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Aphantasia: The People Without a Mind's Eye. Is There a Cure for Migraine Headaches? By Kelly Brogan, M.D.

Is There a Cure for Migraine Headaches?

Guest Writer for Wake Up World Have you ever had a migraine headache? If so, you’re not alone; a staggering 1 in 7 people suffers from migraines, making migraine the third most common diagnosis in the world.1 Almost 25% of young women report at least one migraine in the past 3 months.2 Anyone who’s had a migraine knows how debilitating they are. These headaches can entail throbbing pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and the inability to think clearly. Because the mind, body, and spirit co-experience health and illness, it is no surprise that those who suffer from migraines (called ‘migraineurs’) are more likely to be diagnosed with depression.5 Further, migraineurs have higher rates of diabetes, myocardial infarction, and even stroke.6 What causes migraines?

According to WebMD, the causes of migraines remain elusive, but they are often attributed to faulty genetics. Similarly, nutrient deficiencies11 and high levels of heavy metals12 are linked to migraines. Better brain health. The Domino Effect of Neglecting your Lymphatic System. (5) What's Wrong With Your Brain. Brain Foods for Brain Health - Boost Brain Health with Good Eats. John Douillard's LifeSpa. It's Time to Shift Tactics on Alzheimer's Disease.

For more than 25 years one idea has dominated scientific thinking about Alzheimer's disease: the amyloid cascade hypothesis.

It's Time to Shift Tactics on Alzheimer's Disease

It holds that the disorder, which afflicts about one in 10 Americans age 65 or older, is caused by a buildup in the brain of abnormal amyloid-beta protein, which eventually destroys neurons and synapses, producing the tragic symptoms of dementia. There's plenty of evidence for this. First, the presence of sticky clumps or “plaques” containing amyloid is a classic hallmark of the disease (along with tangles of a protein called tau). It was what Alois Alzheimer saw in the autopsied brain of patient zero in 1906. Second, families with inherited defects in amyloid precursor protein (APP) or in genes encoding proteins that process APP are plagued by early-onset Alzheimer's. This is Your Brain on Pop. Do you remember the ad campaign showing “This is your brain on drugs”?

This is Your Brain on Pop

It featured an egg sizzling in a fry pan. Recent findings may bring similar thoughts once you hear about how chronic soft drink intake affects the brain. As enjoyable as having a cold fizzy beverage may be on a hot day, a trail of evidence demonstrates that regular soda pop consumption creates a number of unhealthy effects to the brain. Soft drink consumption has been previously linked to diabetes, obesity, bone loss, and dental cavities. Warning Signs Of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - HealthPrep. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a rare, degenerative, and fatal brain disorder, and only one individual in a million contracts the disease worldwide.

Warning Signs Of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - HealthPrep

Most victims are around sixty years old when they start showing symptoms, and most die within a year. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease belongs to a family of diseases called prion diseases or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). Glymphatics: Keeping the Brain's Waste Removal System Healthy. We all know the feeling of fatigue.

Glymphatics: Keeping the Brain's Waste Removal System Healthy

We know what it feels like in our muscle tissues after starting a new exercise program or extensive yardwork. Things hurt and feel heavy and sluggish. The same thing can happen to our brain. Unconventional But Effective Therapy for Alzheimer's Treatment: Dr. Mary T. Newport at TEDxUSF. Neurological Diseases. Let’s Not Overstretch Neuroplasticity - NEO.LIFE. Ever since researchers discovered that, contrary to prior belief, the adult brain can grow new nerve cells, neuroplasticity has been a hot topic.

Conventional wisdom had previously held that the adult brain couldn’t physically change much, let alone grow new cells. In essence, neuroscientists had posited that after young adulthood, the brain’s structure was set in virtual concrete, until disease, aging, or death destroyed it. That position never really made much sense. Dual N-Back Online. Dual N-Back is a professional-grade brain training game.

Dual N-Back Online

It makes you smarter! Unlike many other brain training exercises Dual N-Back is proven to transfer training results to other brain activities. This effect has been confirmed by a number of scientific studies. "Fluid intelligence (Gf) refers to the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge. Gf is critical for a wide variety of cognitive tasks, and it is considered one of the most important factors in learning. The Best Tools For Biohacking Your Brain - Improve Memory, Focus. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment. What Is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease?

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a very rare disorder that causes the brain to break down. Also called "classic" CJD, it worsens quickly. Most people die within a year of getting it. ENZYME FOUND TO DEGRADE PRIONS : Neurology Today. Prion protein is identified in human brains as “protease-resistant.”


That is, it resists degradation by an enzyme that degrades proteins in general. But researchers have discovered an enzyme that can degrade the prion protein held responsible for mad cow disease and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). “If animal feed or food is contaminated with a prion, we can use this enzyme for disinfection and decontamination,” said Jason Shih, PhD, Professor of Biotechnology and Poultry Science at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Transmissible prions – believed to be the cause of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), as well as the human and sheep versions, called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans and scrapie in sheep – are highly resistant to degradation, Dr. Shih said. Simple Chemical Stops Prion Disease. Mad cow, scrapie and Creutzfeld-Jakob disease are all diseases of the brain that debilitate before they kill, and have no cure, or even many good treatment options beyond supportive care.

Simple Chemical Stops Prion Disease

But now, researchers in Switzerland say it's possible to block the misfolded proteins called prions that cause these diseases, by using a compound that biologists have used to track other molecules. Prions are a distinct type of protein — they can self-replicate, said Adriano Aguzzi, professor of neuropathology at the University of Zurich, who led the study. When a prion comes into contact with a normal protein, it makes the normal protein alter its shape, and become a prion, too. You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How. That Enhance Memory and Focus. Tony Wright - Return to the Brain of Eden: Part Two. Is It Bad That I Don't Remember My Dreams? Here's Why Scientists Think It May Be A Red Flag. It's common practice for people to categorize themselves into specific types of dreamers based off of their dream history.

Is It Bad That I Don't Remember My Dreams? Here's Why Scientists Think It May Be A Red Flag

Some people claim they dream in black and white, while others claim their dreams are as vivid as real life, and still others insist that they don't dream at all. The state and significance of the unconscious mind is an area of science that's still largely undiscovered, and the science of dreams is perhaps the foggiest area of that uncharted ocean. We know less about dreams than we do about most aspects of the human body, but new research might have an answer for you when you ask this question to your friends at brunch: is it bad that I don't remember my dreams?

As it turns out, it might be. A new study by Rubin Naiman titled Dreamless: The Silent Epidemic of REM Dream Loss argues that we are experiencing both emotional and physical blows to our health by dreaming less during our sleep. "We are at least as dream deprived as we are sleep deprived," he explained. Orchestrating Proactive and Reactive Mechanisms for Filtering Distracting Information: Brain-Behavior Relationships Revealed by a Mixed-Design fMRI Study.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) - Brain, Spinal Cord, and Nerve Disorders - Merck Manuals Consumer Version. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a prion disease characterized by progressive deterioration of mental function, leading to dementia, involuntary jerking of muscles (myoclonus), and staggering when walking. A variant form is acquired by eating contaminated beef.

The disease usually occurs spontaneously but may result from eating contaminated beef or from inheriting an abnormal gene. At first, most people are confused and have memory problems, then muscles begin to jerk involuntarily and coordination is lost. Most people die within 6 months, although some live for 2 years or more. The diagnosis can usually be confirmed by electrocephalography, analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, and magnetic resonance imaging. Serotonin Linked with Mood, Sleep, Gut Heath, Thyroid, and More. Leaky Brain - What it is? Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields. Unusual Signs of Stroke in Women That Nobody Talks About. Let’s set the record straight: Stroke isn’t just a health risk for men. According to the National Stroke Association, annually 55,000 more women are dying of stroke than men, making it the third leading cause of death for women.

This may seem alarming – men generally partake in unhealthy habits, like drinking and smoking, in comparison to women, and yet women are facing greater fatalities when it comes to stroke. All the more reason to familiarize yourself common and uncommon stroke symptoms. What is a Stroke? 14 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Stroke FAST (Mini, TIA) & Treatments. Canola Oil Proven Harmful to Your Brain and Body. January 10th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World According to a study by AARP,1 93 percent of Americans are concerned with their brain health, but very few understood some of the natural strategies they could use to improve it. Contrary to popular belief, your brain function and cognitive performance do not have to decline with age.

Untitled. Researchers have found an imbalance in the brain chemistry of young people addicted to smartphones and the internet, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 46 percent of Americans say they could not live without their smartphones. While this sentiment is clearly hyperbole, more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones and other portable electronic devices for news, information, games, and even the occasional phone call. Along with a growing concern that young people, in particular, may be spending too much time staring into their phones instead of interacting with others, come questions as to the immediate effects on the brain and the possible long-term consequences of such habits.

The study involved 19 young people (mean age 15.5, 9 males) diagnosed with internet or smartphone addiction and 19 gender- and age-matched healthy controls. Reverse The Age Of Your Brain - Dr. Daniel Amen - #444. Brain Regeneration: Why It's Real and How To Do It. How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain. Brain Health: How To Prevent Memory Loss. What You Need to Know About Myelin and the Top 12 Ways to Support Your Brain.

Untitled. A Snapshot of Neural Activity - Neuroscience News. Summary: A new neuron labeling technique allows researchers to obtain a snapshot of their activity at any moment in time. The new approach could provide new insights into neural functioning by offering better precision than current, more long term, labeling techniques. Source: MIT. Your Brain Has A ‘Delete Button’ And Here’s How To Use It! – Prepare for Change. By: lifecoachcode. Music Training Changes the Brain — THE SYNC PROJECT. While reading the headline of this post, we expect most people to go “yeah, and what doesn’t?”. Columbia Neurosurgery. Cerebral ischemia or brain ischemia, is a condition that occurs when there isn’t enough blood flow to the brain to meet metabolic demand.

Live to 110 Podcast #6: Get Rid of Fatigue and Brain Fog with Dr Lawrence Wilson. Five Nutrients to Anti-Age Your Brain. New Study Finds Fructose Alters Genes in the Brain, Sabotages Learning and Memory. Brain. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS - Natural Remedy and Reversal. Neurodegenerative Disorders. More than 600 disorders afflict the nervous system.

Neurodegenerative diseases are defined as hereditary and sporadic conditions which are characterized by progressive nervous system dysfunction. 'Grain Brain', an intimate discussion with Dr. David Perlmutter. Researchers list chemicals endangering 'the next generation of brains' The biggest window of vulnerability to chemicals occurs in utero, during infancy and early childhood, experts say. Five ingredients that poison your brain.

Radio 3Fourteen - Matthew Buckley - How Monsanto is Destroying the Brains and Health of Everyone. Epilepsy and Gluten Sensitivity. Nutrients for Better Mental Performance. 10 Ways to Boost Brain Function with BDNF - Dr. John Day. Chelators in the Treatment of Iron Accumulation in Parkinson's Disease. Clean And Drain Your Brain By Doing This One Little Thing Every Night. 7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter. New Research Shows How Virtual Reality Shuts Down the Brain. How taurine deficiency can cause brain damage. How to Keep Your Brain Healthy. Brain care with Dr. Russell Blaylock. Oops! The Brain DOES Have An Immune System. Working Memory. Sleep Loss May Cause Brain Damage and Accelerate Onset of Alzheimer’s. Can Sugar Harm Your Brain Health and Drive Alzheimer's Epidemic? How to Rewire Your Brain for Success, Happiness and Growth.

Top 12 Herbs to Improve Your Memory Power - NaturalON. 90% of Serotonin is Made in the Gut. How Music Benefits the Brain. "How to Keep Your Brain from Aging" - Dr. Russell Blaylock Lecture. Get In the Zone — How to Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity. Best Superfoods to Improve Your Brain Power and Mental Clarity - NaturalON. What Reading a Novel Does to Your Brain. Top 20 Best Foods for Your Brain: Ideal Brain Food : EcoSalon. Ten Neurotoxins You Should Avoid. These foods HARM your brain - beware. Carnosine Offers High Level Brain Protection. Beware: Many popular consumer products and foods are loaded with brain-destroying aluminum.

Statins Cause Brain Dysfunction « Dr. Brownstein. Iron Adequacy Vital for Healthy Brain Development. Brain, Memory and Mood Online Health Class with Byron J. Richards. Dr. Mercola - Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cell Lines. Top 6 causes of headaches and what you can do to take care of them naturally.

Low-dose THC extinguishes brain inflammation and halts cognitive decline without the high. Brain Class Part 1. 20 Health Conditions that Mimic ADHD. Natural relief for the symptoms of vertigo. Walnuts: the perfect food for our brains. Two Popular Foods May Turn Immune System Against Brain. Ways to Improve Human Intelligence.

7 Natural Brain Foods for Cognition and Concentration. ADHD: A false paradigm projected onto the minds of a generation. Before his death, father of ADHD admitted it was a fictitious disease. These foods HARM your brain - beware. Autism linked to deficiency in healthy gut bacteria: Research. Researchers discover a link between autism and epilepsy. Tried everything? Three little-known natural remedies for Alzheimer's. Study shows inactivity changes the brain, has harmful health consequences. Prominent psychiatrist admits he helped invent ADHD as a disease.