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Gut Microbiome and Wellness Blogs

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These are a few blogs I like to read. Some are almost exclusively focused on gut health. Others touch on gut health in some of their posts but also deal with other wellness topics. Enjoy!

Mostly Microbes. Gut Microbiota for Health. Microbiome News. uBiome Blog - Love your bacteria! Fix Your Gut: Dedicated to "Fixing" your Digestive Health. Weight loss and gut health using potato diets, resistant starch, fiber, and potato science! VeggiePharm. - Discussing Bacteria and our Health.

A daily digest of scientific microbiome papers, by your Microbe Manager Elisabeth Bik, laboratory of David Relman, Stanford University – Twitter: @microbiomdigest. Respect the microbiota. My bugs and I. Restore the flora. The Gut Stuff. Gut Health - April 2016 – The Gut Club. The Gut Club welcomes you as we learn and share information about intestinal health as driver of general health.

April 2016 – The Gut Club

This website is devoted to members of The Gut Club to create awareness about the importance of the gut to overall health. This includes mental and emotional health known as the gut-brain connection. Our intent is to share information as a community to provide support in the treatment and prevention of illness. There is so much to learn, so please become a member and let’s begin our journey together. Membership is FREE. Membership is required to participate in the forums, core activity of The Gut Club. Our headline image, Ileum Skyline, is the inner lining of the small intestine, about 1/8″ high. This website is for information purposes only. Microbiome Blog — The American Microbiome Institute. Babies born by cesarian section have greater likelihoods of autoimmune diseases during childhood and later in life.

Microbiome Blog — The American Microbiome Institute

They also have a gut microbiome that resembles their mother’s skin right after birth. On the other hand, babies that are born vaginally have a gut microbiome that resembles their mothers’ vaginas, and are at lower risk for asthma and allergies. Given the importance of the microbiome on immune development, many scientists believe that there may be a link between mode of delivery, the initial infant gut microbiome, and normal immune development. One possible method to ensure a baby that is born by c-section is initially colonized by his or her mother’s vaginal microbiome is to swab the mother’s vagina and transfer her microbiome to the baby immediately after birth.

Researchers from New York University performed this exact experiment, and measured the changes that occurred in the gut after this intervention. The Human Microbiome: Guts And Glory - Podcasts. Fast Tract Diet for SIBO - Digestive Health Institute. The Good Gut. Exploring the science of gut bacteria. Human Microbiome Project - Home. Human Food Project - Anthropology of microbes. Gut Foundation Blog. Gut — Current Issue. This site uses cookies.

Gut — Current Issue

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more here× Advanced search An international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in gastroenterology & hepatology Register now to receive the Table of Contents and other relevant alerts by email each issue Previous Issue December 2016, Volume 65, Issue 12 [Author index] [Search ALL Issues] View multiple abstracts by picking relevant boxes and click Get all checked abstracts Issue information [Front cover][Table of contents PDF][Editorial board PDF] Commentary Guidelines Small bowel Original article: Intestinal cell damage and systemic immune activation in individuals reporting sensitivity to wheat in the absence of coeliac disease Melanie Uhde, Mary Ajamian, Giacomo Caio, Roberto De Giorgio, Alyssa Indart, Peter H Green, Elizabeth C Verna, Umberto Volta, Armin Alaedini Gut 2016;65:12 1930-1937 Published Online First: 25 July 2016 doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2016-311964.

Chris Kresser – Let's take back your health - Starting Now. Mark's Daily Apple. The Paleo Mom - Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol. Cooling Inflammation. Home. Blog — FermentWorks. We are pretty excited to post this video clip and interview with Charlie Mgee of Formidable Vegetable Sound System a music group with fun antique-beats and a fantastic message!

Blog — FermentWorks

FermentWorks: It sounds like you grew up with an unusual childhood. Did food play a part in defining you? Did you grow up with fermentation? Eat to Beat: Home. Rescuing good health from bad science. Whole Health Source. The official website of Terry Wahls, MD, author and physician who has recovered from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis by using the Wahls way.

Striving for true remission of CFS, chronic Lyme, FM, IBS etc. Perfect Health Diet - A diet for healing chronic disease, restoring youthful vitality, and achieving long life.

Paul Jaminet hasn't been actively posting lately because he is starting up a biotech company. He suffered from chronic illness, became well through diet and shared his understanding of the research for several years. His archives are useful as his his book: "The Perfect Health Diet". – kiraonysko Research Digest (ERD) is an independent encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition.

This site independently evaluates the research on the efficacy of supplements. They are a good resource to consult. They have a paid subscription service in addition to material available for free. – kiraonysko

We're unique because we are not affiliated in any way with any supplement company and we don't sell supplements. Research Digest (ERD)

When we recommend a supplement (or say another is garbage), it has no impact on our bottom line. SuppVersity - Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone.