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RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America (with John Pilger, Asmaa Mahfouz & Glenn Beck)

Stephen Colbert Fails to See Point of 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest Also, the Fawkes masks are cliché and passé at the same time. Cliché being the bigger offense. After V for Vendetta there's never been a "right" time for those masks, and nor will there ever be, again. Yeah, it just kills me that there are alleged "anti-capitalists" who get their primary stylistic and ideological motivation from a market-tested Hollywood action blockbuster that was signed off on by some studio head specifically because it was likely to be a successful—which is to say, ultimately harmless—simulation of subversive expression. For me, it's not even that it's cliché. I remember when I first saw Anonymous using the V mask as their symbol, it immediately struck me as embarrassing. And this, of course, is how you get them pulling laudable Robin Hood-type shit on one side, and then, like, tossing out the private online info of innocent bystanders after they raid corporate servers on the other.

Tweed Protesters Denounce 'Privatization' of Schools – SchoolBook They may not have been a big crowd, but they were spirited. A group calling itself Occupy the DOE — an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street — gathered on the steps Tweed Hall on Monday evening with a litany of complaints against the Department of Education. Police officers ushered the crowd of more than 150 parents, students, teachers, aides and educators up the stairs and toward the center of the steps as voices chanted and echoed one another. After the Oct. 25 meeting of the Panel for Education Policy, where about 200 parents and teachers protested against Department of Education leadership, it was time to take a different approach, said Leia Petty, an Occupy the DOE organizer. She said the grass-roots group started as a grade-in last month in Zuccotti Park to address a growing list of issues with the Education Department that included overcrowded classrooms, teacher layoffs and school closings. “We want to create an agenda for the 99 percent, to strategize actions,” said Ms.

Robert Maresca, Long Island Man, Wants To Trademark 'Occupy Wall Street' NEW YORK (Associated Press)- A Long Island, N.Y., man wants to trademark the Occupy Wall Street movement's name. Robert Maresca of West Islip tells Newsday ( ) he wants to put Occupy Wall Street on T-shirts, handbags and glasses. He filed to trademark the name on Oct. 18. The filing was first reported by The Smoking Gun website. Occupy Wall Street representatives Michael Fix and Beth Bogart say they're not surprised by attempts to make money off the protest, even though it's about economic injustice. But Maresca says he only wants to spread the word, not capitalize on the movement. Maresca says he became interested in Occupy Wall Street after union members began showing up at the protesters' encampment in Zuccotti Park. If you've been to an Occupy Wall Street event anywhere in the country, we'd like to hear from you.

OccupyColleges: #ff @peterrothberg @Krysti... Batman Says ‘Raise My Taxes’ as Occupy Movement Comes to Comics | Underwire Bruce Wayne just wants to pay his fair share for the good of the people.Image courtesy Anjin Anhut The Occupy Wall Street movement has come to comics. One of the first salvos is from Berlin-based artist Anjin Anhut, whose Occupy Gotham (above) illustrates Batman’s sympathy for people sick of being sold out to jet-setting market sharks. ‘What would Batman do?’ It’s a worthy question to ask the comics industry and fandom alike, especially as DC Comics’ underwhelming reboot campaign, dubbed “The New 52,” has returned Batman to familiar territory fighting gangsters and monsters from his past. “Occupy Gotham is radical,” said Matt Pizzolo, founder of indie multimedia distributor Halo-8, which has produced compelling documentaries on comics superstars like Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis. “It’s a great conversation to be having,” he said. Matt Pizzolo's Occupy Comics project kicks off with artist Anna Muckcracker's illustrated protest.Image courtesy Halo-8

SANHEDRON: #FF @9up9ake, @indiemusicb... new-banksy-monopoly-sculpture-for-occupy-london from - StumbleUpon Though we hadn't heard from elusive street artist Banksy in a little while, it should come as no surprise that his latest piece would be for the "Occupy" movement. Popping up at St. Paul’s Cathedral for Occupy London, this brand new sculpture features a panhandling Rich “Uncle” Pennybags on a make-believe Monopoly board. According to Demotix, it was created "as a show of support for their protest against corporate greed and corruption." Did anyone notice the graffiti and TOX shoutout on the red hotel? via [TheWorldBestEver], [TheDailyWhat], [ArrestedMotion] First photo via [Jason Reeve], Rest via [Demotix]

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Jest [video]Where OWS Headlines Come From PRANK VIDEOS music videos politics supercuts remixes GIFS GIFS GIFS basketball cat videos Jest Original Videos More Like This Prank News Network video Fake News Prank It's our prank that proves people will believe anything you say if you look like a newsman and you're holding a microphone. Would you be as gullible as these people? 3,604 likes | Created by Jest on June 19, 2012 Jest Original Videos Ikea Breakup Room Finally a place in Ikea for couples to fight. 947 likes | Created by Jest on October 07, 2011 Weather Channel Nostalgia Block Television nostalgia has gone too far. 25 likes | Created by Jest on October 11, 2011 Meatball Sub 4S Subway's brand new sandwich, sorta.

Top Foreclosure Firm Threw Homeless-Themed Halloween Bash This is what happens when corporations or banks brainwash their ignorant employees to disassociate from reality. The people who work directly with the homeowners are usually not too much better off themselves. I worked at a mortgage arm of a bank. More often than not, the situation was dire before they even spoke to these people. Meanwhile, the banks OWN THE HOUSES!!! It's as though they WANT to shoot themselves in the foot, the banks, that is. I remember challenging the department, saying, surely a foreclosure is a benefit to the bank? I still think it's stacked against the mortgage holder. The contract is simple: a person or persons agree to pay a certain amount each month, and if they can't, the bank takes back the house. If the banks truly think that keeping homeowners in their homes is optimal, then you'd think they would be diving at loan modifications in the face of default. It's just a clusterfuck of contradictory agendas.

'South Park' Occupies Wall Street Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the stud you love to hate—at least onscreen. As Jaime Lannister, the rakish, incestuous “Kingslayer” on Game of Thrones, he’s an object of attraction (devilishly handsome) and derision (he loves his sister). On Sunday night’s episode, the pendulum swung towards the latter when he sexually assaulted his sister, Cersei, beside the altar of their dead love child, Joffrey. He’s not much better in The Other Woman. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Coster-Waldau discussed his comedy chops, Jaime Lannister’s dark turn, and much more. Note: Portions of this interview were included in a separate piece on THAT scene. There’s a crazy scene where Leslie’s character is dosing your morning shakes with estrogen, and you begin growing man-boobs with some very big nipples. Is that the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a film or TV show? Oh…I think my explosive ass scene in The Other Woman also comes pretty close. "It’s completely fucked up. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Yes, and no.

Josh Stearns: The perfect gift for every... Het Jon Stewart-effect: Amerikaanse hofnar bepaalt het politieke debat - Nieuws Door: Anna van den Breemer − 07/10/12, 14:09 The Daily Show van Jon Stewart - goed voor 2,3 miljoen kijkers per avond - is meer dan alleen humor. 'Als een moderne Don Quixote trekt Stewart ten strijde tegen de hypocrisie van Washington en de media', zegt mediaprofessor Brian Dunphy in zijn lezing over de tv-show. 'Vroeger had je de hofnar die met zijn belletjesmuts op, de koning openlijk belachelijk maakte. Columnist of journalist? In de reeks fragmenten die Dunphy toont, timmert Stewart uit frustratie op tafel, jammert of slaat zijn handen voor zijn ogen uit wanhoop. InvloedJon Stewarts invloed is groot. Dunphy toont een paar voorbeelden. In een ander fragment gaat the Best F#@king News Team Ever langs bij Republikeinse delegaties. Brian Dunphy ziet het anders.

The Daily Show and American Politics Rare jongens die Amerikanen. Ze laten zich in hun stemgedrag niet leiden door een serieuze analyticus of journalist, maar door Jon Stewart, comedian en anchorman van The Daily Show. Elk dag geeft Stewart in zijn satirische praatprogramma zijn hilarische blik op de politiek en de komende verkiezingen. Kijkers van The Daily Show hebben meer kennis van politiek dan kijkers van serieuze nieuwsprogramma's. Nemen satirische programma's de rol van de reguliere nieuwsshows over? En hoeveel invloed heeft The Daily Show op de Amerikaanse verkiezingen? De Amerikaanse mediadeskundige Brian Dunphy gaat met behulp van fragmenten uit The Daily Show in op deze vragen. De voertaal is Engels. Lees het Volkskrant-interview met Brian Dunphy: Het Jon Stewart-effect: Amerikaanse hofnar bepaalt het politieke debat. SprekersBrian Dunphy geeft colleges aan Brooklyn College, New York, over satire, massamedia en politiek.