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G.Hoffmann: Documents. Beyond Compare: The compare, merge and synchronize utility from Scooter Software. Perceptual Image Diff - Browse /pdiff. DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint : Message: Wax coat for glassless framing - Renaissance - crosspost. Wax Coating Inkjet Prints. At Ken Allen Studios we are continuing to experiment with coating inkjet prints to protect them from surface abrasions.

Wax Coating Inkjet Prints

In particular are the fine art semi-gloss papers that can seemingly scratch if you look at them the wrong way. Current protection methods include lamination and spray varnishes but these have drawbacks of there own and do not work well with all paper surfaces. Typically smooth gloss papers work best for lamination and matte papers work best with the spray varnishes, hence trying to find a solution for the fine art semi-gloss papers. Of course the best protection is done by framing the print behind glass or acrylic but sometimes this is not desired and there can also be a lot of handling between the print coming off the printer and having it safely installed behind glass. We have been experimenting using renaissance wax to coat inkjet prints and have been quite pleased with the results. Best,Patrick WEB BROWSER COLOR MANAGEMENT Tutorial - Test Page FireFox Safari Chrome Internet Explorer IE 10- FILES have embedded ICC profiles Photoshop ColorManagement.

List of Color-Managed Web Browsers: DISCLAIMER: These browsers may now support or not support true color management so test your browsers on my rollovers to see if your browser is color managed, and look for any hidden settings to enable how they react to embedded profiles.

WEB BROWSER COLOR MANAGEMENT Tutorial - Test Page FireFox Safari Chrome Internet Explorer IE 10- FILES have embedded ICC profiles Photoshop ColorManagement

Apple's SAFARI for Mac Apple's SAFARI for Windows XP Windows VISTA Safari 5 official information and free DOWNLOAD (Apple may have pulled their Windows Safari support in 2012) OmniWeb 5.1.3 (Mac) (ColorSync® must be checked in OmniWeb> Preferences> Appearance> Use ColorSync) Firefox 11-3x (Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux free download) Note: Current versions of Firefox have color management enabled by default so be sure to check if FF is working on your machine. TIFF or JPEG2000? Wednesday, 27 January 2010 00:00 We are about to launch on a large digitisation project and at the eleventh hour an issue has come up over which format we should be using.

TIFF or JPEG2000?

The primary purpose of the project is to provide long term backup copies, although obviously once we have the images we can look at additional functionality. How to Print HDR Photographs — Printing Tips — Prints That Really Pop. This is a guest post from photographer and teacher Renée Besta.

How to Print HDR Photographs — Printing Tips — Prints That Really Pop

If you are interested in guest posting on this blog check out the guidelines here. Deep in the Alabama Hills ©Renee Besta There are a ton of HDR tutorials on the internet. GretagMacbeth Color Checker Target Values. Selecting Target Color Checker Numeric Values.

GretagMacbeth Color Checker Target Values

Sponsor list. Our sponsors are generously helping to fund AaI&A's collaborative research with digital printmakers worldwide.

sponsor list

This unique collaboration is providing valuable print preservation research to the photographic and printmaking community. Please visit our sponsors' websites. Tru Vue sets the standard in high-performance glazing that enhances and protects. About the Author. Parker Plaisted is the author of this site. Parker has a B.S. degree in Physics-engineering from Washington and Lee University, an M.S. degree in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and an M.B.A. degree with concentrations in marketing and business strategy from Vanderbilt University.

ColorAnt - Intelligent analysis and optimization of measurement data. Good to know...

ColorAnt - Intelligent analysis and optimization of measurement data

On YouTube you will find a video-tutorial showing the most important features of ColorAnt. SQF (Subjective Quality Factor) and Acutance. Introduction to SQF and Acutance SQF (Subjective Quality Factor) and acutance are measures of perceived print or display sharpness.

SQF (Subjective Quality Factor) and Acutance

SQF has been used for years in the photographic industry but has remained unfamiliar to most photographers; acutance is relatively new. Both include the effects of. What's New at Dean Imaging. Now offering reduced prices for prints made on two less expensive papers.

What's New at Dean Imaging

A discount will be applied to prints made with the Canon Heavy Weight Satin rc material and the Canon Heavy Weight Matte paper. Since these papers are costing us less than the Canson, Harmon and Hahnemuhle art papers we normally use for projects, we can pass some of savings on to the client. The actual price guide has been updated to reflect the changes. Now providing Piezography Carbon K7 prints in sizes up to 44" wide x 100" long. The Digital Dog will create a custom ColorSync/ICC profile for your output device.

We will measure the prints and create a custom ICC profile for you to use in any ColorSync/ICC/ICM savvy product. Profiles can be used on either or both Macintosh or Windows systems. Custom ICC output profile............................................................... $100.00 (discounts for multiple profiles, email us for rates) Correct Color. Correct Color provides onsite color workflow solutions that include printer calibration and ICC profiling, monitor calibration and ICC profiling, scanner ICC profiling, digital camera ICC profiling, color workflow audits and optimization, and color management training sessions that explain the color reproduction process from capture or inception to final print.

Correct Color is a complete color management solutions provider, and the business name of internationally renowned color guru Mike Adams. For parts of four decades Adams has been on the cutting edge of the business of putting colorants onto media. This wealth of experience gives Correct Color unique insights into the problems associated with the complexities of today's diverse digital color workflow environments. Since 2005, Correct Color has made a name for itself has perhaps the premiere color management solutions provider in the United States.

Profiling with Wasatch SoftRIP - Wasatch RIP Software. Revised June 3, 2011 This document will outline the steps to follow to create ICC profiles using a combination of Wasatch SoftRIP and a third party color profiling software package such as MonacoPROFILER, ProfileMaker, i1Profiler, etc. Further, it will provide instructions for importing the ICC output profile into SoftRIP and printing a final test of the newly created Imaging Configuration. Automatic Image Enhancement Desktop Application. COLORCRITICAL. Colour Printing. 1. Check Environmental Conditions You cannot get accurate colour if environmental conditions are out of spec! Digital presses are designed for optimum operation when relative humidity is within the 30%-60% range and it is room temperature. You cannot achieve accurate colour when humidity drops below 25%. Buy a hygrometer (humidity meter) and thermometer and measure before going to the next steps. Schewe Photo -sRGB VS ProPhoto RGB.

A lot has been written about using sRGB (or Adobe RGB) VS using ProPhoto RGB. Often, it is assumed that the purpose of PP RGB is to use a wider gamut of color-meaning more saturated color-but it can also be argued that it's useful for making sure that whatever the actual saturation an image may have remains unclipped. For it is a fact that many colors that a camera can capture (and even some colors that today's printers can print) fall outside the gamut of Adobe RGB, let alone sRGB. So, as a little test, I offer the following; an image whose gamut of colors is not great yet has colors that are clipped when converting from the raw file to sRGB. I've provided a link to the original raw file (shot with a 1D MII Canon and whose DNG was output from Lightroom 1.0 as a DNG).

The image above was processed from Lightroom with minimal settings adjusted (see the DNG settings) into a 16 bit sRGB tiff file before being saved from Photoshop CS3 using Save For Web at High Quality JPG. The Imaging Professionals at The Image Collective. No Color Management option missing. Epson GS6000 Profiling Method has Changed. Printing 16bit fro photoshop to an epson. FourMatch. Need Evidence a Photo Is Real? FOURMATCH™Authenticate images instantly. Accelerated Aging test page- includes light fade test results. AaI&A Testing and Test Results Click on the link above to view the database for all Light Fade Test Results. To download a full PDF report click on an individual sample number in the "test report" column. Imaging Resource Printer Review: Epson Photo Stylus R3000 Printer.

Digital Camera Home > Photo Printer > Epson Photo Stylus R3000 Printer. Optimizing your printer profile with grays. Resolution - Digicam - Andrew Gregory's Web Pages. Print Resolution.