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Quicklyst - take better notes. Bullying Lesson Bullies: What Is Bullying? Bully. What does the word make you think of? For some people, it's that girl at school who always makes fun of them. Bullying happens everywhere, whether it's your town or Paris, France. But why should something that can make a person so miserable have to be part of growing up? Let's start by looking at the different kinds of bullying: Physical bullying means: Hitting, kicking, or pushing someone...or even just threatening to do it Stealing, hiding or ruining someone's things Making someone do things he or she don't want to do Verbal bullying means: Name-calling Teasing Insulting Relationship bullying means: Refusing to talk to someone Spreading lies or rumors about someone Making someone feel left out or rejected What do all these things have in common? The reason why one kid would want to bully another kid is this: when you make someone feel bad, you gain power over him or her. Did You Know... © 2005 CastleWorks, Inc.

Interactive Notebooks | Megan Hayes-Golding My students are 14-18 years old and enrolled in math or physics for the first or second time. As you can see, quite a range of academic types. Interactive Notebook (INB, sometimes ISN or IN): a student notebook governed by several rules: 1) teacher input goes on one side while student output goes on the other side of facing pages, 2) pages are permanently bound in the book such as in a composition or spiral notebook, 3) use color to connect related ideas in meaningful (to the student) ways. First things first, you should probably see what an interactive notebook looks like. Here I’ve collected my thoughts and favorite resources on this valuable tool for students of math and science. The big picture: One thing folks love about interactive notebooks is that they can be anything you want. Low Maintenance Interactive Notebooks: you want to be sure every kid has paper and pencil daily? The $1 Textbook and Followup (by @rawrdimus) Mid Range Maintenance: My personal style. Like this:

The Concord Consortium | Revolutionary digital learning for science, math and engineering SharedCopy loves programming and has been doing that professionally for over 10 years - moving from C, Perl, Java to Ruby & Javascript. Choon Keat is curious about everything and is always thinking of ways to improve [his] life with better design, better software. Sometimes, he even blogs about these things. Choon Keat is practical, delivers simple solution and executes iteratively. He has been practicing that on a startup he has founded, SharedCopy. Professional summary Choon Keat finds himself involved in startups most of the time. His hands-on experience range from (server-side) administrating Linux boxes, writing web apps & integration with SMSC, MMSC & Jabber, to (client-side) writing Eclipse plugins, Javascript, Flash ActionScript, to programming on various other devices like phones and the TV. His recent work revolves around email, Ruby, Rails and a lot of Javascript. Software passion Choon Keat loves open source. Choon Keat understands that experiments are a large part of learning. Contact

Interactive Student Notebook - Reading - My Pride & Joy! Here are some pics from my students Interactive Notebook! This is their READING BIBLE! I will be posting my notebook forms and mini lessons in my TPT store in the next few days (bare with me - I'm new to TpT) ! Look for "Teachers Treasure" on TPT or click on my button on the right of the site. Home - The Story Behind The Science Bounce – A fun and easy way to share ideas on a webpage