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Create your own buzz. Pop Quiz: Are You Using This Email List-Growing Tactic? As the internet becomes noisier and people grow more cautious about sharing their name and email address with businesses, getting audience attention is just getting more challenging.

Pop Quiz: Are You Using This Email List-Growing Tactic?

Quizzes are a great way to meet this challenge head-on. Whether it’s a fun pop-culture quiz or a more serious knowledge test, quizzes can be easy and effective ways to motivate users to share their information with you. It’s a much softer, less pushy approach than offering a “bribe” of free content. Plus, the interaction of a quiz feels more like a conversation to a user – a conversation that results in the user being acknowledged for who they are.

At the end of the quiz, the user is left feeling that you’ve provided them with a service – in this case, that service is in the form of entertainment or knowledge evalution. As if those reasons weren’t enough, quizzes get shared more often than most types of content. Quizzes have viral sharing power. Trivia and Personality Quizzes Knowledge Quizzes. Ion Interactive Content Examples. What is Interactive Content? The Local Business’ Intro to Interactive Content - G/O Digital Marketing. Chances are you have taken one of these or at least considered taking one of these recently.

The Local Business’ Intro to Interactive Content - G/O Digital Marketing

According to SnapApp, quizzes rule the Internet as the most shared type of content, but it’s difficult for local businesses to create content that can challenge those levels of popularity. But it’s not just a popularity contest based on which celebrity personality you have; creating meaningful, beneficial, quality content can help drive leads for local businesses. It’s the way that content is created and served up that can help spur unprecedented levels of engagement. Interactive content provides the consumer or user with a unique, engaging experience that is far more stimulating than opening yet another PDF and reading it from a screen.

Almost any idea can be turned into an interactive piece of content, which basically improves on what is already a successful format. Assessments Infographics Polls & surveys E-books & white papers Calculators Brackets They’re not just for March Madness. Contests. 5 Essential Infographic Design Tips. Infographics are one of content marketers' favorite forms of visual content.

5 Essential Infographic Design Tips

After all, you can pack a lot of information into one attractive, easy to digest, incredibly shareable graphic. The only problem is, content marketers don’t always make the best infographics. Many small businesses don’t have an in-house graphic designer, meaning that content creators either have to look for freelancers, or make visual content themselves.

With With visual content dominating text content by 66 percent, businesses can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to present information visually. Related Article: How to Generate More Valuable Leads With Interactive Infographics I’m not a designer by trade, but I am a content marketer. The quick and dirty design rule: avoid clutter in your infographic at all costs. 1. Negative space is the empty space surrounding defining objects. The Local Business’ Intro to Interactive Content - G/O Digital Marketing. Demand Metric Content Marketing Research Interactive Infographic. Go Highlights from Demand Metric’s June 2014: Research of Content Marketers Assess Yourself Assess Yourself Assess Yourself Assess Yourself © i-on interactive, inc.

Demand Metric Content Marketing Research Interactive Infographic

Interactive Content is Where the Action Is Now. Internet.

Interactive Content is Where the Action Is Now

Interactive. The two were destined to collide. The term “internet” came to be because it connected networks. The prefix “Inter” means “between.” It follows that “interactive” means “action between.” The point is we were destined to interact online. Content marketers are getting “inter” it The real measure of any form of marketing is action. Today, with content marketing ruling the online space, marketers often measure more actions, and certainly, less meaningful ones: shares, clicks, even views. The good ones also realize engagement is all-important. Enter interactive content. “Engaging a target audience” is an important excerpt from Content Marketing Institute’s definition of content marketing. Marketers succeed when their audience not only consumes content, but also enjoys and acts upon it. “By its very nature, interactive content engages participants in an activity: answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios.