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Le suggestioni visive dello Storytelling con Photoshop. Octopus Writing Machine with Tentacles. Birch & Waite Professional on Behance. "Photomanipule" By BenBoré - Art People Gallery. A 10 photos-manipulations serie by BenBoré (France) [ “Photomanipule” is a travel in time, space and dimensions.

"Photomanipule" By BenBoré - Art People Gallery

Following the mysterious dark matter acting ] In most of all my creations, i’m trying to represent this dark matter of universe, using different techniques, illustrations, photos, digital and traditional art. Behind The Lens: Chris Rivera's Surreal Portraits Inspired by Cinema. Growing up, Chris Rivera was never really interested in photography.

Behind The Lens: Chris Rivera's Surreal Portraits Inspired by Cinema

It wasn't until he modeled for a friend's staged wedding that the art of photography piqued his interested. He was so inspired by the process that he began to explore locations around his home in Southern California to experiment with his own conceptual images. It didn't take long for Chris to become hooked. He knew he found his true passion, prompting him to start a 365 Day challenge, taking a photo a day for an entire year. 10 pubblicitità automobilistiche da non perdere. Il mondo della creatività non conosce soste, e il settore automotive lo sa davvero bene.

10 pubblicitità automobilistiche da non perdere

In questo articolo vorrei raccogliere alcuni dei successi (recenti e non) a livello pubblicitario dedicati alle auto: alcuni di essi fanno leva sulle reminiscenze dal passato, altri sui doppi sensi o semplicemente vogliono strappare una risata. Black and White Photo Manipulations of Animals – Fubiz Media. New Photo-Manipulations Artworks by Witchoria – Fubiz Media. Never Look Back - 2015 // Personal Project on Behance. Digital Manipulations for Advertising. Voici une sélection de travaux créatifs réalisés par l’agence Manipula dans le cadre de campagnes publicitaires.

Digital Manipulations for Advertising

Parmi ces créations, on retrouve des manipulations digitales étonnantes à la réalisation très bien exécutée mettant en scène animaux, packaging et paysages loufoques. Surrealist Pictures of New York. A Vision of Hope: Shelter Animals Star in Magical Photo Montages. Budapest, Hungary-based photographer Sarolta Bán has been busy at work on her recent project, Help Dogs with Images.

A Vision of Hope: Shelter Animals Star in Magical Photo Montages

Bán’s project is an attempt to find owners for abandoned animals by increasing visibility of existing sheltered animals through photography. Via her Facebook page, Bán asks people to send her photos of dogs, cats or other animals that are currently in shelters. She then creates photo montages from these images, Photoshopping animals in majestic and fantastically splendid settings where the pet takes center stage.

The images are shared on her Facebook page of over 150,000 fans, along with a description, contact info and location of the animal in need of adoption. So far, Bán has received over 400 images to work on. Photoholic. Stars Walk Serie 2 on Behance. Andy Walsh on Behance. 12 art directors to follow on Instagram. The visual storytelling power of Instagram is indisputable - this platform provides the ultimate showcase of the beauty found in everyday life.

12 art directors to follow on Instagram

Here, chief content editor at ImageBrief, Avril Delaney has handpicked a list of some of the most creative minds in the industry to see how they curate their everyday lives. 01. Juan Carlos Pagan Who: Design director at Deutsch Location: New York City, New York Follower count: 1,789 Passionate about design and typography, Juan Carlos Pagan has worked with brands ranging from MTV to Pinterest, The New York Lottery, the Asian American Film Festival, and The New York Times Magazine. 02.

Who: Designer and art director Location: New York City, New York and Austin, Texas Follower count: 4,789 Having worked on campaigns for McDonald's and Sony Music, Jessie Bearden is a fireball of imagination. 03. Surreal Illustrations For Psychedelic Music. Klusters est un groupe de musique électro hongrois basé à Budapest.

Surreal Illustrations For Psychedelic Music

Pour la sortie de leur album concept Olbers’ Paradox, les artistes ont réalisé une galerie d’images surréalistes mêlant photographie et illustration. la collection est à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Summer Comes - Coca Cola on Behance. MOUS. ArtStation - Mark Kolobaev. Untitled II. on Behance. Deformed Identity Self-Portraits. Kalliope Amorphous est l’artiste derrière la série d’autoportraits « Glass Houses » qui explore la malléabilité de l’identité à travers l’usage de miroirs flexibles couverts de film polyester.

Deformed Identity Self-Portraits

En se distordant, Kalliope fragmente des parties d’elle, vulnérables et cachées derrière la façade extérieure de son être, et exploite tous les dédoublements et aspérités de son âme. Amazing Digital Concept Art by Creative Designers. Concept art, Sketchbooks, Digital Paintings, and Digital Art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea of designer’s mind.

Amazing Digital Concept Art by Creative Designers

A Digital illustration artwork is a displayed visualization form presented as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of illustration art that is created to elucidate or dictate sensual information (such as a story, poem or newspaper article) by providing a visual representation graphically. You may be interested in the following modern trends related articles as well. Subscribe to our RSS via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. Trash Wheels - They're Wheely gross! on Behance. Cristiano Rinaldi on Behance. Dreamagery. Ahmed Emad Eldin on Behance. Se la creatività è collaborativa. Uno o più curatori, un tema, tanti artisti chiamati a dare la loro interpretazione.

Se la creatività è collaborativa

Questi sono i 10 migliori progetti di illustrazione collaborativa che potete vedere in rete. Pubblicato Raygun 52 Art: Dan Matutina Nell’anno 2257 un decreto impone che le armi non possano avere un design appetibile. Future 52. Creative retouching by Anderson Torres « CreativeProMag. Another great retoucher featured on CreativeProMag this week. We are talking about Anderson Torres from Brasile and here are some of his great creative retouching.

Digital Imaging Contest ENTRY « CreativeProMag. Ecco le entry al contesti organizzato sul gruppo Digital Imaging and PhotoManipulation su Facebook. Oggi partono le votazioni della giuria composta dagli Admin del gruppo e da special guest come Claudio Lodi (Wacom), Emiliano Rampazzi (Square Enix) e Leonardo Dentico (Digital Artist). Photoshop Brush Creation & Ideation (Video) – ConceptMonster Workshop. Stars Walk on Behance. Technical Visual Arts.

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Compositing. Tilt Shift.