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It's So Windy in Britain That the Price of Electricity Went Negative. One of the biggest concerns with renewable energy is what to do when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining.

It's So Windy in Britain That the Price of Electricity Went Negative

But sometimes you can have the opposite problem, like last week in the U.K. when the wind blew so hard electricity prices went negative. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below For several hours at night on June 7, electricity prices in Britain hit rock bottom, making this the longest prices have been negative in U.K. history. Back in March, electricity prices went negative twice in one day, the first that's ever happened. The U.K. isn't alone, either. As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, countries are going to have to figure out ways to store that energy for long periods of time. Source: Mashable. China Is Now Home To The World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant. While the US continues to shirk its carbon-cutting responsibilities, China continues to showcase to the world why it is set to become the de facto leader on climate change advocacy.

China Is Now Home To The World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

Its coal use is finally flatlining, it’s investing heavily in both nuclear and wind power, and now it’s now home to the world’s largest floating solar farm. Sungrow Power Supply announced this month that they have finished construction on a 40-megawatt solar power plant, which is sitting on a somewhat appropriate setting. Land Art Generator Initiative. The dawn of of the solar power station. Engineers are working to bring large-scale solar power to the forefront of the energy sector.

The dawn of of the solar power station

There’s nothing new under the sun. Mankind has been trying to harness solar power for centuries. There are legends of Archimedes defending ancient Greek cities by focusing the sun’s rays onto enemy ships. Leonardo da Vinci designed a system to heat water using solar power for renaissance Florence. But now it seems that solar thermal power might be back, on a large scale. Spanish Solar Energy. Germany Just Smashed an Energy Record, Generating 85% Electricity From Renewables. A Greener Germany In this age of rampant global warming, the term “record-breaking” has started to sound a bit like…well…a broken record. 2016 delivered month after month of record-breaking temperatures, and the year as a whole was the latest in a series of record-breaking years.

Germany Just Smashed an Energy Record, Generating 85% Electricity From Renewables

We’ve recently shattered records for rising sea levels, elevated ocean temperature, and carbon dioxide levels, and many of these trends continue to move in the wrong direction. Thankfully, we also have some positive climate-related achievements to celebrate, the latest of which is courtesy of Germany, which just set a new national record for renewable energy. On April 30, 85 percent of the electricity consumed by the European nation was generated by renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. A "World First" Fusion Reactor Just Created Its First Plasma. Achieving First Plasma After being turned on for the first time, the UK’s newest fusion reactor has achieved first plasma.

A "World First" Fusion Reactor Just Created Its First Plasma

This simply means that the reactor was able to successfully generate a molten mass of electrically-charged gas — plasma — inside its core. Concentrating Solar Power – HELIOSCSP. [7].

Concentrating Solar Power – HELIOSCSP

The factory will be capable of producing enough solar collectors to provide 200 MW of power per month. Ausra has finished construction of the 5 MW Kimberlina Solar Thermal Energy plant in Bakersfield, California. This is the first commercial linear Fresnel reflector plant in the United States. The solar collectors were produced at the Ausra factory in Las Vegas.

Ethical shopping guide to green electricity suppliers, from Ethical Consumer. Green electricity renewed Katy Brown compares the suppliers of green electricity.

Ethical shopping guide to green electricity suppliers, from Ethical Consumer.

Ten years ago the government started making it a legal requirement for energy companies to source an increasing amount of the electricity they supply from renewable sources. They did this through the ‘Renewables Obligation’; if companies don’t source the required amount from renewable sources they must pay a penalty fee for non-compliance. The introduction of the Renewables Obligation was clearly a significant positive step taken by the government to start to structurally address carbon emissions through a market-based mechanism.

Green Electricity Marketplace. This Material Can Harvest Energy From the Sun, Heat, and Movement. Department of Energy. Tidal Lagoon Power. Milestone in solar cell efficiency by UNSW engineers. Tesla Solar. Bruce Logan Research - Microbial Fuel Cells. Overview Check out the MFC-cam, our on-line demonstration of an MFC!

Bruce Logan Research - Microbial Fuel Cells

Renewable and clean forms of energy are one of society's greatest needs. Nova-innovation. To cut pollution, old-school sailing boats are taking on diesel megaships. The cost of solar power is now cheaper than coal in this country. To anybody who's been reading the headlines on investment into clean energy production, it's clear that India has been heavily backing solar power.

The cost of solar power is now cheaper than coal in this country

In recent times, the nation has unveiled a string of ambitious solar projects, including the world's first 100 percent solar-powered airport and what is slated to become the world's largest solar power station. One of the consequences of all this ongoing investment in infrastructure is that the cost of providing solar power in India is becoming increasingly affordable – to the point where the country's energy minister, Piyush Goyal, now says that solar power is a more cost-effective option than the old fossil-fuel staple, coal. "I think a new coal plant would give you costlier power than a solar plant," Goyal told the media at a press conference in India on Monday. Scientists are about to turn on a system that converts atmospheric CO2 into fuel. Most of the strategies we hear about when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions involve figuring out ways to pump less carbon into the air, whether by shifting our reliance on coal-based electricity to clean energy sources, driving electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars, or lessening our impact on the atmosphere through cleaner agricultural processes.

Scientists are about to turn on a system that converts atmospheric CO2 into fuel

But what about the greenhouse gases that are already trapping heat in the atmosphere? To do something about them, you're looking at carbon capture and storage, a relatively new kind of technology that aims to suck carbon pollution directly out of the air around us. And the world's first commercial carbon capture plant is set to open later this year, with Swiss company Climeworks building a facility near Zurich. Expected to start operating in September or October, Climeworks' pilot plant will not only draw and filter carbon dioxide (CO2) out of ambient air – it will then repurpose the accumulated carbon as a marketable product. Extreme Energy Action Network. Climate Change, Ecology and Renewable Energy. BBC Radio 4 - FutureProofing, Energy. Portugal just ran for 4 straight days entirely on renewable energy. As renewable energy matures into an ever more popular and cost-effective source of electricity, we're getting used to seeing some historic achievements from nations that have ramped up their clean energy infrastructure – and the latest glory goes to Portugal.

Recent figures show that the country ran on renewable energy alone for four days straight this month, completing an extraordinary 107-hour run between Saturday morning, May 7, and early Wednesday evening, May 11. During this record-setting window, Portugal ran on solar, wind, and hydro electricity entirely, without needing to fall back on power sourced from its coal and natural gas plants. This plant will charge your phone. Next time you ask to borrow your friend’s charger, it might live in their greenhouse. No, really. While saving the planet is no small task, Barcelona-based company Arkyne Technologies recognizes the value in starting with renewable energy. After releasing successful prototypes, they just brought your eighth grade science class to life with a pretty little pot called Bioo Lite, according to Yahoo Tech. But this plant does way more than just add a dose of greenery to a room. Utilizing photosynthesis, the device transfers energy from the plant: through the process, sunshine turns carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and organic compounds, which are then broken down by bacteria to charge your phone via a USB port.

While the magical device isn't on the market yet, after surpassing its $17,000 fundraising goal, it’s slated for a December 2016 release. Altaeros Energies. Home - Renewable World. Deltec launches line of super efficient, net-zero energy homes - starting under 100K. A company in Asheville, North Carolina is taking prefabricated home design to a new level with their Renew Collection of affordable net-zero energy houses. While Deltec made a name for themselves with round hurricane-resistant homes, now the company has amped up the energy efficiency by two thirds with their latest home collection, in response to the increasing demand for net-zero energy housing.

And these new 'Renew' homes aren't just super energy efficient -- they generate their own energy with photovoltaic solar power and solar water heating, and are surprisingly affordable, with kits starting under 100K. There are currently 9 new models in the Renew Collection, each designed to satisfy a variety of different needs and tastes. Deltec Homes was founded in 1968 in Asheville, North Carolina as a builder of hurricane-resistant homes – primarily for resort communities. RELATED: Why our ancestors built round homes, and why it still makes sense today + Renew Model Homes. DIY 1000 watt wind turbine. Freevolt: Perpetual, free RF energy harvesting to power the Internet of Things. The bulk of this Freevolt unit is the antenna. Eigg Electric. Harnessing the jet stream for wind turbines.

There's been a new term entering the lexicon as of late: "bimodal IT. " You can thank Gartner for this new term, which defines bimodal IT as "the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility. Mode 1 is traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed. " High-altitude wind power. Renewable Energy Sources. List of Natural Energy Resources. Alternative Technology Association website. Centre for Alternative Technology Home Page.