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Interactive Notebooks

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Interactive Notebooks. My students are 14-18 years old and enrolled in math or physics for the first or second time.

Interactive Notebooks

As you can see, quite a range of academic types. Interactive Notebook (INB, sometimes ISN or IN): a student notebook governed by several rules: 1) teacher input goes on one side while student output goes on the other side of facing pages, 2) pages are permanently bound in the book such as in a composition or spiral notebook, 3) use color to connect related ideas in meaningful (to the student) ways. First things first, you should probably see what an interactive notebook looks like. I’ve scanned pages from my copy and a student’s. Check ’em out: Here I’ve collected my thoughts and favorite resources on this valuable tool for students of math and science. The big picture: One thing folks love about interactive notebooks is that they can be anything you want. Low Maintenance Interactive Notebooks: you want to be sure every kid has paper and pencil daily?

The $1 Textbook and Followup (by @rawrdimus) Interactive Notebooks. INBs were introduced to me at TMC12 last summer by Megan Hayes-Golding.

Interactive Notebooks

It was consistently the #1 response students stated on their evaluations as something I should continue doing in my classrooms. They are not bulky, students like the conciseness of the information we place in them, they helped students stay organized. Using CWP (color with purpose), foldables, graphic organizers for note-taking allow students to develop skills that can carry over to future coursework.

By creating assignments that require students to ‘interact’ with information helps them develop connections and retain the knowledge. Often times, we would complete an inquiry task in-class, then together create a summary of what we saw/learned. The TOC is imperative. Settingupthe Interactive Student Notebook. Everybody is a Genius: Interactive Notebooks. Interactive notebook left side activities. 25 interactive notebook left side assignments. Notebook self assessment.

AvidNotebook.pdf. Interactive Student Notebook. I wanted to post some pictures that could help describe my last post.

Interactive Student Notebook

With the wedding coming up and me living over an hour away from school, my visits to school have been minimal to say the least. I'll get into school at the end of August and I'll post pictures of the classroom then. I hope these help you out :) Composition Notebooks These are the BEST. This is just some scrapbook paper that I found in Michael's that was on clearance AND another 15% off because I had my teacher ID. Can't Live Without Supplies - most of them :) I've said it before, I'll say it again, I LOVE COLOR! Glue sticks and tape (missing) are a must, must, must for this to be successful. We mostly use tape in my class. Let's start with the pencils.

Highlighters are fun and colorful and bright. I love colored paper. Just for Fun! Pinterest (Follow Me!) ISN Bins Ok, so before you take a look at the pictures below, I just want you to know this is the bin that I use in my class. Required Assignment for remaining units. Science Interactive Notebook. Interactive Notebook – American History Printouts for Grades 4, 5, and 6 « The Incredible Interactive Notebook. Interactive-notebooks - home. Overview for Interactive Notebook. Print, Cut, Fold- Creative Technology Projects. Math Notebook Setup Part 1. In addition to your sweet comments about my notebooks, I received several comments/emails inquiring about how to set them up.

Math Notebook Setup Part 1

I would like to answer all of you now in this post! I do not have enough time to go through all of the setup process, so here is part 1. I should be able to finish part 2 tomorrow. My students LOVE their math notebooks. They especially love making foldables or anything else on a colored piece of paper to put in them. 1. 2. 3. That's it for today--stay tuned for part 2! Math notebook series. Due to the number of responses I received on my math notebook post I have decided to start a mathand science notebooking series.

math notebook series

(By the way, I was NOT prepared to receive such an amazing response to my journal example, but very excited that so many of you are interested in them!!) So, without further ado, here is part 1: When creating math and science notebooks with your students there are 5 things (among many) I think are necessary to consider from the get-go: At my school 4th grade is departmentalized so I keep a notebook for each of my math classes (so I have a total of three). Made For Math: Interactive Notebook Planning Page.

I'm planning on implementing interactive notebooks this year in my high school math classroom.

Made For Math: Interactive Notebook Planning Page

As I've been trying to decide exactly how they should be laid out, I've found myself sketching pages on a piece of notebook paper. This inspired me to create a document that I could print out that would both look pretty and help me organize my pages. One thing you should know about me is I'm a planner.