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15inno by Stefan Lindegaard

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How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation? | Co.Design | business + innovation + design This is the third part in a series by Scott Anthony, author of The Little Black Book Of Innovation. It sounds so seductive: a “culture of innovation.” The three words immediately conjure up images of innovation savants like 3M, Pixar, Apple, and Google--the sorts of places where innovation isn’t an unnatural act, but part of the very fabric of a company. It seems a panacea to many companies that struggle with innovation. But what exactly is a culture of innovation, and how does a company build it? While culture is a complicated cocktail, four ingredients propel an organization forward: the right people, appropriate rewards and incentives, a common language, and leadership role-modeling. The Innovator’s DNA Has Four Components If you ask most people what makes a great innovator, the most common response is innate gifts from parents or a higher power. At the core is what the professors call “associational thinking.” Questioning: Asking probing questions that impose or remove constraints.

Welcome | Program in Open Innovation under the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation CoDev and Open Innovation - Getting the Most from Open Innovatio Want to find out what issues are perplexing other open innovation practitioners, engage in an ongoing dialogue to share insights, problem solve implementation issues and have the opportunity to gain access to articles and case studies to help build your foundation of knowledge on open innovation? If so, then you’ll want to sign up today to participate in this free forum whose goal is to grow a powerful network of practitioners, increase the general knowledge and understanding of what is involved in building open innovation capabilities and how to take these capabilities to the next level for increased growth and profitability. When you sign up to participate, you’ll receive an Open Innovation Fundamentals Kit, a compilation of learnings, articles and open innovation case examples to help bring all participants to a similar level of knowledge on the subject matter. Join today and receive a free copy of the Open Innovation Fundamentals Kit Interplay of generic dimensions "union of international associations" 3rd June 2007 | Draft Interplay of generic dimensions of any "union of international associations" Development of the argument in Dynamic Reframing of "Union": implications for the coherence of knowledge, social organization and personal identity (2007) Commentary The following table is a (very tentative) exercise in generalizing the significance of "union", "international" and "associations". The upper portion of the table highlights "union" as emergent identity, "inter-" as indicative of a generic form of bonding across boundaries, with "associations" as the content of what might be potentially interrelated by the previous two. The table highlights the particular features of the strategic initiatives (separately described) that correspond to generic understandings of "union", "inter-" and "associations" -- all such features calling for refinement through a conceptual "tuning" of the 12-fold array. References Anthony Judge:

15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies and Startups Open innovation is a strategic game for big companies and one of the most important moves to consider for their innovation leaders is the allocation of focus and resources in the context of open innovation. Here we need to consider that big companies like GE, Cisco or Microsoft tend to have 8-12 different value pools (think suppliers, startups, customers or universities) to consider for their open innovation efforts. The challenge is that even companies that are good at open innovation only seems to be able to handle 3-4 value pools properly at the same time. I have no doubt that the value pool of start-ups and entrepreneurs is highly relevant value pool for most big companies and there are lots of initiatives that underscore my reflections. Just check out this list of corporate (open) innovation initiatives aimed towards startups. GE: This is one of my favourite companies. On the latter, you should check this article: GE launches ‘microfactory’ to co-create the future of manufacturing

Strategic Innovation Management, Expertise Profiling & Competence Mapping, and Calls for Expertise for Business Development & Open Innovation X-Search is a worldwide expert search engine that provides identification of scientific and technological experts around the world. You have a business need that can be addressed by scientific expertise? One of your products could benefit from a new extension requiring a new technology? Its costs could be optimized by applying a new production technology that you do not yet master? X-Search is free. Just go to and start using X-Search for free. There is no catch. Login and start finding experts using the search bar ( enter keywords to describe the need that you want to address with scientific expertise. The free version of X-Search interfaces allows for keyword-based queries. plasma physics, space propulsion is equivalent to the logical expression: (plasma and physics) or (space and propulsion)"plasma physics" is equivalent to the logical expression: the exact sentence “plasma physics” No. Yes and No. Yes, we also index publications in French.

Union of Intelligible Associations