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Interactive Student Notebooks

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Interactive Notebooks in Kindergarten - Simply Kinder. Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies: Interactive Notebooks In the Primary Classroom. I have received so many questions about how to implement and use interactive notebooks in a primary classroom.

Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies: Interactive Notebooks In the Primary Classroom

I thought I would share some tips and tricks I have learned in my own second grade classroom. If you want more information on how to SET UP your notebooks, you can read about it HERE. Disclaimer: These are my own personal experiences. The strategies I share may not work in every classroom. Frequently Asked Questions: Why Use Interactive Notebooks? Interactive notebooks are an amazing way to reinforce skills taught.

How Do I Get Started? You have to find the resource(s) that works for you. Interactive Notebook in A FLES program {Take A Quick Peek!} This is my first year using interactive notebooks with my students.

Interactive Notebook in A FLES program {Take A Quick Peek!}

I teach grades PreK-3, but I only use it with second and third graders, and they have Spanish twice a week for 45 minutes each class. We play games and sing a lot in class and sometimes make projects on iPads, but at the end of every unit I like making a paper project or worksheet they can keep in their notebooks. Last year I used binders and divided them into sections, but soon enough the binders were messy, and some students dropped them by accident, and pages flew all over the place.

I am not sure how interactive this notebook is, but I like calling it that because it sounds less boring than calling it just a a regular notebook, at least for my own motivation! So far the results have been great and the children really love them. Take a peek inside our notebooks. Children worked on personalizing their notebooks We used these two activities during the first two weeks of school.

Purchase this product here! Carolina. 1332511.pdf?fn=demoSightWordsInteractiveNotebookDolchFirstGradeList. Cuaderno Interactivo Estudiantil (Interactive Student Notebook -ISN) Well I can't pretend that the last couple of weeks haven't been INSANELY busy.

Cuaderno Interactivo Estudiantil (Interactive Student Notebook -ISN)

This weekend is much needed. This year I've decided to teach my jr. high kiddos with an Interactive Student Notebook, or as we say in Spanish: Cuaderno Interactivo Estudiantil. If you're interested in setting up one up, here's a great site that I used: It is a LOT of work putting together the notebooks, and we've had our classes reduced by 20 minutes this year. However, what I love the most about this, is that it's challenging me as a teacher to come up with new, unique ideas. Kindergarten Notebooks. Interactive Spanish Notebook... Keeps growing!!! So my notebook is growing everyday...

Interactive Spanish Notebook... Keeps growing!!!

I am now in the process of trying to figure out what parts I would assign for HW and what should be in class work. I don't want to take away from reading and speaking activities but I do think that middle school kids need some time to cut and paste.... SO while I figure out the format of my lesson plans, I will share more pics :-) So the two pictures below are from lapbook templates.

I am so very excited about lapbooks!! The students will pair as partners. The page below is a much longer conversation that we will do together. The picture below just shows that having some textbook work in the interactive notebook is welcome and expected. This is the numbers page and is just a flip foldable to help them practice memorizing their numbers.

Below is just a pocket that keep their numbers. Logically after they learn numbers, they will learn time. To conclude the notes we will draw on the flip foldables activites we do in the morning, afternoon, and night. Math Notebook. This is a place for interactive math notebook ideas and examples, most of these ideas are not mine.

Math Notebook

Most are borrowed from Pinterest and some of the better resources for interactive math notebooks are located on the first example. To find more math foldables and more interactive notebook pages you can follow this link here: Math journals are great, this teacher has adapted her lessons and math journal to the online version. You can check out the link below, but the teachers who contribute to the blog have just got one-to-one with laptops and this is a great idea for any math classroom.

They have all of their projects for the students to do linked to a Google site. I also did several lessons that involved post its. This year I am also going to include a latch. I came up with the idea of a folded sleeve with a sliding chart insert, containing the phrases that often confuse kids or cause them to second-guess their translations from words into math. We started on prime factors. Interactive Notebooks. Have you heard of these?

Interactive Notebooks

Thanks to Pinterest, I found these gems that have really helped my students. I just started them in the last couple of weeks, but I've never seen the success with learning AR verbs that I'm seeing from my level one students now. Usually it takes a while to get the students to catch on, especially with the second and third person forms when subject pronouns are not given. Not Just a Flip Flap: How We Interact with our Interactive Notebooks - Education to the Core.