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Julie Costes (Le Parisien) : "Avec le paywall intelligent, nous misons sur la gamification de la consommation d'infos" La directrice des activités digitales payantes du quotidien francilien évoque le test mené sur son application Android et le déploiement d'une DMP avec Weborama.

Julie Costes (Le Parisien) : "Avec le paywall intelligent, nous misons sur la gamification de la consommation d'infos"

JDN. La mise à jour de votre application Android a donné lieu à la naissance d'un paywall "intelligent". Le paywall "traditionnel" avait-il montré ses limites ? Julie Costes. Disons plutôt qu'il ne nous semble pas adapté à toutes les audiences ! Nous nous sommes donc inspirés de ce qui se fait dans le gaming en imaginant un système qui permet aux utilisateurs de l'application d'accéder aux contenus du Parisien grâce à une cagnotte de points. Vous vous êtes inspiré du modèle freemium démocratisé par des "Clash of Clans" ou "Candy Crush". C'est du moins le pari que nous faisons ! Faire basculer des mobinautes vers l'abonnement payant Pourquoi tester le dispositif sur mobile et pas sur Web fixe ?

Cela tient avant tout à la typologie de notre audience mobile, un peu plus jeune et donc plus affinitaire avec la mécanique du gaming. What it Will Take to Get People to Pay for News — The Local News Lab. What it Will Take to Get People to Pay for News A Round-up of Recent Debates about Community Support and Culture Change in Newsrooms By Molly de Aguiar and Josh Stearns A study released earlier this month suggested that 40% of Americans would buy digital newspaper subscriptions if they were presented with a persuasive argument.

What it Will Take to Get People to Pay for News — The Local News Lab

It is worth spending a minute unpacking what that “persuasive argument” might look like. It would be a mistake for the industry to think this is simply a marketing problem, that we can just focus group our way to better messaging, and people will start subscribing in droves. The same study cited above “revealed significant variation in the news demands of different demographics.” “Trust is Our Greatest Challenge” Life, by subscription. The American dream is no longer for sale — but it is for rent.

Life, by subscription

We are slowly going through a subtle shift in how the economy is owned and operated, with massive implications. On an average day, you may wake up, shower, dress, drive to work and return home. But the way you do it is changing: Where once you would own the car, the house and the clothes, you now have the option to live life by subscription. The idea of subscription itself is nothing new — from milk and newspaper delivery to fitness clubs, the business model has been a mainstay in the American economy for centuries. But for many assets, ownership seemed for so long like an inviolate trait. AFM 2016 - Page d'accueil. Push - App Marketing Stack. Urban AirshipUrban Airship helps brands engage their mobile users and build high-value relationships from the moment customers download an app.Mixpanel Mixpanel is an analytics platform for the mobile and web, supporting businesses to study consumer behavior.

Push - App Marketing Stack

It enables mobile apps to send users smart and automatic notifications, and analyze the data.Push Woosh Push Woosh is a free unlimited cross platform for push notifications. Agence marketing services. Starbucks Partners With Spotify on Mobile Music. Starbucks Coffee has announced a partnership with Spotify that would give 10 million My Starbucks Rewards members at any of 7,500 Starbucks company-operated stores in the U.S. the ability to identify music playing in the store, save and listen to Starbucks-curated songs through the Starbucks Mobile App.

Starbucks Partners With Spotify on Mobile Music

This isn’t the first time that the iconic coffee company has teamed up with the music streaming service: in May of last year, Starbucks rolled out a program that gave baristas and employees Spotify Premium accounts and the ability to control the music playing in their stores, and created playlists of popular Starbucks music.

How Narcity Media combats ad blocking. Leave it to a Canadian publisher to go the polite route in its fight against ad blocking.

How Narcity Media combats ad blocking

Narcity Media, which runs a pair of city-focused sites aimed at Canadian millennials, last week started asking ad blockers to log in with their Facebook accounts if they wanted to read its sites ad-free. The 3-year-old Narcity Media, which has seen around 10 percent of its readers block its ads, hopes that the process is simple enough that its readers won’t balk at logging in.

For Narcity, the value in its anti-ad blocking scheme comes from the data it collects from the readers who sign in. Publishers that use Facebook’s sign-in feature get access to the names and basic demographic information of the readers who use it. Narcity aims to use that data to better personalize content for logged-in readers, giving them more relevant articles and, more importantly, sponsored content. Advertisement The effort looks to be a success, judging by the early performance. Nice-Matin en campagne de pré-abonnement numérique. Repris fin 2014 par ses salariés, le groupe Nice Matin travaille à son renouveau.

Nice-Matin en campagne de pré-abonnement numérique

TokyWoky : du click-to-chat entre visiteurs : E-Commerce Paris : 5 start-up qui vont vous donner une longueur d'avance. Fonctionnalités - Netwave. Transparence « Quels sont les résultats de mes actions avec Netwave Booster ?

Fonctionnalités - Netwave

» Avec Netwave Booster, vous disposez en toute transparence des indicateurs de performance essentiels : taux d’exposition, taux de clic, CA direct, CA influencé… Le pilotage de vos actions est d’autant plus fin. Content Square, real-time web and mobile optimization. Real-time Customer Data Platform. Contact - SPREAD. Secteurs et données : éditeurs, presse, médias. Content publishers and print and electronic media groups: in a fast-changing market, you’re faced with the urgent need to expand sales from your online business by reaching an increasingly fragmented audience that accesses your content via computers, tablets, smartphones, connected TV, etc.

Secteurs et données : éditeurs, presse, médias

Produce enhanced content To aid your writers, Antidot Semantic Publishing offers a number of services that can be added to your production back office. It can suggest tags or keywords designed to improve your bounce rate, automatically create semantic links to other articles in your editorial archives and/or to external information, provide a multi-source search engine for quick and relevant access to previously published content, and more. These tools are integrated into the work environment used by your writers, who maintain control over the content produced. Increase your traffic. Howtank : faire appel à ses power-users pour aider sa communauté. Que fait Howtank ?

Howtank : faire appel à ses power-users pour aider sa communauté

Mobeye l'application qui vous fait gagner de l'argent.