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Еще 20 необычайно красивых инди-игр - В продолжение полюбившейся читателям подборки о красивых инди-играх, редакция Inwebwetrust решила составить еще один полезный гид. В обзор попали не только законченные и состоявшиеся проекты, но и еще не вышедшие. Порция вдохновения для художников и дизайнеров! Читайте также: 1. Художник: Matt Nava; Компания: ThatGameCompany Платформа: PlayStation 3 Создатели Flow и Flower любят экспериментировать с эмоциональной составляющей игрового процесса, и Journey — логическое продолжение их многолетней работы. 2. Художники: Jakob Tuchten, Peter Strahle; Компания: Might and Delight Платформы: PC, Консоли В состав студии Might&Delight входят далеко не начинающие инди-разработчики: участники коллектива успели поработать над такими тайтлами, как Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield и Killzone. 3. Художник: Luke Whittaker; Компания: State of Play Платформы: PC/Mac, iPad/iPhone Lume целиком состоит из бумаги и картона, снятого на камеру в большом разрешении. 4. 5. 6. 7. Художник: Mario von Rickenbach 8. 9. 10.

quot;How a BlackBerry Works" When the BlackBerry debuted in 1999, carrying one was a hallmark of powerful executives and savvy technophiles. People who purchased one either needed or wanted constant access to e-mail, a calendar and a phone. The BlackBerry's manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM), reported only 25,000 subscribers in that first year. But since then, its popularity has skyrocketed. In September 2005, RIM reported 3.65 million subscribers, and users describe being addicted to the devices. The BlackBerry has even brought new slang to the English language. In this article, we'll examine the "push" technology at the center of the device's popularity, RIM's former dispute with patent holder NTP Incorporated and its current dispute with Visto Corporation. "Push" Technology A PDA does a lot of the same things a BlackBerry does, and the PDA made its debut several years before the BlackBerry. information on a person's computer was to automatically or manually sync the PDA.

25 необычайно красивых инди-игр Качественная графика перестает быть уделом больших студий, а инди-разработчики все чаще вспоминают, что красивое продается лучше. Сегодняшняя подборка — про инди-игры, большие и маленькие, которые хочется рассматривать в подробностях. Одни проекты экспериментируют с ретро стилистикой, другие создают неимоверно детализированные миры, третьи ограничиваются тенью и светом. 2d-художникам и аниматорам вдохновляться обязательно! Читайте также: 1. Художник: Petr Včelka Корабли, русалки и морские чудовища, оформленные в духе старинных карт — эта экономическая стратегия приятно пронизана эстетикой мореплавания эпохи средневековья. 2. Художник: Robin Davey Мини-игра, в которой пират-осьминог жонглирует бомбами, не давая им взорвать спрятанные на дне океана сокровища. 3. Одна из серии игр про Овечку Шона. 4. Художник: Reece Millidge Вокруг так холодно, что пятая точка главного героя примерзла к велосипеду, и все, что ему остается — крутить педали в поисках выхода из этого странного места. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Do Not Touch American English Dialects North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns Small-Scale Dialect Map The small map below is the same as the Full-Scale Dialect Map that follows, but shows the entire width of the map (on most monitors). 24-Aug.-2010 Click on any part of this map to move to the equivalent part of the Full-Scale Dialect Map. Full-Scale Dialect Map Instructions For many of the cities or towns on this map, you can listen to an audio or video sample of speech of a native (more specifically, someone who was raised there, though not necessarily born there, and whose dialect clearly represents that place). Use the scroll bars to move around on this map, or, even simpler, start at the tiny map above and click the country (U.S. or Canada) that you want to look at. The entire map is clickable, taking you to the list of samples for that state or province. Help! Data from the Atlas of North American English (ANAE) Map Notes 3: R-dropping: See Map 7.1 in ANAE chapter 7. Other Sources 1. 2. 3. / and /

Top 10 Interactive YouTube Adventures There is no greater modern hub for diversion than YouTube. But sometimes the experience can just be too passive. Sometimes sitting back and watching other people get hit with things isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to choose what they get hit with. And when you’re in that mood to interact, YouTube is still there to help you (because video games are expensive). Below I have compiled the list of the top ten interactive YouTube videos. 10. We begin with a Lego stop-motion adventure where your best friend Ronald finds himself in one heck of a predicament. 9. Yeah, this one’s basically what it sounds like. 8. Who says you need more than one actor to stage an adventure? 7. Remember #9? 6. This is just a really awesome project. 5. Play Street Fighter on YouTube. 4. The Time Machine is just one of many YouTube interactive adventures from Chad, Matt & Rob. This one is absolutely spectacular. 2. LOVE THIS! 1. I hope you had as much fun playing through all these adventures as I did.

11 Web Toys and Generators to Waste Your Time A couple of months ago, I listed 17 Web Toys for Your Procrastination Pleasure. Now that final exams are over, maybe you'll now have time to play with them -plus eleven more here. Some are fairly new, some are classics, and this list is heavy on music. Have fun! 1. Sort Your Socks Dutch artist Jogchem Niemandsverdriet, who brought us the classic game of tweezing nose hairs, also has a game in which you sort socks. 2. Design your own songs without knowing a thing about music with Incredibox. 3. If your taste run a little more to the traditional, try playing the blues with Desk Top Blues. 4. One of my favorite music generator toys from way back is the Singing Horses. 5. The Whitney Music Box is a classic that's worth visiting over and over. 6. iDaft iDaft is a sound board on which you can recreate the Daft Punk song "Harder Better Faster Stronger" in your own way, using whatever lines you like in any order. 7. Tone Matrix is a simple audio sequencer. 8. 9. It's snowing catflakes! 10. 11.

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