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Interactive Notebooks

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Interactive Notebooks Research. Interactive Notebook. When to use this strategy: Before ReadingDuring ReadingAfter Reading Targeted Reading Outcomes: Condense or summarize ideas from one or more texts Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information Compare/contrast information from one or more texts Make text-to-text, text-to-self, and/or text-to-world connections What is it?

Interactive Notebook

The interactive notebook began as a strategy in Addison Wesley’s program, History Alive! What does it look like? The following is an example of what an interactive notebook might look like; the students reviewed and took notes on the literary terms they would be using as they read and discussed Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Click here for a printable version of this example. How could I use, adapt or differentiate it? Put Their Hands On...Interactive Notebooks. Sounds daunting, right?

Put Their Hands On...Interactive Notebooks

Well, it is, a little, when you're first starting out. These things have been around since the 70s (so the technology involved is a xerox machine and a bottle of glue--no dittos, please), but they seem to be all the rage, lately. I have been teaching for 13 years now, seven of those dedicated to world history. For the past two years, I can honestly say that I've been pleased with my classroom structure and routine.

The once overwhelming content is now manageable. Notice and Note: Invitations to Write. Interactive Notebook. Interactive Notebooks. Although I think a system I’ve been using to encourage students to keep good notebooks works really well for me, and might even work well for students, I am not exactly sure what they’re writing down and whether or not they are truly using their notebooks to the greatest capacity.

Interactive Notebooks

Therefore, I am going to try Interactive Notebooks next year. In case you haven’t heard of Interactive Notebooks, they are a system for taking notes developed by Addison Wesley as part of their History Alive! Program. Teachers quickly adapted the resource to other subject areas. Top Five Pieces of Advice for ISN Beginners. Beginning anything new for the first time can always get overwhelming.

Top Five Pieces of Advice for ISN Beginners

It seems like there are a lot of people starting Interactive Student Notebooks for the first time this year and I imagine it must be especially intimidating seeing all the amazing ideas people are sharing. As with anything new, things are more manageable when you focus your energy on one thing at a time. These are some bits of advice I have for anyone that has not used ISNs before, in an effort to help you decide where to focus your energy at the beginning and where not to.

These are based on the way that I use my ISN and what I think is important. Be sure that you understand WHY you are using an ISN and be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. Note: History Alive made the ISN as well known as it is today. The Writing Process: Creating A Flip Chart For Our Interactive Notebook.

As a writer, I use the writing process every single day — when writing a blog post for this or another site, when texting, Facebooking, or when responding to a writing prompt I have given to my students.

The Writing Process: Creating A Flip Chart For Our Interactive Notebook

It’s a process I internalized through many years of writing in school, but was never really taught explicitly, unless you count the required notecards and outlines from high school English. (Yes, I despised those, too.) Fortunately, we’ve come along way, in that teachers introduce the writing process much earlier, and we teach and guide students through each step in real writing projects.

For this reason, I decided to equip my students with their own reference materials, in the form of a nifty flip chart, as you can see above. Students will be able to reference this chart in their Interactive Notebooks throughout the year in my English Language Arts class. Provide students with three sheets of notebook paper. Students should label the cover “The Writing Process.”

Prewriting Drafting. Day 1: Set-up. Armed with my trusty document projector and a PowerPoint presentation I worked up to explain the whys, hows, etc. of Interactive Notebooks, we started to set them up.

Day 1: Set-up

One thing I keep stressing, and stressing, and STRESSING is that they At the first of the year, and several times throughout, I go over the "don't cheat," "don't copy," "don't plagiarize" speech. Interactive Notebook - English Fury for High School Students. Interactive Student Notebook. Since I'm not currently teaching, I decided the best thing to do until I create my own ISN is to provide you with links to others.

Interactive Student Notebook

I have found the following links to be very helpful with ideas about how I want to create my own ISN. Hopefully you will find these useful as well! A comprehensive list of links to other ISN websites. Includes all subjects A blog with ideas and a video for setting up the ISN This is one of my favorite blogs, and he has some really great ideas. An instructional PDF for students This blog has a Word attachment (click on Table Of Contents) that gives you a sample TOC page A slide show for setting up the ISN GREAT site for specific directions.