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Tests and Treatment for the Gut Microbiome

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Tests of the Gut and Microbiome

Treatment for Gut Microbiome Problems. Symptom Relief from GI Issues Part 1.

This is a post from the Gut Critters blog that ended November 18, 2016. Ray Medina gave permission for his material to be copied as long as it was attributed to him and not used for commercial purposes. – kiraonysko

Symptom Relief from GI Issues Part 2. RHR: Unanswered Questions About SIBO. Why Raw Garlic May Be Friend. Cooling Inflammation: Dr. Oz on Gut Flora Repair. --- the other 200 posts --- Where is the hippo?

Cooling Inflammation: Dr. Oz on Gut Flora Repair

Trying to repair a complex community of a couple of hundred different species of bacteria by just changing diet, is like a zoo trying to add hippos by building a new enclosure and supplying it with fodder. You can wait and wait, but you can't add new species without adding new species. Hippos don't appear by spontaneous generation and neither does E. coli or other gut bacteria. You have to ship in hippos from other zoos and after antibiotic-induced extinction of gut bacteria, you have to introduce or eat missing species of bacteria.

Generalizations about Gut Bacteria Each healthy human maintains a subset of a couple of hundred of the couple of thousand different species of bacteria found in humans around the globe. Three Supplements That Can Improve the Integrity of Your Digestive System. Your gastrointestinal system has to deal with a daily onslaught of toxins, food allergies, lectins, and GMO’s that degrade the integrity of your digestive system.

Three Supplements That Can Improve the Integrity of Your Digestive System

Are there any supplements that can help keep your digestive system in optimal health? NAG is a monosaccharide derivative of glucose. NAG can correct an overactive immune system so that autoimmune reactions occur less often. The mechanisms of action believed to be behind correcting an overactive immune system is that NAG controls immune T-cell over activity and stabilizes mast cells. NAG is also involved in the repair of mucous membranes throughout the body. NAG has also been shown in a recent study to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract in people suffering from IBD, leading to remission. Recommended NAG: Jarrow Formulas NAG 2. People with cancer should avoid L-glutamine supplementation because the cancer cells will use it for energy and replicate faster. Recommend L-glutamine: Jarrow Powdered L-glutamine 1. 6 Nutrients That Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome -

6 Nutrients That Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome Leaky gut syndrome is extremely pervasive in our society and many people are suffering with this condition and do not know it.

6 Nutrients That Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome -

Do you experience symptoms including brain fog, acne, weight gain, allergies, nutrient deficiency, hormonal or mood imbalances? If the answer is yes to any of these symptoms you may benefit from 6 nutrients that heal leaky gut syndrome. In this article, I go over some of the most research proven compounds that are effective at healing the gastrointestinal tract and treating leaky gut.

The modern Western diet is not only lacking in critical nutrients which promote gut health but the high amount of sugar, processed foods and alcohol consumed decreases the percentage of healthy compounds which our bodies can absorb for use. 1. Another healing power of quercetin is its ability to control oxidative damage to tissue. My Top Five Supplement Recommendations To Improve Your Digestive Health. People contact me constantly asking what are the top supplements that I can recommend for people to use to improve their overall digestive health.

My Top Five Supplement Recommendations To Improve Your Digestive Health

It is hard for me to recommend these supplements to everyone, but these are supplements that I believe will help the majority of people with digestive woes. This list is more of supplement preparations and less of individual supplement recommendations. Most of the time it is not ideal to buy a supplement with many different herbs or supplements combined, but for some people, these supplement combinations work wonders for their digestive issues.

Here are the top five supplements that I have recommended to clients with the most success. How to Optimize the Low FODMAP Diet So It Will Work For You! Some people have great results with the low FODMAP diet and others not so much.

How to Optimize the Low FODMAP Diet So It Will Work For You!

Is there any way to optimize the low FODMAP diet so that it can help more people achieve symptom relief from overgrowth in the gut while addressing its drawbacks? The low FODMAP diet mainly should be used for symptom reduction so if you have overgrowth you can hopefully find some relief and try to reduce it through antimicrobial protocols.