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Medical imaging

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The revolution in medical applications of 3D scanning. Better Patient Outcomes. qMRI Diffusion Imaging Standard.

Better Patient Outcomes

DICOM tutorial at MICCAI 2017. When: 1:30pm-5:30pm, Sunday, September 10, 2017 Where: MICCAI 2017, Quebec Convention Center, Room 205B DICOM4MICCAI is a new tutorial that we presented at the MICCAI 2017 conference.

DICOM tutorial at MICCAI 2017

All of the materials (slides, software, datasets, instructions) are accessible following the links below. Please give it a try! If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know how we did, and what we can do better!


Offline Recon. Overview The off line reconstruction software, promasc and mdh_process, are used primarily with multi-echo sequences (such as GLEEK).

Offline Recon

This page describes the usage of the core off line reconstruction software in some detail. If all that you want is to reconstruct images with the minimum of fuss and don't want to worry about tweaking all these details, see the "Quick Usage" page here. Warnings Please remember that this software is considered beta-level! Codeare 1 - home. Sandbox/sandbox/doku.php?id=software. Models posted in the repository are in CPM Format.


A CPM consists of image data, anatomic model, mesh, boundary conditions, simulation results, and a summary document. No widely adopted standard exists for exchanging cardiovascular models for simulation. To facilitate exchange of computational models, a simple XML based file format has been developed with a corresponding specification document. Click on the link to download a PDF of specification document for the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary File Format.

To demonstrate the utility of the CPM format, a free application (cpmViewer) has been developed to view models created in CPM format. Download 64-bit Windows Version (PREFERRED) To download a precompiled 64-bit version of cpmViewer for Microsoft Windows (Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit), click HERE. Projects - Projects using MITK The Computer Graphics & Visualization Lab at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology uses MITK in several projects.

Projects -

Read more... The Centre for Medical Image Computing at the University College London has created NiftyView, a MITK-based working environment for clinical collaborators and research scientists. Read more... The researchers of the SUMMER network are using MITK as a platform for creating a medical imaging software which is able to handle multi-modalities and offers algorithms for tumour identification and contouring. Purview: Combining the power of Horos with cloud-PACS. A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning. Finding better boundaries Let's revisit the 73-m elevation boundary proposed previously to see how we can improve upon our intuition.

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

Clearly, this requires a different perspective. Chenkonturek/MRS_MRI_libs. GPI: Graphical Programming Interface. The Philips raw data reader node, for MR data, is now available as a binary release.

GPI: Graphical Programming Interface

Users of the Philips raw data formats can directly import the raw data into GPI and start investigating. Thanks to the tenacious efforts of Ryan Robison, the reader node supports a plethora of file formats such as .data, .list, .lab, .raw, .sin, .par, .xml, .rec, and .cpx at many different release levels. The package releases are available for download on GitHub. Create the first plugin (XCode3) In the end of this tutorial you will know how to: Create a new OsiriX plugin templateCompile itInstall it in OsiriX This article is designed for users with XCode3, if you are using XCode4 please go to this article.

Create the first plugin (XCode3)

Step 1: Locate the “Plugin Generator”. It comes with the osirix plugin source code. Ubimax GmbH - Offering. Card Design   This document goes over how to follow Glass style and implement common UI best practices when using the GDK.

Card Design  

Glass theme Glass applies a standard theme to your Glassware, so it stays consistent with the rest of the user interface. The theme has the following characteristics: Uses Roboto typefaceDisplays activities full-screen with no status bar or action barApplies solid, black background To apply the Glass theme, don't declare a theme in your Android Manifest. Real-time, in vivo imaging systems for pre-clinical research - VisualSonics : High-Resolution Imaging. The first high-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging platform with linear array technology and Color Doppler Mode.

Real-time, in vivo imaging systems for pre-clinical research - VisualSonics : High-Resolution Imaging

GPI: Graphical Programming Interface. Computing and Software. First Image Fusion of Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy : HealthManagement. Researchers at Vanderbilt University have achieved the first "image fusion" of mass spectrometry and microscopy. This could dramatically improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The paper was published in the journal Nature Methods. Microscopy yields high-resolution images of tissues but does not give molecular information.

Mass spectrometry provides a precise accounting of proteins, lipids and other molecules but in a spatially coarse and pixelated manner. However, if you combine the best features of both imaging modalities, you can see the molecular make-up of tissues in high resolution. Richard Caprioli, the Stanford Moore Professor of Biochemistry and director of the Mass Spectrometry Research Center and the lead author of the paper, believes this is phenomenal and could redefine surgical margin, the line between cancer cells and normal cells where the scalpel goes to remove the tumour.

Source: Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Current Release. Login - British Institute of Radiology. RF, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Measurements. RF, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Measurements Thermistor Detectors Rate our Services Technical Contacts: Ronald A. Ginley Tel: 303-497-3634 E-mail: Thomas P. Analog Integrated Circuits Laboratory. University of Colorado - Microwave and RF Research Group - Research. Current Projects. Alpha Cradle - The Leader In Repositioning for Radiation Therapy™ ALLOWS YOU TO EASILY CREATE customized anatomical devices for radiation therapy patients. The ACMMII is a 24”x 34” slotted board that comes with 23 assorted dividers to create customized body devices. You can use the ACMMII to make any type of anatomical device on any size patient, young or old, in the prone or supine ... View Item CNR creates a custom head and neck support by creating a posterior foam contour in the desired set up position.

L4IS. Imaging - Bosello High Technology. FEI Visualization Sciences Group. FEI Visualization Sciences Group provide advanced 3D software solutions for medical and life science applications: For scientists and researchers, Amira ® is a flexible 3D visualization and analysis software for life sciences and biomedical data. Amira is the leading software solution that satisfies even your most demanding needs to work with clinical or preclinical image data, nuclear data, optical or electron microscopy imagery, molecular models, vector and flow data. For application developers, Open Inventor® is the premier solution for high-level 3D programming in all types of life science applications. Based on an object-oriented 3D data management architecture, Open Inventor delivers first-class 3D visualization components, and numerous built-in 3D data interaction, manipulation and management libraries.

Life Science data visualization 3D Software Development Toolkit for Medical and Life Sciences applications. 3Dnet Suite by Biotronics3D. ACID - Artefact correction in diffusion MRI. AJNR News Digest. Pseudoprogression and Pseudoresponse: Imaging Challenges in the Assessment of Posttreatment Glioma. + Author Affiliations Please address correspondence to L. Vision Blocks.


ODIN: Tool/Resource Info. ODIN - Object Oriented Development Interface for NMR. QFlow. DICOM. Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software. Project description: The Open eHealth Integration Platform (IPF) is an extension of the Apache Camel routing and mediation engine and comes with comprehensive support for message processing and connecting information systems in the healthcare sector. It is available under the Apache License version 2.0. IPF focuses on a domain-specific language (DSL) to implement Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) in integration solutions. IPF is based on the Java and Groovy programming languages for application development and for designing project-specific DSLs. Internet Analysis Tools Registry: Search results. Quantitative Mapping of T1 and T2 Parameters. This software provides a graphical user interface for generating T1 and T2 maps of MRI images.

Typical data flow: