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NEW! Universal Telescope CellPhone Mount Adapter for Monocular Spotting Scope US. See Details on eBay Watch Contact.

NEW! Universal Telescope CellPhone Mount Adapter for Monocular Spotting Scope US

TSO Photography on Vimeo. How to Create a Low Poly Art Self Portrait Tutorial. Focus stacking assistant for EOS cameras « Circuits@Home. Portable light box. Cognisys stackshot. View topic - Magnetic lighting stage for Bratcam. When others have posted their lighting rigs, it's been a help to me.

View topic - Magnetic lighting stage for Bratcam

While there are a few things I want to do yet on mine, issues raised in some posts make me think it might be useful to show what I'm using. So here is the Bratcam's magnetic lighting stage. The goal was to have a system allowing quick setup and adjustment of widely varied lighting styles for a broad range of magnifications. I wanted light control similar to that of a good portrait studio—key lights, fill lights, backlights, background lights, reflectors, gobos, etc. And I wanted to be able to go from one setup to another with minimal fuss. Don Wilson, my fabricator, made me a U-shaped piece of steel to place around the back and sides of the Bratcam. The light stands are Noga gauge stands with magnetic bases. What’s great about the Noga stands is how quickly they can be rearranged, and how authoritatively they stay in place once clamped.

A Stroboframe Shoe 300-405 ($9.50) screws onto the ¼-20” thread. Photos and The o'jays on Pinterest. View topic - Automated Focus Stacking Rail. I've recently completed making an automated focus stacking rail, controlled by an 'Arduino' microcontroller.

View topic - Automated Focus Stacking Rail.

Here's a brief outline of its operation. Further postings in the thread will provide detailed description and images. The system operates from an external battery (currently dry-cells, but I have a lithium-ion pack I intend to use), and works as follows: 1) On power-up, the controller announces the current software version, drives the carriage to its intial position and waits for user input. 2) Using lens focussing, moving the rail, or 'inching' the rail carriage with the remote controller, the nearest element of the subject is brought into sharp focus (this is where 'live view' at 10x magnification really scores). 3) Using the remote control the lens aperture is input. 4) The user is then prompted for an actual dimension of the subject eg height or width, and this value input. 5) Next, the user inputs the same dimension above, but of the image.

More to follow. 4CsWallaWalla20151009. Stacker [Zerene Stacker] Download a free 30-day trial Or purchase a license now Zerene Stacker is “focus stacking” software designed specifically for challenging macro subjects and discerning photographers.

stacker [Zerene Stacker]

Of course it works great with simpler subjects, close-ups, and landscapes also! This subject is a common fruit fly, as seen through a 100X microscope. Individual image on the left, stacked result on the right. Why use it? Zerene Stacker has several advantages over other commonly used stacking programs: Can I see some examples?

Absolutely! How do I get it? You download Zerene Stacker from our website. What about “shareware” versions? No, you really don’t want those. What type of computer do I need? Microsculpture - The Insect Portraits of Levon Biss. Mic-UK: Measuring the Magnification of Homemade Simple Microscope Lenses. Love is way home. KINOGRAPH. Kinograph - Matthew Epler Portfolio Site. Kinograph Kinograph is an open source project that makes film digitization affordable and scaleable.

Kinograph - Matthew Epler Portfolio Site

Using components available on the internet, a few 3D printed parts, and a consumer level camera, the machine digitizes 35mm, 16mm or 8mm film at high definition resolutions with sound. Visit for more info. Creative ApplicationsCreator's Guide to the Michael Geissinger photographs, 1966-1986 – RIT Archive Collections. Title Michael Geissinger photographs.

Guide to the Michael Geissinger photographs, 1966-1986 – RIT Archive Collections

Packaging, Envelopes and Color Tones. Pinterest. Sally Mann on Hew New Memoir, Hold Still. Sally Mann has spent her career examining those things closest to her.

Sally Mann on Hew New Memoir, Hold Still

Her subjects—captured in arrestingly candid, luminous black-and-white images—have included her own young children, facing down the slings and arrows of childhood in Immediate Family (1992); the beloved Shenandoah Valley landscapes of her youth, revisited with an adult understanding of historical wounds in Deep South (2005); and her once strong-bodied husband of more than four decades, Larry, ravaged by muscular dystrophy in Proud Flesh (2009). Whatever her subject, Mann’s work is both lyrical and unsettling, evoking universal human themes of innocence, eroticism, and mortality. In Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs (Little, Brown), Mann reflects on her life and work with the same unflinching vitality.

Writing a memoir like this also demands a commitment to really go there—to unpack those boxes in the attic. How did writing it compare to working on a photographic series? Sally Mann. Press Packet. Photo Displays, Display and Frames. Easy snapshot photo collage - Effortless Style Blog. Get blog posts delivered right to your inbox!

Easy snapshot photo collage - Effortless Style Blog

Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. DJI Official - Osmo. Osmo - Videos.