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Android games for kids

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Thinkrolls 2 – Android-appar på Google Play. Frosby Learning Games: Volume 1 - A Fingerprint Network App "Among educational apps this one is firmly planted in my Top 10 list.

Thinkrolls 2 – Android-appar på Google Play

" - "By far the best children’s app I have found when it comes to variety, strong mental development and fun. The artwork is amazingly beautiful just like the snapshots show, lots of color and detail. " - Parent Frosby Learning Games is a unique early learning app with an emphasis on fun and play in every scene. Learn colors, size, play counting games and learn parts of the body by touching, dragging objects and rubbing out pictures to reveal what's underneath. It is designed for the 2-5 age group, but older children learning English will also enjoy it. Here’s some of the fun and educational things you can do in this app: - Includes 25 quality game activities with beautiful graphics and unique sound. - Includes 2 dress up games: Learn parts of the body by making a scarecrow and then scare the crows away. "Wow! "Wow! Didadoo - Android Apps on Google Play. Didadoo est une application pour l’éveil musical des enfants âgés de 3 à 6 ans.

Didadoo - Android Apps on Google Play

Dans chaque partie de l’application vous trouverez une notion avec des exemples de sons (voix, instruments et bruits), une comptine (souvent connue) et un jeu. Plus de 30 activités ! ------------Pensé par un pédagogue musical expérimenté, Jean-François Alexandre, ce premier apprentissage est ludique et précis.Corinne Albaut, l’auteur-star des maternelles a concocté des comptines ciselées et Olivier Latyk, l’illustrateur amène son humour et sa poésie au sujet !

------------Le contenu de l’appli plus en détail… LE SONLa voix, la musique, le bruit sont des sons.La comptine « une souris verte » sert de fil conducteur pour faire comprendre ces nuances aux enfants. Silence Hauteur : • Grave• Aigu• Du grave vers l’aigu• De l’aigu vers le grave Intensité• Piano• Forte • Crescendo• Decrescendo. Petting Zoo. Toca Hair Salon 2. LEGO® DUPLO® Train. Driving the colourful LEGO® DUPLO® Train from station to station is a toddler’s dream.


Your child will play the role of the train driver - choosing and loading wagons, building bridges, stopping at crossings, refueling and laying new tracks around pesky rocks. Copying grownups and their activities is important to your 2-year-old toddler’s development - and few things are quite as ‘grownup’ as driving a huge steam train around the the bright and friendly LEGO® countryside, horns tooting. If your toddler is fascinated by trains, this simple game will provide new inspiration for hours of creative play - with or without a LEGO® DUPLO® train set. Features:*Bright, fun, and toddler-friendly animations and soundtrack*Intuitive icons and navigation for easy game play*Virtual building with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks*No in-app purchases*No third party advertising*No links to websites Visit to find out more about LEGO® DUPLO®.

For app support contact LEGO Consumer Service. LEGO® DUPLO® ZOO. Robot Commander is the official command app from LEGO® MINDSTORMS®.


FREE to download on most smart devices; Robot Commander connects via Bluetooth to the EV3 Intelligent Brick. This easy to use app allows you to interact with your very own EV3 robots without even connecting to a computer! That means you can play instantly with your own robots! EV3RSTORM – with integrated voice control software to command EV3RSTORM’s every move. R3PTAR – at the shake or flick of your wrist, R3PTAR slithers and strikes with cobra-like movements TRACK3R – at your thumb tips, you control TRACK3R’s mechanical tracks to steer your way out of danger, and hammer, shoot or clear your path using the interchangeable tools. SPIK3R – pinch control SPIK3R’s clasping claws, whilst the joystick controls forward and side movement, plus a shoot button commands the lightning tail. GRIPP3R – with the thumb-controlled joystick, steer GRIPP3R to your target and at a touch of a button, lift and carry the item to its destination.

Noddy™ First Steps. Toca Kitchen.