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[WIP] Safestrap 3.72 compatible ROMS list [K… - Pg. 2. Android Tools. Latest change androguard v3.0-git gui 3/6/2016: + update the GUI + parsing performance Androguard is mainly a tool written in python to play with… Read Article → AppMon is an automated framework for monitoring and tampering system API calls of native apps on iOS, Mac OS X and Android apps (upcoming).

Android Tools

You… Read Article → [STABLE][UNIVERSAL] Rickys Rom Kitchen/APK&J… Quote: ###### V5.0.3(beta) fixed image unpacking fixed firstboot script fixed unpacking log for system ###### V4.0.1(beta) fixed checkdevice.bat procedure ###### V4.0.0(beta) Fixed device check crash removed logging(causing issues) changes to the tool configuration system tool settings stored in a single file fixed apply insecure root method image format toggle added fixed start from image bug added Sparse image support added CSC unpack module added module installer removed all modules besides module installer zip files are signed by the kitchen modified installer binary support for Samsung GT-I9070 support for Samsung GT-I9105P support for Samsung GT-I8190 support for Samsung GT-I8190N support for Huawei Ascend Y300 support for Motorola XT1033 support for Motorola XT1031 support for LG-D950 support for LG-D801 support for LG-P875H ###### V1.08 support Samsung GT-P7500.

[STABLE][UNIVERSAL] Rickys Rom Kitchen/APK&J…

[HOW TO] Beginners Guide to Android ROM Development. Create Your Own Custom ROM - Android Development Galaxy Mini. So, Do you want to make a custom rom or, mod one that is made already?

Create Your Own Custom ROM - Android Development Galaxy Mini

If your answer to this question is yes then you are at the right place. In this article I will help you get started with setting up an environment to make your own custom roms or edit the ones that are developed already. Monitor Your kids Smartphone Activities On Android with these 8 free apps. These, days, there is no stopping a child from growing up without the influence of tech gadgets, online content, and the Internet in general.

Monitor Your kids Smartphone Activities On Android with these 8 free apps

Being a parent is already a tough enough task, but shying away from the topic or completely shutting out technology from your children’s lives isn’t going to help. What you can do however, is to have more control over what they are exposed to while on their gadgets, and this post will try to help you with that, particularly on Android.

Google Play Store may not have tougher restrictions than those found on Apple’s AppStore so if your kids own an Android device (or have access to your device at their liberty), you might want to set up some of these parental apps to help you monitor your kid’s online activities on the device. Some allow restrictions of online sites they can visit, the monitoring of their text or call usage, app downloads, location and how long they can spend on their devices. 1. 2. Latest video tutorial shows how to bypass Google FRP. We recently made a detailed step-by-step guide to bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy devices but as I said these methods expire over time whenever a new Android update is released.

Latest video tutorial shows how to bypass Google FRP

I was going through some comments, and someone has posted a video on the whole process how he was able to bypass FRP safely. From my personal experience, it is going to work 100 percent. Plus it is a bit easier as compared to the rest of the tutorial we have shared to bypass the new Android factory reset protection screen.

No any others tool such as SDcard or OTG cable is required for this method and that is why I love this method, and hopefully, by the end of this detailed guide, you’re able to successfully get access back to your phone. How To Hack All Android Phone Contacts using AFLogical. AFlogical is a forensic tool.

How To Hack All Android Phone Contacts using AFLogical

This tool is used by many forensic department and security agency to extract the information of android devices .With this tool anyone can extract or android phone contacts from any android mobile. AFlogical tool is developed by viaforensics. AFLogical is a forensics tool developed by viaForensics that allows logical acquisition of data from Android devices. How to Root your Android - Rooting Tips, News and Tutorials  Android Tools. [Android] Next Launcher 3D v2.07.1 - ITA. Everything you need to know about Android launchers. One of Android's best features is that you can design your phone's interface.

Everything you need to know about Android launchers

Unlike the iPhone, where Apple dictates how iOS looks and feels, you can personalize your Android home screen or app drawer with almost no effort. All you need is a launcher, also called a home-screen replacement, which is an app that modifies the software design and features of your phone's operating system without making any permanent changes. Top 40 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone 2016 (NEW) 1) Xposed Installer Best Rooted App 2016 Xposed Installer is one of best rooted app 2016.This is another app which is equal to rooting your phone.

Top 40 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone 2016 (NEW)

This app installs the internal binary to your phone which can change you notification bar looks, your settings, apply themes to your rom and change almost anything on your phone. You can download from xda. The Best Root Applications for Your Rooted Android. Thanks fellow root Freaks..

The Best Root Applications for Your Rooted Android

Can you please post the url of your favored root apps. A lot of people have been asking about what rooted androids should have. 19 Things You Didn’t Know Android’s ES File Explorer Can Do. ES File Explorer provides Android phone users a fully-featured file manager that explores phones, PCs, and Macs by leveraging LAN, FTP, and Remote Bluetooth.

19 Things You Didn’t Know Android’s ES File Explorer Can Do

It includes all the basic file management functions you’d expect from a file manager, but apart from that it also functions as application manager, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more), FTP client, and LAN Samba client. Far from being a free and lightweight mobile app, it’s quite feature rich compared to other file manager apps available on Google play. Getting Started with ES File Explorer The user interface of ES File Explorer is quite intuitive, partly because of some similarities in the feature set with File Explorer for Windows and also because it does not require a complicated setup.

Exploring TWRP backups on Windows. Android Hackz: useful tools. Setting up adb on Linux for Android (Samsung Galaxy Note2 and Desire values provided) Boot Animation Factory 1.2 Download (Free) - Boot Animation Factory.exe. Boot Animation Factory is the best solution for creating, previewing and managing Android boot animations. It's a product of many hours of work, and has lived up to this date as the best of its class. Main Features: Discover how to build an app with these easy-to-follow tutorials. Getting To Know The Android Platform: Building, Testing And Distributing Apps. Advertisement When iOS started to gain momentum, soon after the first iPhone launched, many businesses started to pay attention to apps. The number of apps for iOS grew exponentially, and every company, big and small, rushed to create their own app to support their business.

For some time, iOS was the only platform you really had to care about. The audience was there. For a few years now, there has been another player in the market.


Root. Download USB Drivers for Android: Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, HTC, ASUS, Huawei. Restore Your Motorola Droid RAZR from Bootloop Using Fastboot Files. If you own one of this famous device, and ever you get in a situation where your device stucks while booting, don’t panic. There is a way to recover your device by flashing fastboot files. You should consider your device as not booting if: it’s stuck at Motorola logo, or if the boot animation is playing longer than expected, or if your device is vibrating constantly after some intervals. Fastboot files are the stock firmwares leaked from Motorola which will make your device restore back to the factory condition. Note that Motorola Droid RAZR has a permanent locked bootloader and due to this, it cannot be downgraded to a lower version of Android.

Don’t try doing it or you might risk bricking your device. Download Android PC Suite: Top 5 Android PC Suite For Windows. Android PC Suite are very important tools if you wants to better operate your Android Smartphones and Tablets with your PC. Without Android PC Suite, after connecting your Android Device to PC, you will only able to transfer data in your Device’s internal memory or the Storage card available inside the device. But generally, we wants to do other more important things like Managing contacts, messages, upgrading bulk software, backup phone’s content, installing apps from PC, connecting to internet from Android devices etc. Handy adb commands for Android - Growing with the Web. View connected device(s)# Use this to view all connected devices and list their IDs. If multiple devices are attached, use adb -s DEVICE_ID to target a specific device. Install an application# Use the install command to install an apk, the optional -r argument reinstalls and keeps any data if the application is already installed on the device. adb install -r APK_FILE # example adb install -r ~/application.apk Uninstall an application# adb uninstall PACKAGE_NAME # example adb uninstall com.growingwiththeweb.example Start an activity# adb shell am start PACKAGE_NAME/ACTIVITY_IN_PACKAGE adb shell am start PACKAGE_NAME/FULLY_QUALIFIED_ACTIVITY # example adb shell am start -n com.growingwiththeweb.example/.MainActivity adb shell am start -n com.growingwiththeweb.example/com.growingwiththeweb.example.MainActivity.

12 Android Tutorials for Beginners. [WIP] Safestrap 3.70/3.71 compatible ROMS li… Android MOD Market - MOD's and Firware for your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 ROM's. How To Make Android Apps: Top Resources and Tutorials. The name ‘Android’ has made a lot of buzz in the market and has reined a lot of space too. Google, from the day they acquired Android, has made a wonder out of it and to say the least, it would not be conflicting that Android is rated the best OS in today’s age.

Monitoring Android Network Traffic Part II: Cross Compiling TCPDUMP. Android-based Pwn Phone is prepared to do evil for your network’s own good. Mobile technology has made it possible for people to do an amazing amount with tablets and smartphones within the workplace—including hacking the living daylights out of the corporate network and other people’s devices. Monitoring Android Network Traffic Part III: Installing & Executing TCPDUMP.

How to Optimize, Speed Up, Clean up your Android Phone or Tablet for best Performance - GoGadgetX. Android OS one of the most flexible mobile operating system till now, Android based Smartphone and tablets has become very popular in a very short span of time. Every day mobile manufacturers are coming out with their more powerful and are equipped with latest software and the power to customize everything. How to Crack Wi-Fi Passwords with Your Android Phone and Get Free Internet! « Null Byte. Best Android launchers: 10 to customize your smartphone and tablet. Diigo. Number Search - Apps Android Store. Search Up - Apps Android Store. Rate this appYour rating Rating Description What is Search UP? Search up is an alternative tool for smartphones where search results are displayed dynamically with preview of the sites found in the search, thus becoming more useful when navigating between pages.

Why use the Search Up? Use the search up in searches le will ensure that you are accessing the page that you really like to see, why? The Best PDF Readers for Android. Best Screen Lockers for Android. Is your lock screen boring or restricting you from quickly accessing certain functions? Find Me Here (Send GPS) - Android Apps on Google Play. Rocket - Social Search – Applications Android sur Google Play. Android Tips & Tricks. People Search - Android Apps on Google Play. Stranger SMS Cleaner - 25 Apps to Help You Cheat On Your Girlfriend. Download Taptu - DJ Your News apk file from TorrApk - version 2.2.0. Android Apps to Download Free Music, Song - MP3 Downloader. 12 Essential Android Widgets for a More Functional Home Screen. 10 must have Android apps for your new Android smartphone (2014) 10 best Android tools and utility apps. 8 Best Android Widgets of 2014! How to Fix ADB Devices Offline - 100% Working.

15 Network Admin Apps for Android. GSM Signal Monitoring — advanced cellular network monitor for Android. [GAPPS] The Gapps Central - Consolidated Gap… Technical Information for Software Developers. How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Android. 10 Best Mobile Phone Data Recovery Software – Prevent Data Loss. Best (Top 6) Data Recovery Software For Android Phone/Tablet. Top 5 Data Recovery Apps for Android.

Google Apps. Topics on Windows, Mac, App, Mobile, Camera, Driver - HTC Sync. M.androidcentral. Index of /21x/android/Top Paid 100 Handful Android Apps Collection (23 06 2011)/Bonus Pack/syndre ANDROID apk collection 04-11-2011/Applications/DROID_AppZ_1-B. Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit. Bypass Android Pattern lock. Window 7 Hacks ~ Hacking Tricks. Six Sweet Android Hacks. Hidden Android Secret Codes For Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG And Other Devices. Tricks only techies know about Android now, read later. There are some pretty cool stuff in this article. A quick fix for no cell service in the house. Top 10 Best & Free Image Editor for Android. Top 10 Android Apps Marketplaces To Download Free Apps.

Top 10 Free Camera Apps For Android. Android Free Forensic Toolkit. Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit. Dangerous Texts: Preventing SMS Cracking. All Tech Hacks - provides tutorials for SEO, Blogging, Android , iPhone and many more Tips & Tricks for windows and linux. Aft - Android Forensic Toolkit. Compatible With Almost All Mobile Devices. Other Other.