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FEATURE-Scientist seeks to banish evil, boost empathy * Psychopathology expert says idea of evil has done no good * Sees empathy as world's most valuable but ignored resource By Kate Kelland, Health and Science Correspondent FEATURE-Scientist seeks to banish evil, boost empathy
Global Integrity Global Integrity Global Integrity is an innovation lab that produces high-quality research and creates cutting-edge technology to advance the work of a global network of civic, public, and private reformers pursuing increased transparency and accountability in governments. In addition to our core team, we collaborate with a global network of thousands of in-country contributors and partners who take our technologies, tools, and information to where they are most useful – the local level.
Why should German taxpayers help bail out a country whose business model is based on avoidance and a race to the bottom? Illustration by Daniel Pudles The world looked on agog as Tim Cook, the head of Apple, said his company had paid all the taxes owed – seeming to say that it paid all the taxes it should have paid. There is, of course, a big difference between the two. It's no surprise that a company with the resources and ingenuity of Apple would do what it could to avoid paying as much tax as it could within the law. While the supreme court, in its Citizens United case seems to have said that corporations are people, with all the rights attendant thereto, this legal fiction didn't endow corporations with a sense of moral responsibility; and they have the Plastic Man capacity to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time – to be everywhere when it comes to selling their products, and nowhere when it comes to reporting the profits derived from those sales. Globalisation isn't just about profits. It's about taxes too | Joseph Stiglitz | Comment is free Globalisation isn't just about profits. It's about taxes too | Joseph Stiglitz | Comment is free
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International Business Ethics Institute (IBEI)
A democratic workplace for us = Happiness. We choose to practice democracy in the workplace because it not only blurs the line between managers and employees but it also drives the distribution of power, encourages innovation, and helps attract the best talent. It is important that any employee, from our call center to executive team, have the ability to make changes that impact how the organization operates, develops, and grows. Our call center employees are not required to read from scripts because we want to empower them to service our customer in the best way they can - in a way that is suited for that customer. We want to see employees at all levels make decisions without having to get a manager or supervisor involved. WorldBlu | Freedom and Democracy at Work WorldBlu | Freedom and Democracy at Work
C4CR C4CR News | Meetings | Articles Vision Statement C4CR envisions a world in which corporations work for a just, peaceful and sustainable global society. Mission Statement
New Paradigm in Humanising Corporate Management and Ethos | That is That Dear Robert, Many thanks for your take on all this – all very interesting and clearly very deep. Your decades of TM seems to have piqued your interest in going beyond the entrenched capitalist zeitgeist in the sense that you want to keep the best of its benefits but also improve it to give it ethical innards and face so that not only will its worst excesses such as Enron, HIH, Madoff, the GFC itself, the present PIGS/Germany/France crisis will be avoided but also it will also evolve to be more inclusive of all of us to enjoy abundance fairly as a consequence of win-win-win (and more win) transactions and strategies rather than the macroscopic win-lose scenarios of late. Please let me know when you would like to meet Barry re SAFCOL. However, I did mention it was his father that set it up and I am not sure he (father) is still alive. New Paradigm in Humanising Corporate Management and Ethos | That is That
Nowadays, although more and more of us understand the fact that we live, not in a democratic republic (as we were taught in school), but under a plutocracy, most still suffer from what Richard Grossman and Ward Morehouse call the "colonization of our minds [1], [2]", the corollary of which is the "TINA" (There Is No Alternative) phenomenon. The fact is, there are alternatives to this evermore distintegrative "way of life". But in order to change this society so the seventh generation yet unborn may, once more, have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, each one of us must transform our own conditioned thinking from that of programmed consumer into liberated citizen. Today, people forget that U.S. corporations, or "corpses", as this ratitor thinks of them, were extremely limited in their powers and influence prior to the Civil War. Ending Corporate Governance: Revoking Our Plutocracy Ending Corporate Governance: Revoking Our Plutocracy
World Forum for Ethics in Business The World Forum for Ethics and Business is a registered public interest foundation ("fondation d'utilite publique" - N° 822.216.342) based in Belgium. The mandate of the Forum includes all manners of pursuing and establishing the indispensable ethical foundations of business in a globalized world. The Forum, chaired by Rajita Kulkarni, has grown out of the International Business & Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business convened annually by the International Association for Human Values. Objectives World Forum for Ethics in Business
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Reclaim Democracy! Revoke Corporate Corruption of American Democracy
Markets Not Capitalism Markets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism Against Bosses, Inequality, Corporate Power, and Structural Poverty Ed. Gary Chartier & Charles W. Johnson Markets Not Capitalism
Folks with bargaining power behave selfishly, but believe themselves fair, an economics experiment suggests. In our era of bank bailouts, wage inequality and mass lay-offs, plenty of folks have suggested that there is a difference between the classic Golden Rule, "Do unto 0thers as you would have them do unto you," and its less savory alternative, "He who has the gold, makes the rules." But how exactly do people with more bargaining power justify their actions to themselves? Study: Hypocrisy the golden rule in negotiations Study: Hypocrisy the golden rule in negotiations
Citizens United. This is the 2010 Supreme Court case that shocked America, influenced an election, and reversed over 100 years of campaign finance laws. In this case, corporations were declared as people and as such declared to have the same rights as people do. It also opened the doors for corporations to pour unprecedented amounts of campaign donations into elections, and what’s more, these donations can be totally secret. Corporations can now literally and legally buy elections and shape the government like never before in our nation’s history. The economic world we live in today is dominated by corporations. What The Founding Fathers Thought About Corporations
The Rich to the Poor: Do What I Say, Not What I Do Economic policies often rest on assumptions about human motivation. Here’s Rep. Ryan (Republican of Wisconsin): The left is making a big mistake here. What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul. People don’t just want a life of comfort.
NBES of the U.S. Workforce The eighth National Business Ethics Survey (NBES) reveals that workplace misconduct is at an historic low, having steadily and significantly declined since 2007. The report shows that 41 percent of over 6,400 workers surveyed said they have observed misconduct on the job, down from 55 percent in 2007. In addition, the report found that fewer employees felt pressure to compromise their standards, down to nine percent from 13 percent in 2011. Ethics Resource Center | Ethics Resource Center
Corporate Ethics International : Index Corporate Ethics International is well known in the North American NGO corporate campaign community. We are the organization that major foundations have asked to launch campaigns to change the practices of core industries and our staff have the intensive experience of being at the center of campaigns against corporations such as Mitsubishi, The Home Depot, Staples, Walmart, and most recently BP, Shell, Exxon. CEI founded the Business Ethics Network; a network that is now comprised of more than 150 corporate campaign organizations who lead in the corporate social responsibility movement (CSR).
Corporate Accountability Project
Le marketing est une arme de destruction massive - Thomas Coutrot