokkaanse hervormingsbeweging '20 februari' heeft nu ook een Nederlandse afdeling. © epa. © epa. Gisteren lichtte hij tijdens een persconferentie in Den Haag toe dat de beweging vanuit Nederland de roep om meer democratie voor de Marokkanen wil ondersteunen. Koning heeft touwtjes in handenDe beweging heet naar de dag waarop dit jaar tienduizenden Marokkanen de straat op gingen, aangestoken door de Arabische Lente. De Marokkanen hebben vrijheid van meningsuiting en persvrijheid, maar ook dat is volgens '20 februari' schone schijn. De organisatie heeft niets tegen de monarchie op zich, zei Rabbae, maar wil scheiding van de drie machten. Meer democratieMoeniem Moessaoui, lid van de Marokkaanse beweging in Nederland, zei: "We gaan door met onze strijd.

светодиод Dear Occupy Family, Today marks six months of Occupy Wall Street. Congratulations! You have woken a sleeping giant and changed the course of history. Solidarity, Justin Sane, Anti-Flag @justinsanesolo @anti_flag “Don’t Call It Zuccotti, Call It Liberty” by Justin Sane Don’t call it Zuccotti, call it Liberty Don’t call it a heavy handed police response, call it savagery Say we got no demands, we don’t know where we stand… You don’t know what you’ve got on your hands We occupy together, 99 to 1 From Tahrir to New York the Arab Spring has just begun Don’t call it financial services, call it a total rip off, a scam Don’t call it within the realm of the law, call criminal fraud by down right low criminals Money junkies on a tear, without concern without a care Line their pockets with your hopes, your dreams and your tears So we occupy together, 99 to 1 From Tunisia to LA the Arab Spring has just begun What’s your name?

Under Watch: A Day in the New Surveillance Society Taking as a starting point brochures and internal documents made public last week by WikiLeaks, OWNI guides you through an average day spent under surveillance. This realistic account provides a non-exhaustive overview of the types of technology sold by surveillance weapons dealers, a global market worth five billion dollars a year. 07:15 – Awoken by your smartphone’s alarm clock. Enter your pincode and switch it on. It’s now the perfect spy. Hacking Team, an Italian company, offers to remotely install software compatible with most operating systems (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone). Katrin Verclas, co-founder of, a network for activists who make use of smartphones as part of their projects, explains: There are numerous vendors who supply ‘spyware’ that, when installed directly or remotely on a person’s mobile device can (…) even remotely activate a mobile’s microphone to act as a clandestine listening device.. See what users are seeing Log on to your social networks.

Block The Bridge, Block The Bill - 67 QuikPix Dateline: Westminster Bridge, London, UK, 13:00-16:40, Sun 09 Oct 2011 - Enraged by the attempt by the Cameron-Clegg clique of millionaire politician pratts to wreck our National Health Service, today thousands of people from all over the UK heeded UK Uncut's Call to Direct Action and physically blockaded Westminster Bridge. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, just three days before a vote in the House of Lords which could scupper the Con-Dem government's NHS-wrecking bill, we symbolically Blocked The Bill by Blocking The Bridge between the law-makers in the Houses of Con-mens to the west and St Thomas Hospital to the east. At the request of UK Uncut, I'm uploading these photos as soon as possible, without the photo-editing and captioning that normally characterises my Indymedia Action Reports. So, letting the pix speak for themselves, here's what our bridge-blocking direct action looked like, including the direct democracy of Occupy London's General Assembly. Share-&-Enjoy, Up the Revolution,

Another world is possible Blogger David Dayen at Firedoglake hit the nail on the head last week: "The Occupy Wall Street protesters have done more to change the political dynamic in the country in a month than national Democrats have done in 30 years." If only the national Democrats had the wits or heart to notice or care. Yes, Obama has changed his tune and is pushing hard on his new-found jobs agenda. But it's ultimately as superficial and opportunistic as his entire 2008 campaign turned out to be, given how disconnected it remains from the rest of his overall neo-liberal agenda. The shift in political mood has been striking, as summarised recently by Think Progress blogger Zaid Jilani. Yet little has changed inside the Beltway. It's as if the Tea Party had been dominating the news since September 17, rather than Occupy Wall Street. The point is not that we should forget about balancing the budget. Another world is possible But as important as this may be, it is still a matter of political content, not context.