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Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Do you think that apps make a smartphone smart?

Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies

If your response to the above questions is in affirmation, we think alike. I believe that smartphones are capable of doing a lot but this capability is courtesy apps. Everything that creators boast about can be attributed to the Software that make it happen and the continuous evolution that keeps it exciting. If you are an app developer, you should applaud yourself for creating apps that matter and apps that make a difference in the day to day functioning.

However, the current times require knowledge that is exceptional enough to give you an edge above other developers. Work Smart and Not Hard This is a common saying. Same Software can help you integrate third party APIs and develop a fully functional app which can tested on the same Software using simulations for how the app will work on different devices. Try the Creative Inverse Approach. Is Your Mobile Application Ecosystem the Right Choice? Venturing into the mobile app development world is a common choice nowadays.

Is Your Mobile Application Ecosystem the Right Choice?

Professionals with the right skills want to set up their own business and start creating apps that will dominate the market in the coming time. A developer, irrespective of whether he is a business owner or an employee, often has to make some critical choices before starting the development. The choices are basically guided by a client’s requirement of operating systems, native or hybrid apps, etc. But, there are bigger decisions to be made to ensure that the entire development phase passes smoothly. And, the biggest decision is to choose the right ecosystem. What Is a Mobile Ecosystem? A mobile ecosystem comprises of the operating platforms like iOS, Android, etc.; devices types like phones or tablets; and distribution mediums like online stores of respective operating platform.

Hire Android Developers after Considering these Non-Technical Skills. What you do before hiring an Android programmer for developing your app is to check his or her work portfolio, asking some technical questions and names of previous clients.

Hire Android Developers after Considering these Non-Technical Skills

All this is absolutely right, but you must consider some non technical skills also before you hire Android programmers for your job. It may seem that knowledge of non technical skills does not hold any importance. However, it matters a lot if the programmer lacks these essential non-technical skills. Android Development Gains More Opportunities Than iOS In 2017. Android gets more users than iOS due to is incredible range of applications.

Android Development Gains More Opportunities Than iOS In 2017

With a hike in app installs from Google Play and third party app stores, android development India experts are making themselves prepare to surpass iOS in 2017. In the recent report made by professionals, it is calculated that android developers will gain more opportunities this year. Even if the android consuming the larger share of overall app revenue through third party app stores and Google Play, the Apple store will continue to have the unique lucrative app store. Smartphones are covering the whole world. People are performing their regular tasks on their phones ranging rom banking, payment, shopping, and entertainment to advertisement. How Android Developers Can Mobile Their App Lifecycle? It is obvious for users to expect more valuable, elegant, and feature rich applications because many companies have successfully delivered app products that quenched the users.

How Android Developers Can Mobile Their App Lifecycle?

Android development India companies consider the emotions of the users and do the things accordingly. By providing them good user experience, companies come closer to their business goals, whether it is transforming the user experience, growing revenues, or increasing productivity. Delivering such a unique experience can be challenging for developers.

Mobile apps have to cope up with the new changes introduced in the run-time environment, new operating system releases, new gadgets and devices, etc. If any mobile app fails to achieve these things, it can make user frustrated and at the end, the app will be abandon. HPE mobile center is a centralized hub that helps in managing devices, apps and the users. Device management with HPE mobile center – Android Developers and Artificial Intelligence is Way to Success. Every website built by android developers India recently has voice-controlled assistant.

Android Developers and Artificial Intelligence is Way to Success

These bots are proliferating and opening them to third-party app makers is a way to success for few businesses. Artificial intelligence is the new UI- this is outdated statement now. But back in 2011, when iOS released Siri for the first time, artificial intelligence was the trendsetter. Although, Siri was not as smart bot as HAL in the Hollywood movie -2001: A Space Odyssey or Eddy, but it got success in putting impact on consumer technology to make a stream of similar artificial intelligence based bots. The Best Android Hacks You Can Know. Smartphones should make our life easy.

The Best Android Hacks You Can Know

Instead, they sometimes succeed in achieving the exact opposite – adding unwanted chaos when we are in the middle of something. How many times have you been woken up by that annoying buzz only to find out that it your year old post has been liked by a recently reunited classmate you barely know? Never? Well, then probably you’re clever and have already mastered the hacks that we’re going to teach you today or you’re simply not so social that you’ll have endless notifications piling up on your phone screen.

In any case, it’ll pay handsomely (in terms of peace of mind) if you take a moment to look at the ways you can turn your phone into a trusted ally rather than a self-goaling footballer. Block the Bloatware. What If Other Classic Phones Take Rebirth In 2017 Like Nokia 3310? March 21, 2017 6 Views 0 Comments 6 minutes read You must have read the news in the papers and on TV about coming back of the iconic Nokia 3310.

What If Other Classic Phones Take Rebirth In 2017 Like Nokia 3310?

But there are more other classic handsets that need a 2017 revival. Motorola Razr V3 Motorola back in 1983, released the world’s first mobile phone. Motorola Razr V3 was the phone that company sold over 50 million units between 2004 and 2006. Its body was made from magnesium and aluminium. It is among few phones that still look modern in design and most people would like to recall it just like the Nokia 3310.

Find Out the Right Way to Market Your App. With the turn of the new year, many technological predictions included a booming application industry.

Find Out the Right Way to Market Your App

This was a good news for everyone who was in app development—investors, developers, marketers, etc. The positive news certainly motivated a lot of people to venture into the app market which has further the competitive atmosphere which was existing. Some organizations treat competition as a deterrent; but, I think competition is the driving force behind every business. A competitor keeps you on your toes and encourages you to keep up with or excel in the field. Android Development Companies Working On New Nougat Features.

There are some hidden features in Android Nougat that you should know The latest upgrade made by the team of Android development India is not a revolutionary break from Marshmallow 6.0, yet there are some helpful little surprises waiting for you.

Android Development Companies Working On New Nougat Features

Let’s explore them! You may have good news and a bad news. There is a new, candy-themed android version. However, if you don’t have one of the latest Nexus devices, you will have to wait for more time to explore Android 7.0 Nougat. Learn To Use Mobile Business Intelligence To Your Advantage. Mobile devices have opened a box full of opportunities for businesses and service-providers. And, the opportunists (in a positive sense) do not want to leave any stone unturned until they get the most out of the opportunity. Business intelligence (BI) is a domain that provides the insights that businesses require to expand or identify prospects that can benefit them. Going mobile enhances the overall experience and adds to the already existing benefits. Benefits Mobile BI can contribute to a business’s growth in a number of ways. Taking decisions has always been a part of every business; but, the latest technological advances (one being mobile BI) makes it easier because you have all the required information at your disposal.

6 Apps for Better Android Smartphone Security. We keep our world in compact gadget and move places to places. Our android smartphone carries contacts, payment details, messages, music, and lots of other things. Android app development India companies are bringing a niche of applications and every application offers distinct purpose to the user. Since we rely on our smart devices so much that app development companies have built security applications for android. In this blog post, we will talk about these secure apps in detail.

Security apps can make a huge difference by protecting your personal and corporate data and securing your interactions. 1. Endless Opportunities with Android - Nex Gen Apps Blog. Android February 20 2017 Written by Rosina De Palma and from Overblog. Why Is Mobile Defense System Development One of the Most Promising Businesses of 2017? The phenomenal boom in the mobile industry has been a reason for rise of many million dollar businesses. The success of smartphones brought immense opportunities for service providers, app developers, business houses, etc. A lot of companies are involved in manufacturing smartphones, a host of other companies are providing SIM related services, some are involved in developing applications to suit the diverse needs. With so much of variation across the industry, one thing that is common is the need for security systems because of the amount of personal data stored on phones.

This is not limited to new start-ups. But, even the renowned industry players. How Mobile Devices Can Manage Real-Time Warehouse Operations - Rosina De Palma. Nobody will tell, but everyone understands that behind every success story of a retail outlet is an efficient warehouse operation. Since retailers need to rely on warehouses to store their products, they need to ensure that everything there is handled with proper care. And if the storing item is a food product, care commitment gets higher. Experts working as a team inside the warehouse use special tools for keeping the track record of the items stored at the warehouse or taken to the retail store. Tracking and keeping the records of warehouse is known as warehouse management. Is using mobile technology for warehouse management really work? Mobile device management applications offer a centralized way to secure, manage, monitor, and support mobile devices. How To Decorate Recycler View Items In Android - Tutorial - Blog.

How to Implement iOS ActionSheet in Android? How to Integrate Emoji Keyboard In Android. How Smartphones Are Evolving Enterprise Mobility. Mobility has changed our way to live, work, and play. 5 Best Android Apps of January 2017. The ever-so-versatile app market is continuously flooded with innovative apps. How to Make the Use of YouTube Player View in Android. Pub.scotch. In this article, android developers India will explain the concept of Coordinator Layout and its use in detail.

Coordinator layout is similar to Frame Layout yet its behavior attribute makes it different from other layouts. Android Tablets And Mobile Applications Are Taking Away The TV Audience - Android development. We can say that mobile and tablet applications have replaced the TV because in the research, it is found that people today spend minimum three hours every day on their mobile devices.

Android And ArrayMaps – How Are They More Helpful Than HashMaps - Mogul. Android App Development - Important for your Business Growth? App development in India is on high demand as the business industry has understood the importance of app. India has the second largest population in the world and the uses of mobile phones is therefore very high.

With emergence of smartphones at very affordable prices in India the app is playing a pivotal role in growth of the business. Different Phases of Android App Development. 7 Android Finger Tips That Must Be Known. Android Developers-For Developing India. Android App Development India - For Modernisation of Apps. All About Android Butter Knife. Implementing Material Design Components in Android - Blog. A Glimpse Of Android Developers In India. How Is The Android Development In India? Why Every Business Has Its Personal Android App Today? How To Use Fingerprint API In Android App Development? - Blog. Migrate from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in Android. Skills And Expertise Required By An Android Developer In India.

How To Implement TransitionDrawable in Android? – Part 2. Codeinnovationsblog. Nex Gen Apps Blog — Exploring Career Avenues As Android Developers In... NexGen Apps: Android App Development Leverages Best Benefits For Users. Non-Technical Skills To Look For Before You Hire Android Developers. Correct Approach To Outsource Android App Development Services. Outlook Updated By Android Developers. Top 7 Productivity Apps Shared By Android Development Company. iOS 9 And Android 6.0- Comparing The Both Android And Iphone App Development OS - Smart Phone App Dev Blog. Smart Phone App Solution — What Difference Developers Can Notice Between... Android 6.0 Marshmallow Developer Preview 3 released - Smart Phone App Dev Blog.