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Your guide to the universe

Your guide to the universe

A Virtual Journey into the Universe As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone for being a part of the ThinkQuest global community: Students - For your limitless creativity and innovation, which inspires us all. Physique moderne et philosophie [Podcast] - Centre Atlantique de Philosophie Vincent Jullien et Bruno Gnassounou organisent deux conférences présentées par deux jeunes chercheurs en physique et/ou philosophie sur des questions philosophiques de la physique contemporaine. Qu’est-ce qu’un modèle en physique ? Mardi 16 mars 16h30, Salle 334, Campus du Tertre. Manuel Combes, Centre Européen de Réalité Virtuelle Brest. LISyC, Brest. Qu’est-ce qu’un modèle en physique ?

Solar System Scope WEXT New York MP3 Streaming Audio Windows Media Player (Version 10 or higher only) (*** Please note: We are having issues with our Windows Media stream. Explore the Night Sky With Stellarium Have you ever looked up at the night sky wondering where those elusive constellations are? Do you wonder what that really bright star (or planet) is called? With Stellarium, you will wonder no longer! DocSciences Le CNES s'est associé au C.R.D.P de l’académie de Versailles pour une série de numéros "Espace" de DocSciences, une nouvelle revue scientifique pour actualiser ses connaissances. DocSciences offre un solide dossier de culture scientifique et des ouvertures d’adaptations pédagogiques. Cette revue s’adresse plus précisément aux enseignants de cycle 3 en école élémentaire et aux professeurs de collège en SVT, physique-chimie, technologie et histoire-géographie. Elle propose des articles enrichis de nombreuses illustrations, accompagnées de légendes à double niveau de lecture : professeurs et élèves DocSciences propose : une approche pédagogique originale de documents scientifiques commentés à la fois par des spécialistes et des professeurs, adaptée à plusieurs niveaux, un prolongement sur internet : animations, pistes pédagogiques croisées avec les thèmes aux programmes, portfolios, etc... What does "Keep me signed in" mean? Many of our users have asked for a way to reduce how frequently they're asked to sign-in to and Mail. By checking this new box you'll stay signed in for up to 2 weeks or until you sign out. BBC Space – Explore the planets, black holes, stars and more WFUV New York Listen Live: Three Channels WFUV On-Air - online | 90.7 FM | 90.7 HD-1 90.7's regular broadcast schedule. Artists you'll hear on WFUV: Anything from Bob Dylan, Joan Osborne and The Decemberists (weekdays) or The Beach Boys and Christine Lavin (Sunday Breakfast), to Cherish the Ladies and The Saw Doctors (our weekend Irish shows), or Fats Waller and Paul Whiteman (The Big Broadcast). Listen: WFUV Media Player | 128k MP3 | 64k AAC+ | 56k MP3 | 32k Windows Media Trouble with iTunes?

Brief Answers to Cosmic Questions Structure of the Universe Does the Universe have an edge, beyond which there is nothing? Are the galaxies arranged on the surface of a sphere? Why can't we see the whole universe? Does the term "universe" refer to space, or to the matter in it, or to both? Evolution of the Universe Did the Universe expand from a point? WXPN Penn. Turn up the volume, kick back and immerse yourself in the music with three 24x7 all music streams. Select a station below. Once you launch our new embedded player - you will also have access to a bunch of concerts on demand, videos, and past world cafe interviews right on the player. Listen LiveThe premier guide for new and significant artists in rock, blues, and folk - including NPR-syndicated World Cafe® Listen24/7 Musical discovery.

Science links Skip to Content Home » Science links Science links Echoes Station List Where You Can Hear Echoes Here is a list of stations that carry Echoes, with their broadcast schedules If you cannot hear Echoes in your listening area, call or write to your local public radio station to let them know you would like to hear the show. You can also listen to Echoes any time with a subscription to Echoes Online. For southeastern Arizona, try Echoes on: ARKANSAS For eastern Arkansas, try Echoes on: What does "Keep me signed in" mean? Many of our users have asked for a way to reduce how frequently they're asked to sign-in to and Mail. By checking this new box you'll stay signed in for up to 2 weeks or until you sign out. You'll get easier access to your mail, photos, music, and all your other stuff, even if you close your browser or shut down your computer.