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Android Application Development Vs iPhone Application Developmen

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5 Best Android Education Apps of 2013. Almost every people are using smart phones for communicating and entertaining purpose.

5 Best Android Education Apps of 2013

There are also some people are getting more from their devices by entertaining themselves with Android Education apps. The world is changing with an adoption of new technology and thus, getting new knowledge may help easily adapt with all these changes and challenging. Previously, getting learning materials would be hard to search, however now it becomes very simple to discover latest education materials with just few clicks.

Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter Connects PC or Android devices to HDTVs. Want to connect PC or Android devices to HDTVs?

Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter Connects PC or Android devices to HDTVs

Purchase Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter and view your picture, videos, etc. on your HDTVs that have in PC or Android devices. Continue reading the post for more information. A new wireless dongle has been announced by Microsoft that helps computer and android users to view photos, apps, and videos on their HDTVs screen. This device named as the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Previously, it would be complicated to connect two devices that mirror a PC’s screen onto a TV, but now it is possible with this adapter. Join a laptop or desktop directly to the TV through an HDMI cable is the most basic version, however, connecting PC to be within a few feet of the TV totally depends on the length of HDMI cable.

Android Game Development – Growth of Android OS as Gaming Platform. Are you looking to get android game development service to enjoy your desired game?

Android Game Development – Growth of Android OS as Gaming Platform

If yes, you should hire android game developer, who has hands-on experience in developing android application. An expert developer can easily comprehend your requirements and develop feature-rich game. Today, Android is one of the most popular and elite mobile operating systems that enable users to enjoy various multi-tasking features as this platform also offers freedom to application and game development.

Being an open source platform, Android is a well-known for its highly flexible and user-friendly nature that enables developers to expand wonderful quality applications that has numerous features. Android is based on the Java programming language that is one of the most common reasons why most of the developers are picking this OS. Which Smart-phone will you purchase? - iPhone or Android. 2014’s Modern Magento Jewellery Design Template Launched by Perception System.

Recently, Perception System has launched one of the most powerful Magento templates ‘Jewellery Design’ that comes with some wonderful features to give your store a fresh and new look.

2014’s Modern Magento Jewellery Design Template Launched by Perception System

This template comes with various new functionalities, so check-out this blog to get more information about it. Perception System has launched one new and feature-rich Jewellery Design template for all the e-commerce retailers, who are running a jewellery store based on Magento platform. One can install this template on his/her jewellery store and give his/her store a stylish look to attract more spectators on a store. Jewellery Design is a great Magento template for all the jewellery retailers, who are looking to give their store a new look as this template is known for its flexibility and rich features that make it perfect choice for you. Being a full-fledged template, it comes with multiple features that add more abilities and beauty in your store. 1.

Top 5 Paid Android Games of February 2014. Are you looking for some latest and extra amazing android gaming application?

Top 5 Paid Android Games of February 2014

Go through this list and download excellent android games of February 2014 for your device. So, you are looking for some coolest paid gaming application to gift your friends or family members? 5 Qualities of Android Apps That Make Your Company Successful. As we all know that developing android applications is one of the most common choices for establish tech companies, but those companies need to be very careful while developing applications.

5 Qualities of Android Apps That Make Your Company Successful

As they need to give special attention to some major qualities of any successful android application so that they end-up developing one such application that has rich features, functionalities and offer incredible performance. Today, the evolutionary of technology has led people to next generation, where all the people need some excellent applications that make their regular life a lot easier.

You would find lots of companies that are finding new ways to provide their products and services in a palatable and minimal form, but some new technology companies are mainly focusing on endorsing mobile-exclusive products. All New Samsung Galaxy Tab A Makes Its Way to U.S. Market For $230. Make your Android Device Powerful Through Our Android Developer Team. Following presentation of the “Android Market” mobile phones and creates a demand for users of smartphones in the world according to the study.

Make your Android Device Powerful Through Our Android Developer Team

Android is an operating system including middleware and main applications for mobile devices, and containing software stack consists of Java applications on Java based object oriented application framework. Increases and decreases have been appeared to the new version in the mobile phone industry. Smartphones shows more of the market and the ability to download applications attract lovers of the modern mobile devices. Android consists of rich mobile applications, web-style, solutions fast, high quality applications for the world recognized technology, that allow the phone more than just a device to make calls and help received. Google Wins Race from Apple: 5 Comparing Points. Revealing of Google and Apple products/services make clear that Google, in its battle with Apple and try to defeat it.

Google Wins Race from Apple: 5 Comparing Points

This is true as Google is giving tough competition with its products/services. In this post, we have compared some products/services of both providers and find Google takes giant leap and secure its first place. If there’s one thing we technology nerds like to do is comparing two giants, i.e. Google and Apple. In the last few weeks, the biggest smartphone makers and other products providers in the world, Google and Apple have been making bold moves to enhance the quality of their respective services. Recently, we have seen Google unveiling and improving its products that makes clear that Google in its battle with Apple.

Game Development Points for Android Developers to Consider. Moto X and Moto G Gets Android Update First – Steps to Root Device on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android continues to learn and grow from their experience.

Moto X and Moto G Gets Android Update First – Steps to Root Device on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Now, Android moves its step upwards with its latest Android 5.0 update Lollipop. Moto X and Moto G get this update first. Android Apps and Titanium Development Together Booms the Market. Android Apps and Titanium Development booms the market by delivering some exciting features to your device.

Android Apps and Titanium Development Together Booms the Market

Appcelerator Titanium is one of the best cross-platform frameworks to develop various apps. Read this article to know more about Titanium in detail. A great revolution in the mobile market has been brought by the advent of mobile apps and nowadays, the users as well as mobile industries are looking for some surprising innovations in this direction. There are many experts of mobile industries believing that Android apps and titanium development can together do some spark. Around the globe, Titanium developers are attempting to gather user experience of mobile users in order to develop some amazing applications.

A Great Compatibility Between Android Applications & Titanium Development. If you have decided to get an Android application that based on Titanium framework, make sure you know the compatibility between android apps and titanium development before you opt for it. You can easily get an application according to your choice, but you need to hire an expert Titanium developer for your project. With the beginning of mobile applications, people can notice a great revolution in the mobile market and in the entire mobile industry. Mobile applications bring lots of benefits of people as they can perform their personal, business and other transactions from their home, office or on the way. It becomes extremely easy for people to perform their transactions irrespective of type and category.

5 Key Points for Android Developers to Stand with Best Custom App. The War is Still Continue between Apple’s iOS & Google Android. Microsoft Launched Office Preview Apps For Android Tabs, Running Lollipop and Intel/x86 Systems. Finally, Microsoft has expanded the availability of its Office on Android preview that officially declared by the company on January 6. To get more information about this news, continue reading this blog. Finally, the wait is over as Microsoft has launched office Preview Applications for Android tablets, running Lollipop. The company brings Word, Excel and PowerPoint to these midsize devices. The best thing about the application is that it works much like the iOS versions, enabling users to develop and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations, which will sync with OneDrive, so users can work with anywhere they want.

Moreover, the applications also have support for x86 processors that one finds in many mid range tablets. People, who wanted to use the new previews, just need to ask for permission to join the testing group on Google+. Now, the Android versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel instantly allow you to browse and open recent docs from your OneDrive or Dropbox accounts. Top Android Travel Applications - Make Your Traveling Hassle-free. To make your traveling easy and memorable, you should opt for some excellent traveling applications that you can find at Google Play store.

With lots of traveling applications, you will surely get confused, so here you can find a list of traveling applications that packed with numerous features. Traveling around the world is one of the best things that you can enjoy with your friends, family members and loved one. Along with the best part of life, it is also quite daunting task you need to prepare each and everything in advance like ticket bookings, hotel room bookings, maps, taking care of luggage, taxi bookings and more.

Apart from these things, there are various other things that you need to consider in order to make your traveling, hassle-free and fun-loving. In other words, traveling is no simple task as its various pitfalls stop some people from traveling. Expedia: Developers Can Develop Multi-screen Applications With Google Reference App. Recently, Google has introduced a new Android example application for apps meant for multiple form factors and screen sizes.

If you want to get more information about the app, continue reading this blog. Gradually, Google is expanding its environs to many screen sizes as the company recently introduced Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV. With different screen sizes on the Android platform, the company is urging all the developers to develop the best and high-end applications no matter what screen size. Google has developed a new reference sample application that is well-known as the Universal Music Player that allows to do to developers. Developers can make use of this as a reference point. When it comes to talking about the Universal Music Player, it is a bare-bones, but fully functional reference application, which supports multiple devices and form factors in a single codebase. 6 Interesting Tablet Games For Cats To Fun With Them in 2015. Top 3 Android Apps For Social Media Management.

Do you own an android phone and you have a lot to do with social media too? Then this post will definitely end up pleasing you. Managing a Facebook page or twitter account is quite an interesting job but it is also very demanding. You need to be active 24/7 responding to your fans or followers, breaking new deals to them and saying thank you to their appreciations. In addition to all these usual tasks, you are also responsible for luring more and more people to like your page or follow you. (by the way, you can hand over this job to companies like) Android 4.4 KitKat Lands with 8 Astonishing Features for Developers Finally, Google Android KitKat 4.4 lands in the Nexus 5 with its most inventive and eye. Finally, Google introduces the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 Kitkat with remarkable features. This Nexus 5 with 4.95-inch full-HD IPS display is available for $349 of 16GB variant and $399 of the 32GB variant in the US.

Finally, Google Android KitKat 4.4 lands in the Nexus 5 with its most inventive and eye-catchy features. 10 Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales - Infographic. 2014’s Top Expensive Android Applications That You Should Know - Infograpihc. Every day, many new android applications are introduced by different companies, claiming one of the best and feature-rich apps. 8 Interesting Features You Might Find in Google Android 5.0 “Lollipop”

Lenovo Launching A6000 Plus That Will Go on Sell From 28th April. 7 Remarkable Browsers To Have In Your Android Phone. Web browser applications are important to have in your device. However, some users get confused when installing application packed with appropriate features. 5 Best and Wonderful Uses of Old Android Phones & Tablets. Hire android app programmer. A Complete IT Solution Provider. Hire Android Application Design Services From India - Perception System. Android software development company. Android is one of a kind mobile development platform, it is open source, free and completely customizable. It is a huge bundle which includes middleware, key mobile applications and operating system.

Android Apps Development India, Google Android KitKat & Jelly Bean Development Services. Hire android game developers. A Complete IT Solution Provider. Offshore Android Tablet Apps Development Company, Hire Android Programmers. 6 Top-Rated Gaming Apps for Android, iOS & Windows Device. No Differentiate in iOS & Android Apps - Both OS Users Are Equally Satisfied. Recently, a study has been conducted by Gene Munster on the quality of mobile applications on Apple’s iOS and Android OS. Both OS’s applications are offering equal satisfaction to its users as per the study. Recently, a new study has been conducted by Gene Munster, an analyst from investment bank Piper Jaffray, suggesting the quality of mobile applications on Apple’s iOS and Android OS. The applications of both the mobile operating systems are offering equal satisfaction to its users.

Mistakes That Should be Avoid While Hiring Android Apps Development Company. Perception System sur Twitter : "HTC One M9 – A Worth Checking-out Android SmartPhone #android #HTCone9 #smartphone #Tech #News. HTC One M9 – A Worth Checking-out Android SmartPhone. Android Version History with Comparison Chart of Different Versions - Infographic. Perception System sur Twitter : "#iOSDeveloper vs #AndroidDeveloper - Who is the Ruler? #android #iOS #Apple #developers #tech. Difference Between Apple's iOS & Android Developer – Who is the Ruler? 20 Latest Chromecast Supported Android Applications in 2014 - Infographic. Complete Process of Android OS Update in HTC - Infographic.

Usage of Android Around the World. Perception System sur Twitter : "Top 7 Photo Editing Applications For Android Users #PhotoEditing #mobileApps #android #apps. Top 7 Photo Editing Applications For Android Users. Revenue Generate by Android Apps and Games- From Developer’s Viewpoint. Essential Tips For Beginner Android Application Developers. Apple’s iOS 7 Vs. Android KitKat - Which OS Do You Feel More Productive? Google Officially Declared Android 5.1 Lollipop – What's New in the Basket? What Makes Android App Development So Popular? Brianna Wills sur Twitter : "13 Best #Android #Music Player Applications of 2015 That Worth Checking Out.. #tech #app. 13 Best Android Music Player Applications of 2015 That Worth Checking Out.

David Max sur Twitter : "#Android vs #iOS vs #WindowsPhone – Comparison of Mobile OS. Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone - Comparison of Mobile OS. 10 Must Have Fun Christmas Android Apps. Adam wills on Listorious. Android Application Development Vs iPhone Application Development -A Comparison.