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Faces with: Face Type: facer or watchmaker, Face Shape: square, Sorted by: downloadsAll, Page: 2. Bold Watch Face. Wear Counter is a simple, digital tally counter for your Android Wear device.

Bold Watch Face

Now with twist-to-count! You can launch Wear Counter from the smartwatch Start... menu or you can just say "Ok Google, Start Counter" to get to it without a single tap! Touch the screen to count, subtract a unit or reset the counter. Dismiss the app with a swipe to the right and continue to count directly fom your notification stream with the new Counter Card. And with twist-to-count you can just twist your wrist to count: no taps required and you get one hand free! ★Twist to count1. ★Features✓ Tap to add a unit✓ Restart the counter✓ Subtract one unit from the total✓ Twist to count: use your tally counter without a single tap! ✓ Counter Card from your notification stream: tap the card to add a unit, swipe it on the left to reveal more actions: subtract a unit, reset the counter, open the fullscreen app ✓ Five languages supported: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese.

Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant. Control Android with just tilts and flips!

Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant

Use combos of physical 3D gestures to do anything you want. Take a look at YT movie it tells more than thousands of words! This is real breakthrough to control your device by 3D gestures, make it with real sense, forget simple shaking, Magus takes you on the higher level! Featured by and Lifehacker.comNever before have you done this kind of magic with your device. XDA: It’s a pretty revolutionary idea actually, as it creates more choices for those who are looking for alternative ways to control their devices, or aren’t able to use a device otherwise because of disabilities. Lifehacker: Magus is a new utility that lets you move your phone in three dimensions to open apps, unlock, take pictures, and more. Pujie Black - Wear Watch Face. A new collection of FREE & PREMIUM watch faces for Android Wear!

Pujie Black - Wear Watch Face

Luxury watch faces that will make you want to leave your traditional watches at home. WE DO NOT SUPPORT Sony 2 SAMSUNG GEAR, GEAR 2 or GEAR S - THOSE ARE NOT ANDROID WEAR WATCHES. We support Samsung Galaxy Gear Live. It is the ONLY Samsung smartwatch that runs on the Android OS. Our app will work with ANY smartwatch that runs Android. Flappy Bird for Android Wear APK download. Chalkboard. Watchface Designs Android Wear. Wear what you want. The latest update to #AndroidWear lets you customize your… Got any good watch faces? Post them here! : AndroidWear. Fitness apps that can pull Google Fit step data : AndroidWear. Coffee Messenger for Wear.

Todoist Update Adds Android Wear Support With Voice Commands, Better Rich Notifications, And Task List Management. Although I'm not a to-do list kind of person, I have had to change my habits ever since I became a small business owner and had to manage multiple orders, payments, and responsibilities throughout the day.

Todoist Update Adds Android Wear Support With Voice Commands, Better Rich Notifications, And Task List Management

Todoist became my de-facto solution for various reasons that aren't the goal of this post, but the one aspect of the app that kept nagging me a bit was the lack of Android Wear integration. Sure, I could use the mirrored rich notification to mark a task as completed, but that was the extent of the watch support. I couldn't add a new task, post a comment, or check my lists directly from my wrist. The wait, however, was worth it because Todoist just got updated with complete and well thought-out Wear integration. There are three aspects to Todoist's Wear features. There are a few more general fixes in Todoist's latest update and they're all listed in the changelog below:

LG G Watch Desktop Stand by jan_waibel34 on Shapeways. Specialized Bikes Watch Face. Think It, Make It, Wear It with Facer.

Specialized Bikes Watch Face

Please Note: Battery life will be diminished until you are upgraded to Android Wear 5. Don’t be fooled by our competitors! Facer is the absolute best Watch Face Maker for Android Wear. Facer has been featured in multiple articles from Android news sites across the globe. “The De Facto Custom Watch Face Maker For Android Wear” ­- Android Police “Facer allows you to create anything you can imagine.” ­- Phandroid “Essentially the Zooper of watch faces” ­- Android Headlines Using our custom made rendering engine you can place text, images, or shapes anywhere on the screen. Levels Watch Face. 10 Best Android Watch Faces to Impress Your Friends - NEWS CULT. If you don’t already know, Android Wear released an official watch face API, new display modes, and other features.

10 Best Android Watch Faces to Impress Your Friends - NEWS CULT

Therefore, we thought we’d share a guide to the best watch faces out today. Whether you have a Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, or another Android watch, here are the top 10 Android Wear faces that are bound to get compliments from your friends and family. Except for #1, they’re all free. Click the titles to download them on Google Play. 1. PAC-MAN races around the dial, devouring power-pellets, ghosts and fruit. ($0.99) Designing In 3D. Screenshot 2014 12 14 07 40 26. Screenshot 2014 12 14 07 40 36. Patec® Stainless Steel Watch Band for Pebble Steel Smartwatch 20MM - Black: Watches.

Black Silicon Racing Watch Strap Coloured Stitching Waterproof Divers Rubber. Wear Messenger. Find your world on Palringo, the group messenger and community gaming app.

Wear Messenger

Connect with people all over the world who love the things you love. Over 350,000 different social groups mean you can chat with new people and find communities who share your interests, whatever they are. Make friends, send pictures, play games and share the fun all within one instant messaging app. Explore Use the group finder to discover communities of people just like you. Whether it’s sports teams, hobbies like film or photography, books, games or lifestyle, Palringo’s group discovery enables you to share your passions and instant message with huge communities like no other social messaging app.

Create Start your own group and build a unique community of like-minded people to chat using text, pictures, message packs, Palringo’s fun and useful multi-functioning smart bots and much more. Play Features. Spotlight Watch Face. Planets - Watchface. Planets is an minimalistic watchface in analoge style, it tells you the time on a different way!

Planets - Watchface

The very outer "planet" is the current day ( 1-31) the next planet that moves faster is the seconds pointer and the next one is the Minutes pointer! The planet closer to the center is the hour pointer! This watch face is for rectangular smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear Live and round watches such as the Moto 360. Wear Fitness Personal Trainer. We created Sworkit so you don't have to feel guilty for skipping the gym.

Wear Fitness Personal Trainer

Perfect for those busy times when you just can't make it to the gym... - That long day at work. - When you have to travel. - That morning you slept in. - Your newborn baby. Sworkit is a personal trainer in your pocket for fractions of the cost. Get guided video workouts you can do anywhere, and fit in any schedule. If you already have a trainer, please don't fire them! Wear Fitness Personal Trainer. Pocket app for Android Wear lets you save an article for later. Google's Android Wear smartwatches are being designed to alert wearers of short notifications and messages, but one company intends to expand its use for longer-form content.

Pocket app for Android Wear lets you save an article for later

A new Pocket app is being demoed as a way to bookmark pages on the wrist-worn wearable, which makes it easier to read later on with a bigger screen. The startup company illustrates that receiving an Android Wear notification from a friend who recommends an interesting article can be put aside for reading in-depth later on. The prototype version of Pocket for an Android Wear smartwatch only requires a swipe to the left and a single tap to save to the deferred reading app. Why this works Pocket would make it easier to read the article at a more convenient time, like during a public transit commute. Facer Gets Updated With Material Design, Now Only Works With Wear 5.0. When it comes to rolling your own watchfaces, few apps do it better than Facer. It's crazy-customizable, feature rich, and easy to use. I figure at this point most hardcore Wear users are sporting it (or have at least tried it out), and today it's getting a pretty significant update.

Here's the long and short of it: the app itself is now using Material Design. Yay for that. However, it'll only work with devices running Wear 5.0, which only started rolling out today. Aside from those changes, there are new watchfaces along for the ride, and it should also use significantly less battery (that's a big benefit of Wear 5.0). Trending Topic Wear WatchFace. This app is designed to let you see and reply to your SMS conversations stored on your phone. Conversations are synced when needed and are stored on your watch, too.An Xposed module adds a reply with wear messenger action to Gmail and hangouts so you can reply directly from there too. You need to open the app on both your phone and your watch at least once for notifications to work.

An input method is recommended but not needed: Press a message (into the conversation list) to launch voice recognition, longpress to send your reply. Works on both sent and received messages. Custom notifications with photos and a quick reply button are available; you can enable them from the app on the phone. Android Developers Blog. By Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android Today we are excited to introduce Android Studio 1.0. Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from the Android team. It is built on the popular IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) Java IDE. Runbit Now with Android Wear Support - Best Android Wear Apps.

If you are looking for an exercise app that motivates as well as challenge you to go further, you might want to try the Runbit app, a fitness app that challenge you to do more and get fit. The app uses a GPS system to track your running, app has an integrated map that shows you possible routes, with stars to collect with that encourage you to explore and experience new route. We tried the app on our Galaxy phone, and so far so good we love the idea of “getting stars” to keep us motivated, the support for the Android Wear put the app on the top notch.

TextFace for Android Wear. Wear Counter. Wear for Swarm. 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar. Météo & Horloge Widget pour Android , l'application météo rapide et précise , permet météo détaillées pour toutes les villes dans le monde entier , il recherche votre adresse et localise les villes rapidement , et fournit la température actuelle , conditions météorologiques actuelles , l'humidité et la vitesse du vent et direction , en plus , cinq, dix jours et les prévisions météo horaire . Pour des questions ou des problèmes , s'il vous plaît visitez la page FAQ à : Android Wear Faces Creator. Runtastic Running & Fitness. Vous débutez en running ? Vous préparez votre premier marathon ? Ou vous voulez simplement perdre du poids et garder la forme ? Wear Volume. Control your favourite mobile music player from your watch. We've found that some music players don't work nicely with Android Wear, especially on some models of phone.

So this app is designed to solve that problem. Bunting. Bring! Shopping List Review. Android Wear apps. Unique Android Wear Apps. 15 Must-Have Apps for Android Wear. Endomondo Running Cycling Walk. Unified Remote. BPM Wear. InstaWeather for Android Wear. Pujie Black - Wear Watch Face. Chaos Control - GTD Task List. Class Time - Timetable. Advanced Wear Visualizer. Aeris Wear Weather. Circa for Wear. WatchMaker - Watch Faces Wear. Circles Watchface. Wear Tomato. Break Timer: Type strain free. Wear Tomato. MarkO.