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Tips to Resolve Windows Operating System Related Issues

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How Windows 10 Users Can View Saved WiFi Passwords - PCTECH24. How to Spot an Email Scam. Cybercriminals always find different ways to swindle innocent computer users.

How to Spot an Email Scam

Data-breach, hacking, Ransomware, and spying are such ways Cybercriminals and intruders use to target the computer users. Hackers use Ransomware as a powerful weapon to spread their cybercrimes. They send the codes of Ransomware and get the access of your computer from remote locations. This is one of the modern ways of fastest growing cybercrimes because it allows hackers to seize a computer files hostage. Once you lost file hostage, the only way to get back all your files is to disburse the cost of a ransom to the hackers. How to Fix a Computer Crash Because Of Graphics Driver? What is Macro Targeted Malware or Macro Virus and How to stay safe from it? Ever since the rudiments of the computers, many types of viruses and malware have been created and distributed.

What is Macro Targeted Malware or Macro Virus and How to stay safe from it?

Initially back in the days of QDOS, it was just for fun, but now computer viruses and malware creation and distribution has become a full-time business for the hackers and cyber-criminals. Hackers have made it a business to earn profit. Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been blocked Pop-up Removal. If your computer screen is displaying random pop-ups and ads within your web browser that “Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been blocked” then you’re PC has got adware infection.

Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been blocked Pop-up Removal

The“Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been Blocked” is a misleading app which redirect you to malicious site and scam the users. These dads are shown to trap the users in such a way that they deceive the users and make them feel that their computer is crashed because of some infection has been detected on the computer. Such scams scare people and force them to call on specific number in order to fix the issue. But actually, this is a scam and users should not respond on such alerts. Users may receive any of the following messages because of the “Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been blocked” pop-up: Safety Tips Computer Users Should Follow to Protect Web Browsers from Attackers. With the trending technologies, cyber crooks are also being experimental and finding new techniques to target the user’s computer and keep on spreading different kinds of dangerous malware and viruses.

Safety Tips Computer Users Should Follow to Protect Web Browsers from Attackers

That’s why users need to pay proper attention while surfing the Internet and downloading something online. Your awareness will decrease the chances of being attacked by the hackers and their infected programs. After getting activated on your computer, these infections start showing a number of symptoms and signs. They degrade the performance of your PC to a large extent, may affect your network connection and use it as a medium to spread infection, hide itself and perform illegitimate actions, save and send important details of the users, etc. These malicious codes allows the cyber crooks to use the infected system in their own way and perform unethical activities,

How to Get Added Free Cloud Storage on OneDrive, Bitcasa, Copy, & Mega? - PCTECH24. As data is increasing day by day, so every computer and mobile user will need more storage space to save the data.

How to Get Added Free Cloud Storage on OneDrive, Bitcasa, Copy, & Mega? - PCTECH24

Today market is laden with many cloud storage services and OneDrive, Bitcasa, Copy, and Mega are a few of the popular and useful cloud storage services available for the computer and mobile users across the world. OneDrive by Microsoft is a very big name in the technology sector and other players are Copy come from Barracuda Networks, Mega come from the now defunct Megaupload, and Bitcasa by Bitcasa Inc.

How to Turn an Old Sluggish Windows or Mac computer into a Super-sharp Chromebook. Installing Linux OS was the one choice earlier to resurrect an old PC as this open-source operating system was better suited to older hardware because it has lower system requirements in comparison to Windows.

How to Turn an Old Sluggish Windows or Mac computer into a Super-sharp Chromebook

So if you have an old computer with limited hardware resources, you may find it tough to install run Windows 10 on it. In this case, you can turn your computer into a Chromebook instead of installing Windows 10 on it for better performance. Often people prefer Windows or OS X if they have bought a new machine. But now do have a third choice, i.e. Google’s chrome operating system. Windows 10 Users Need to Change These Settings Right Away. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the most advanced version of Windows operating system which is laden with a lot of compelling features to make the users’ life easy and fast.

Windows 10 Users Need to Change These Settings Right Away

For the comfort of Windows 8 and Windows 7 users, it has included start menu along with the screen, Cortana, and much more. It’s very easy to use and also enables you to use your computer at its full potential. But a few of its default settings restrict it to offer you the complete usability. So here a few such settings are discussed that you need to change if you want to use Windows 10 operating system at its full potential. Enable System Protection by Creating a Restore Point. Windows Users Don’t Need these 10 Types of Optimization Program and System Tools. Most of the Windows 10 users have noticed a lot of advertisements or pop-ups claiming that you need security software installed on your system to keep it secure from various types of infections like malware, viruses, etc.

Windows Users Don’t Need these 10 Types of Optimization Program and System Tools

As soon as you turn on your computer and connect to the Internet, you see all types of advertisements which claim that if you buy these system tools and utilities, you will not get affected by junk on offer. You may not be aware that using these system tools may make your life more complex and bog down the sped of your computer. So avoid these system tools or optimization programs and keep only those which are essential. Registry Cleaner Often registry cleaning programs developing companies claim that their products can be used for cleaning the junk files from the registry if you want to speed up your PC.

How to Give Your PC a Performance Boost. Slow speed of a laptop or computer has been always a headache and if you’re experiencing the same, surely you’ll be thinking to buy a new.

How to Give Your PC a Performance Boost

But just hold for a moment before going out and buying a brand new computer. You still have chances to speed up your computer system without making a hole in your pocket. Below a few methods are suggested to get back every ounce of performance from your sleazy system. How to Fix Intuit Quicken Payroll Error 1001. There may be any reason from the following reasons of Quicken error 1001: Your download is corrupt download or you perform an incomplete installation of Quicken software.Windows registry related to a recent Quicken-related software change (install or uninstall) is corrupt.Virus or spyware or malware infection has corrupted Quicken-related program files or Windows system files.Another program maliciously or annoyingly deleted Quicken-related files.

How to Fix Intuit Quicken Payroll Error 1001

Runtime Errors like “Error 1001” can be caused because of a wide variety of factors, so it is necessary that you troubleshoot every possible cause to stop it from recurring. How to fix problems with installing updates Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1. You may face diverse issues while installing Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1 updates. Here are a few steps suggested to fix your problem; You should try to install the update again manually There are a few issues which are just a matter of bad timing like it may be possible that you have a slow Internet connection, at that particular time the site was very busy, and many other factors. Tips to Fix Windows 10 Activation Problems. Users are facing many problems with the activation of Windows 10 and they are complaining that even after a clean install of their Windows 10, they are receiving activation error related messages.

Microsoft allows Windows users to upgrade or non-Windows users to manually download the installation files in order to perform a clean installation of Windows 10. In spite that, Microsoft recommends that reserve your free copy using the “Get Windows 10″ app and upgrade through Windows Update. How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Issue. Upgrading the Windows 10 has been a problem for many of the users. Users have complained that many errors encounters when they try to upgrade their version of Windows. Some users reported that they are receiving error messages like unable to install Windows 10, operating system is not activating even after it a clean install, and such others. Microsoft is trying its best to fix all the issues related to its Windows 10 and consistently releasing new updates to patch the errors.

How to Fix “ENABLE P2PSVC WINDOWS 7 ERROR?” You may face Enable P2psvc Windows 7 error after performing some malware cleaner tools and sometimes this error may show the blue screen error also with error 0x0000005E OBJECT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. To fix this error download Enable P2psvc Windows 7 Error Fixer with the specifications described below: If this error encounters, your PC will show various symptoms of the errors like: Your system will crash frequently with Error Enable P2psvc Windows 7 while running the same app“The MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION bug check reflects a value of Enable P2psvc Windows 7. Steps to Fix the Error 80240020 While Installing Windows 10 Free Upgrade. Users who are using the forced install method to upgrade their Windows operating system may encounter the persistent error 80240020, while installation of the Windows 10 free upgrade.

This error message reflects because of the overloaded Microsoft servers that result in incomplete or corrupt download files on your system. If the error message pops up displays on your computer screen, a prompt will also reflect that says to restart your computer for the update to take effect. However, just restarting the system may not fix this issue. To resolve this issue permanently, it’s required to perform some troubleshooting steps. Common Errors Reflects with the Windows 10 Upgrade. Update the Latest Version of Windows 10 on Your HP PCs.