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Development Dimensions International

Development Dimensions International
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How many towns and cities are there in the world? - Quora Devpar Consulting Services - Introduction The economic value of personal data for online platforms, firms and consumers Data is often referred to as the ‘oil of the twenty-first century'. This article reviews how personal data generate economic value for the three major parties of the digital market: online platforms (such as search engines, social networking sites, online videos, content sites) and their clients, companies and consumers. The European Union’s Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) defines personal data as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person or data subject. In a two-sided market mechanism, online platforms act as intermediaries that collect data from consumers and sell advertising slots to companies. However, concerns about potential misuse of consumer data are not misplaced. “You might be refused health insurance based on a Google search you did about a medical condition. Such lack of self-determination over personal data on the part of consumers might give rise to an uneven exchange of the economic value. Online platforms Firms Consumers Conclusions

International Development Skills needed Many people are attracted to the idea of working in international development because they want to make a positive contribution to the wider world, but it is essential to think carefully about the nature of the contribution you wish to make and the field in which you would prefer to work. Most organisations send people to work internationally in response to requests for specific skills/experience from their local international partners – recruitment is led by the demands of these local partners, and not by those who want to go! There are not many openings in international development for people who have no professional qualifications or/and work experience. The sector is highly competitive and although there are few defined career paths, you will need to acquire both relevant experience and qualifications to progress in this very international field. It can be beneficial to gain relevant international experience before undertaking postgraduate study.

Association of Management Consulting Firms :: AMCF :: Associate Member Firms 7 Mile Advisors201 South College StreetCharlotte, NC 28244Tel: 704.899.5960Web: 7MA provides Investment Banking & Advisory Services to the Business Services and Technology Industries globally. Ascendant Consulting, LLCP.O. Benefits: Get faster results and higher ROI with lower risk. Easily find the best outside expertsReduce your risk, pain and costsIncrease your ROILock in impact and value How It Works: Get faster results and higher ROI with lower risk. Identify objectives, risks, metricsEstimate risk-adjusted valueIdentify and/or vet expertsReallocate risk via negotiationsGuide project to desired outcomesMake changes stick Bayer Business Consulting36 Columbia Rd. Bayer Business Consulting is the global in-house consulting arm of the Bayer Group, providing high-end management consulting services to senior decision-makers across all Subgroups of Bayer worldwide. Beehive MediaP.O. Equiteq LLP FullSurge1603 Orrington Avenue Service offerings: Rattleback

Burgh’s Eye View The proliferation of civic tech projects has led to a growing number of vendors who offer off-the-shelf products for cities and municipalities. At the National League of Cities summit, which brought over 3,500 elected officials and city staffers to Pittsburgh in November 2016, the exhibition hall was full of companies looking to connect with municipal representatives. For many of their needs – a platform for better civic engagement, a tool to track legislation, an application to visualize permit data – private industry offers a modern, customizable, low-barrier solution. While this kind of partnership has led to advent of many notable civic tech projects, off-the-shelf solutions often require trade-offs, such as high purchase costs or a potential disinvestment in a city’s capacity to develop its own products. Burgh’s Eye View To ensure privacy, sensitive data — such as the locations of arrests — has been generalized to the block or neighborhood level. Built Internally Dogfooding Open Data

Tourism Development Consulting | Tourism Consulting Firms Global tourism is now generally recognized as one of the largest industries in the world and one of the most significant sources of employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Tourism particularly benefits the economies of developing countries, where most of the sector’s tourism jobs and businesses are being created. When done sustainably, tourism development can be an effective tool for stimulating economic growth, alleviating poverty, conserving biodiversity, preserving culture and traditions, and creating employment opportunities for local communities. Through our comprehensive set of sustainable tourism consulting services, Solimar assists destinations around the world in achieving their development goals. Solimar is committed to tourism development that creates a positive experience for local people, local businesses, and tourists themselves.

In Alaska, Climate Change Threatens to Sweep Away the Village of Newtok - The Atlantic NEWTOK, Alaska—Two decades ago, the people of this tiny village came to terms with what had become increasingly obvious: They could no longer fight back the rising waters. Their homes perched on a low-lying, treeless tuft of land between two rivers on Alaska’s west coast, residents saw the water creeping closer every year, gobbling up fields where they used to pick berries and hunt moose. Paul and Teresa Charles watched from their blue home on stilts on Newtok’s southern side as the Ninglick River inched closer and closer, bringing with it the salt waters of the Bering Sea. “Sometimes, we lose 100 feet a year,” Paul Charles told me, over a bowl of moose soup. Many communities across the world are trying to stay put as the climate changes, installing expensive levees and dikes and pumps, but not Newtok, a settlement of about 350 members of the Yupik people. Newtok is eroding in part because it sits on permafrost, a once-permanently frozen sublayer of soil found in Arctic region.

Development Consulting - NIRAS What we do We provide technical assistance and project management for development programmes all over the world. With our in-house expertise and vast network of experts we provide high quality services covering the entire project cycle from project design to implementation and evaluation. We have over 40 years’ experience in development cooperation. The development consulting services annual turnover is about € 35 million; we currently implement over 170 long term projects. We work in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America in a wide range of sectors. Who we are We have approximately 180 permanent staff members and a network of more than 7,000 experts working in international development. More than 80% of our in-house staff hold MSc or PhD degrees related to our core areas of expertise. Thanks to 16 local offices in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa we maintain strong local ties to experts and organisations in all of our key markets. Our clients

This is what makes your city better This is one of a series of articles to coincide with the 2017 Ecocity World Summit, which begins today in Melbourne. Our cities have now been named as the saving places of a planet in crisis. And yet we cannot decide on the principles that make for a good city. Everybody has a view, but some views are more sustainable than others. What we desperately need is a big and general public dialogue about the principles that make for a good city. Broader vision is needed We need to get beyond the current tendency to become fixated on spruiking different high-level concepts. But the concept of the smart city is too often reduced to narrow technological monitoring and big data collection. The Mercer group and The Economist tell us liveability is the key. The Rockefeller Foundation is backing the resilient city. A common problem of definition What actually is a good city then? Just by listing these urban forms, the problem starts to become clearer. Who decides? Towards an inclusive, holistic approach

Consulting Firms — International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program — Penn State University Agrifood Consulting International, Inc (ACI) Description: ACI’s core purpose is to help make better decisions to improve living standards around the world. Our vision is to be a leading global provider of advisory services and research on food, agriculture, and rural development. Headquarters: Agrifood Consulting International8311 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite B-11Bethesda, Maryland 20814, USA Contact: Tel: 301-654-2877; 301-654-2878Fax: 301-654-5159Email: Offer: Career employment Categories: Policy analysis & economic studies; market research & value chain analysis; agribusiness development; financial & economic analysis of investments; development & business strategies; advising for private sector development; trade promotion services; impact evaluation; capacity building & training; field surveys & participatory research; workshops & conferences Locations: United StatesAfricaAsiathe Pacific Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Social Impact Career employmentInternships (paid)

theconversation The Australian government recently released an ambitious Smart Cities Plan, which suggests that cities should be first and foremost for people: If our cities are to continue to meet their residents’ needs, it is essential for people to engage and participate in planning and policy decisions that have an impact on their lives. Such statements are a good starting point – and should probably become central to Australia’s implementation efforts. A lot of knowledge has been collected over the past decade from successful and failed smart cities experiments all over the world; reflecting on them could provide useful information for the Australian government as it launches its national plan. What is a smart city? But, before embarking on such review, it would help to start from a definition of “smart city”. The term has been used and abused in recent years, so much so that today it has lost meaning. Where to start with a definition? What should governments do?