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Labour Market

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The jobs market is nowhere near as good as you've heard, and it's changing us. We are continually being told that more of us are employed than ever before.

The jobs market is nowhere near as good as you've heard, and it's changing us

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe points out (correctly) that a higher proportion of us are in jobs than at any other time. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says an extra 1.5 million Australians have found jobs since the Coalition took office, 260,000 of them in the past year. Yet in many ways the job market is weak, as unusually low wage growth and an uncommon reluctance to change jobs make clear. Young workers expect their older colleagues to get out of the way. There are many names for the narratives pitting the older generation against the younger: Gen-Y versus Baby Boomers, “Generation Me” versus “Generation We,” and unfortunately my research demonstrates that the younger generation do see the older generation as competitors.

Young workers expect their older colleagues to get out of the way

My findings show overall that younger people have certain expectations of older workers and people, characterised by an overall desire for older adults to cede resources, get out of the way and make way for younger generations. The 5 Best Industries for Job Seekers in 2017. Don't Make These Mistakes When Writing a Resume. 27 Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Schedule. STEM Career Resources for Women. Credit: Minerva Studio/Shutterstock Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, collectively known as STEM, are fields that historically have been dominated by men.

STEM Career Resources for Women

This imbalance may discourage young women from joining the profession — which only perpetuates the serious gender gap in the industry. Breaking the preconceptions about STEM means exposing young girls and women to role models in the field, "to make them recognize that, in fact, you don't have to really fit [a] stereotype," Alicia Abella, assistant vice president, of cloud technologies and services research organization at AT&T, told U.S. News and World Report. If you're a woman who works (or wants to work) in STEM, here are 11 education and career resources to help you build your skills, network with other STEM professionals and find new career-related opportunities. Search form Latest NewsCommunique from Industry Reference Committee Chairs meetingEnergy Industry Reference Committee structures open for consultation and call for nominationsNominations open for the Forestry Industry Reference Committees Media hub Industry Reference Committee Review.

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Budget 2015 - Growing Jobs and Small Business - Youth Employment Strategyk. Helping young Australians overcome challenges to participating in work and study Young Australians need the right assistance and encouragement to learn new skills, become job ready, get a job, and stay in a job.

Budget 2015 - Growing Jobs and Small Business - Youth Employment Strategyk

The Government will provide over $330 million to implement a Youth Employment Strategy. New employment programmes available from 1 July. The Australian Government has introduced a number of new initiatives starting from 1 July 2014 to help more Australians to move away from welfare dependency and into a job.

New employment programmes available from 1 July

The recruitment process. The NSW Government sector recruits employees on the basis of merit.

The recruitment process

The Capability Framework - Public Service Commission. My Skills – Australia’s Training Directory. Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age. Online talent platforms are increasingly connecting people to the right work opportunities.

Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age

By 2025 they could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP, and begin to ameliorate many of the persistent problems in the world’s labor markets. Labor markets around the world haven’t kept pace with rapid shifts in the global economy, and their inefficiencies have taken a heavy toll. Millions of people cannot find work, even as sectors from technology to healthcare struggle to fill open positions. Many who do work feel overqualified or underutilized. These issues translate into costly wasted potential for the global economy. Podcast. Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online - Freelancer. LinkedIn lifts profit forecast as demand rises for hiring services.

LinkedIn, the operator of the world's biggest online network for professionals, reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue and profit as demand grew for its hiring services and the company raised its 2016 forecasts.

LinkedIn lifts profit forecast as demand rises for hiring services

LinkedIn surged 19 per cent to $US141.73 in after-hours trading, according to Bloomberg. The shares had declined 55 per cent so far this year, before Thursday's results. Revenue from the company's talents solutions business, which connects recruiters and job seekers, jumped 41 per cent to $US558 million in the first quarter. The business accounts for nearly two-thirds of the company's total revenue.

LinkedIn has been buying companies, expanding its sales team and spending heavily to grow its presence in markets outside the United States, including China. Ideas for Australia: Degrees are more necessary than ever before, but the rewards aren't as great. The Conversation has asked 20 academics to examine the big ideas facing Australia for the 2016 federal election and beyond. The 20-piece series will examine, among others, the state of democracy, health, education, environment, equality, freedom of speech, federation and economic reform. Having a degree has become a basic prerequisite for most careers.

Those without a degree are more likely to be disadvantaged in career and economic terms. You could think of this as somewhat like mobile phone ownership. Twenty years ago, those of us without a mobile phone got by just fine – having one was a status symbol. Yet widespread participation in higher education has implications for individuals. Orange City Council, ABC Central West NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Regional NSW - Business & Industry in New South Wales. Regional New South Wales is the largest and most diverse regional economy in Australia. Jobs for NSW - Invest in New South Wales. Jobs for NSW is a private sector-led and NSW Government-backed initiative which aims to make the NSW economy as competitive as possible and therefore help create new jobs across the state.

Study In Australia. National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) The Changing Nature of Organizations, Work, and Workplace. Labour Market Information Portal. Job Outlook - Make Your Career a Reality. JAYS v1n2 Denny 1. 2015 Intergenerational Report. Every five years, the Australian Government produces an Intergenerational Report that assesses the long-term sustainability of current Government policies and how changes to Australia’s population size and age profile may impact on economic growth, workforce and public finances over the next 40 years. The Government is required to produce an Intergenerational Report at least every five years. The first three Intergenerational Reports were produced in 2002, 2007 and 2010.

The Intergenerational Report contains analysis of the key drivers of economic growth – population, participation and productivity – and examines what projected changes in these areas mean for our standard of living and public policy settings. Jobs and Workplace. Education and Training. Skills and training.

Developing your skills and the skills of your employees can help to keep your business competitive. Investing in skills and training can increase productivity and innovation, help you attract and retain high quality employees and improve customer satisfaction. Business and Industry. Pay - Fair Work Ombudsman. Our_services. JAYS v1n2 Denny 1. Theconversation. Young people have missed out at the expense older workers and migrants in the job market, according to new research on youth employment.

Government policy and Australia’s sluggish economy have added to the problem. While Australia avoided the worst of the global financial crisis, unemployment among its youth has mirrored many countries who went into recession. Prior to the crisis, youth unemployment in Australia was 8.8%, close to the low rates of the 1970s. Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site. Forbes Shire Council. JobAccess. Lachlan Shire Council. Lachlan Shire Council.

Labour Market Information Portal. Employment Projections. Labour Market Information Portal. Forbes Advocate. Parkes Shire Council. Search for jobs, find the right staff - jobactive JobSearch. This Weeks Classifieds. Where Bias Begins: The Truth About Stereotypes.