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Download Peggo for Android - Android YouTube to MP3 Converter, Internet DVR. To install Peggo once downloaded, you may need to enable installation from Unknown Sources.

Download Peggo for Android - Android YouTube to MP3 Converter, Internet DVR

Enabling installation from Unknown Sources allows the installation of apps from sources outside of app stores, like directly from us (Peggo). To enable installation from Unknown Sources, open Settings from the home screen or app launcher. Scroll down and tap Security. In Security, tap and enable installation from Unknown Sources.

A confirmation dialog may appear. With installation from Unknown Sources enabled, Peggo can now be installed by simply opening the downloaded Peggo.apk (APK stands for Android Application Package). Then find and tap Peggo.apk. How to Remove Root and Set Your Android Device Back to Its Stock State. Share Tweet Email Android is considered an open- for- anyone operating system.

How to Remove Root and Set Your Android Device Back to Its Stock State

Some functions, however, are hidden from regular users. Root gives us greater control over your smartphone device and software, giving us the opportunity to customize our device, to speed it up, to erase the device’s default applications and more. Most of us would prefer to get full access to Android functions through the root, there are situations when users want to get rid of the extra privileges they received through the root process. Best Android emulator, enable mobile game playing on PC. How to Root any Android Without PC in One Click (100% Woking) Root Android Without PC After Buy an Android Smartphone, What Next?

How to Root any Android Without PC in One Click (100% Woking)

For Get Max out from your Device, You have to root it. After Rooting your Device, you can Do Various things, Which you can’t Do in Unrooted Android Device. This is the Easy Guide for root android without PC. Rooting Android Device is now much easier with the help of these simple Apps. Most of time we get afraid of rooting our mobile we think that Our warranty may get void and Guys I have rooted many Mobile in my life there is always successful methods available. Top Apps For Root Android Without Pc (Quick Look) Have a Quick look at The Best apps for Root any Android Without Pc in Just few clicks. This content is locked! Please support us, use one of the buttons below to unlock the content. Best Secret WhatsApp Tricks Which You Didn't Know About. Best Whatsapp Tricks & Tips 2016 Whatsapp Tricks: Hey Guys, In this Tutorial I will tell you about Some Cool Whatsapp Tips and Tricks, Which you should try in your Android or iPhone device.

Best Secret WhatsApp Tricks Which You Didn't Know About

Whatsapp Is Most Trending Messaging app these days. Everyone Use Whatsapp for chat with their Friends and Family members. A 10 day program to create your first Android app. How to Check If Your Android Device Is Functioning Properly. There are a lot of components that go into making a functioning smartphone, and if one of those isn’t working properly, it can throw off your whole experience.

How to Check If Your Android Device Is Functioning Properly

But how do you pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with your device? Maybe the accelerometer seems a bit off when you play racing games, or maybe browsing the web on mobile data or Wi-Fi doesn’t feel as fast as it should. Whatever your problem is, there are apps that can help you figure out what is wrong and how to solve it. Even if you’re not having a specific problem, it might be good just to run through a little check-up on your phone to ensure everything’s running smoothly. Google Device Assist Your first stop should be the Google Device Assist app. This app does a lot more than just check for issues. 6 terrific Android apps you can’t get on the iPhone. FlightStats - Εφαρμογές Android στο Google Play.

FlightStats is a free real-time flight status and airport tracking application.

FlightStats - Εφαρμογές Android στο Google Play

Take control of your day-of-travel by downloading FlightStats: - Quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route - Watch flights as they move across the world on our gorgeous flight tracker - Scan essential information like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates and weather - Check the flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activities about your flight FlightStats is a leader in global flight and airport information services. FlightStats είναι μια ελεύθερη κατάσταση της πτήσης σε πραγματικό χρόνο και την εφαρμογή εντοπισμού αεροδρόμιο. Πάρτε τον έλεγχο της ημέρας της διαδρομής από τη λήψη FlightStats σας: - Γρήγορη πρόσβαση σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο την κατάσταση της πτήσης με αριθμό πτήσης, το αεροδρόμιο ή το δρομολόγιο - Παρακολουθήστε πτήσεις καθώς κινούνται σε όλο τον κόσμο για την υπέροχη tracker πτήση μας. The best Android apps for almost any occassion. Only an Android expert knows these 3 things. How to Fully Control Your Android Device from Any Computer.

SlideME. The SlideME Application Manager (SAM) app provides access to a curated list of the very best of Android applications available from SlideME.


All our apps are manually approved and tested on a wide variety of devices, to make sure you get the best experience possible on your device, from your device. > Screenshots below. The SlideME Market (SAM) app currently supports the following 31 languages: Arabic, Chines(TC, SC), Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese Note: If your device is already preloaded with an existing (optimized for your device) version of the SlideME Market (SAM) application, do not download this version unless advised from SlideME support staff to do so.

SAM ver 5.01 // Released Dec. 21 2012 Minor fixes & updates SAM > Application Parental rating: Default language: 25 Awesome Android Live Wallpapers by Category. Look at that phone or tablet in your hand.

25 Awesome Android Live Wallpapers by Category

I bet its screen is gorgeous. Chances are that’s why you’re here, looking for a nice live wallpaper that puts those pixels to good use. We’ve taken a look at great Android live wallpapers before, but the options have changed over the years. I’ve compiled a list containing 25 of the best options available in the Play Store, organized into categories. Some came out in 2015, while others have been around long enough to see several versions of Android go by. Google-y 1) Minima For Material Design fans, Minima is the cream of the crop. Download: Minima for Android (Free | $1.49) 2) Chrooma Live Wallpaper The Chrooma live wallpaper (based on a game by the same name) offers a look that’s similar to Minima, but paired down. Crazy and Creative New Apps That Change Messaging for the Better. Since you’re using messaging apps all the time, it’s easy for conversations to fall into a rut.

Crazy and Creative New Apps That Change Messaging for the Better

Thankfully, there are popular new apps being widely adopted that go beyond installing different keyboards on your phone and guarantee that sending and receiving messages will be anything but dull. Sure, iOS8 introduced a greater number of emojis, and Facebook’s themed stickers collection continues to grow. However, none of these innovations can challenge the addictive new apps (including Dubsmash, Bitmoji, and Giphy) that offer exciting cross-platform alternatives to classic messaging. Text-based conversations have become an important part of almost every aspect of modern life.

9 Amazing ES File Explorer Features That Can Replace Other Android Apps. Towelroot by geohot. Recordable: easy screen recording on Android, no root required. Honest Android Games. Make Your Phone Turn On Automatically Just When You Need It. Your phone is resting on the table; you pick it up, and it flicks on.

Make Your Phone Turn On Automatically Just When You Need It

You didn’t press anything — it just knows. Or maybe it’s in your pocket or your purse — you pull it out, and the screen turns on. It feels magical, and it works well, thanks to a free little app called Gravity Screen. The screen knows when to turn off, too. The Magic of Sensors Your phone is a tightly packaged bundle of sensors. Pocket Sensor First things first: This simple setting makes sure the phone turns off as soon as you stick it in your pocket. Table Sensor Next up is the magical table sensor: Switch it on, and as soon as the phone realizes it’s lying statically on a flat, horizontal surface, the screen will turn off. Turning The Screen Back On Two ways to do this: The simplest one is using the proximity sensor.

The second way uses the motion sensor: Just pick up the phone and move it, and the screen switches on. Keeping The Screen On Some Testing Required Easy to Disable and Enable. 6 Key Tips To Avoid Bricking Your Rooted Android Device. When you own a rooted Android phone running a custom ROM, you need to take some precautions or risk “bricking” (destroying) your device. While many methods can recover seriously bricked devices, it’s better to not place that kind of stress on yourself (and your device). Learn from my mistakes. After selling my beloved Nexus 4 on eBay, I needed to wipe my personal information off the phone. The Always Up-To-Date Guide to Rooting the Most Popular Android Phones. Emulate Android On Your Desktop Using Windroy. Do you wish you could run your favorite Android apps from the comfort of your Windows computer? As a PC enthusiast and desktop user, nothing is more frustrating than sitting down with my smartphone and finding an app that I really enjoy.

Chances are, that app doesn’t offer any native desktop version. An app like Kik comes to mind. Kik is a great messaging service for your smartphone, but there’s no native way to use Kik from a laptop or desktop. You have to use an emulator. Make Use Of Android. 5 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Phone Even When It's Miles Away. You can play with it all you want, just don’t touch it. Your phone that is. An Android phone is such a powerful tool. You can use an Android tethered for access to the Internet or as a standalone wireless hotspot.