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Top 5 eBook Reader Apps for Android Phones/Tablets. Tablets are gaining popularity these days as a means for extending the functionality of desktops and laptops. Tablets are lightweight, compact, and not only smart enough for productivity but also great companions for reading ebooks while on the go. Most tablets come in various shapes and sizes, from 5.3 inch phoneblet hybrids to 10.1 inch monster displays. If you intend to read ebooks on your Android tablet, you’ll be glad to know that there are Android apps to serve that very purpose. Here are some of the top and the best ebook reading apps for your Android device. Kindle Perhaps the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the sole reason why the Kindle for Android app is the popular choice of many ebook readers out there. It’s the perfect ebook reading app that caters to any reader’s taste buds, whether you’re browsing for the latest fashion trends on a magazine, or getting real-time updates through online newspapers, the Kindle for Android never fails to amaze you.

Google Books Kobo eBooks. Reading on your Android device - Google Play Help. You can use Google Play Books to download and read ebooks on more than one device. You can also upload files and print books. Buy ebooks Viewing options Tip: Not all ebooks offer more than one viewing option. Depending on the book, you can view an ebook as: Original Pages: Read the book in a fixed-page layout that usually matches the printed edition.

Learn how to change an ebook's display settings. Read ebooks You can change the font, text size, and jump to chapters when you read ebooks. On Google Play Books, open an ebook. To change the font, text size, or other formatting, click Display options . Upload files You can read PDF and EPUB documents with Google Play Books. With EPUB documents, you can also use bookmarks, highlights, and notes on all your devices. On your computer, open Google Play Books. Print books To print ebooks, you’ll need to download the ebook on your computer. Important: There are limits on how much you can print from some ebooks. Rent books. Eread Apps. Read on the Go: Five E-Reading Apps. From Kindle to Kobo, e-readers are becoming more and more popular.

But as with most gadgets, these purpose-built devices can set you back more than a fistful of coins, and if you already have an Android phone or tablet, you might prefer to just read on that, and put the cash you save towards… well, more books. Now, although there are many e-reading apps on the Android Market, few can compete with an actual e-reader. I have found the cream of the crop and will review each one in an effort to find the ultimate Android e-reader. ezPDF Reader Although this is not necessarily marketed as an e-reading app – as the name suggests, ezPDF Reader is a PDF reader – it’s a capable candidate, since a lot of digital books are downloadable in PDF format.

The e-book selection screen and the book view. ezPDF’s user interface is clean and simple. The next important part of the app is the reading experience. Download from Android Market. Kindle Kindle's splash screen and page view. Download from Android Market. E-Reading On Android Just Got Better – Nook For Android Now Available.

Barnes & Noble has already shown great interest in the Android platform by choosing it to run on their own e-reader, and this relationship continues to grow. B&N has just released Nook For Android, a full-featured app that includes access to their e-book store. With plenty of e-reader applications on the Market already (including Nook’s main rival, Kindle) this may seem like overkill. However, the LendMe feature, which allows users to lend their e-books to friends for short periods of time, may be enough for some to make the switch. Check out all the features below. More than 1 Million eBooks -- Just a Touch Away All your favorite titles, including hot new releases and bestsellers FREE samples of eBooks anytime, plus thousands of FREE titles Access to your eBook library on your computer plus hundreds of mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and NOOK Share eBooks with friends for FREE with LendMe™ Recommended titles from your favorite authors Add bookmarks as you read.

Reading on Android. Ereading on Android: Looking at the reader options « extPosts. First this isn’t the post that I thought I’d be writing this week, but here I am pecking away at the key caps to bring you something I found important. I’d planned on bringing a comparison of Hulu+ and Amazon On Demand (sorry no netflix since it isn’t usable in Linux) and that project is probably going to be sometime during the next month. Instead I started to read a book. Being poor, in college, and recently snagging myself an android phone I went for an ebook. I’ll admit that my process for choosing what to do is definitely flawed and far from robust but, in my opinion, it gets to the meat of some of the issues pertaining to ebook reading on android are as of today.

First is that I’d tried the Kindle and Nook apps over the summer. Seemed that there were more than a few out there so I started with a recommendation from a lifehacker post: Moon+ Reader. Next I tried out Aldiko reader. All in all I’m still not sold that any reader is by far the best one (at least of those I’ve reviewed).