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30+ education sketchnotes for inspiration, ideas - Ditch That Textbook. When I scroll Twitter for new teaching ideas, a good sketchnote can stop me in my tracks.

30+ education sketchnotes for inspiration, ideas - Ditch That Textbook

Maybe it's the color. Maybe it's how busy the image is. Maybe it's because there's a lot to unpack. But often, I stop to unpack those ideas -- and they linger in my mind. Sketchnoting (or visual notetaking) is the combination of images and text to create visually stimulating notes. I've been fortunate to come across LOTS of great sketchnotes in the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit. 50+ video presentationsCertificates of completion for professional development creditDownloadable PDF notesGreat prize giveaways ... and a thriving Twitter community in the #DitchSummit hashtag.

One talented sketchnoter -- Jen Giffen (Twitter: @VirtualGiff) -- has sketched presentations in all four years of the Ditch Summit. If you're looking for ideas, Jen's sketchnotes will inspire and equip you. Below is a Wakelet collection of Jen's sketchnotes from the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit. For more great ideas ... Google Slides icon boards for low-prep, visual thinking. Google Slides icon boards combine low-prep simplicity with a brain-friendly verbal/visual mix.

Google Slides icon boards for low-prep, visual thinking

I’m a huge fan of infographics. They let students create a great verbal/visual mix with the content they’ve learned. Plus, they’re lots of fun to look at and share, too. I’ve written about creating infographics in the classroom with Google Drawings. I’ve made my own infographics, ranging in topics from teaching frameworks to the ripple effect of a teacher. There’s a hang-up, though. You start with a blank page and have to hunt for icons yourself. If you can’t envision your work before you start (or adjust it on the fly), it can be tough. There’s got to be a better way, right? Oh, you bet. AutoDraw. Doodling builds confidence, memory. AutoDraw by Google Creative Lab. Doodling builds confidence, memory. AutoDraw by Google Creative Lab. Sketchnotes: A Guide to Visual Note-Taking. If you’re a visual learner with a passion for pens and paper, the sketchnote method is perfect for you.

Sketchnoting combines traditional handwritten notes with drawings, symbols, and other creative elements. The result is an engaging map of ideas with clear visual cues. With sketchnotes, you can: Use visual cues to boost memory retention Keep your brain active and engaged with variety and stimulation Develop ideas more comprehensively by creating connections between points Make your notes more compact and easier to review at a glance The term "Sketchnote" was first coined by designer and author Mike Rohde.

In this guide, we introduce basic techniques, recommend some supplies to get you started, and interview Mike Rohde himself about the history of sketchnotes. Sketchnote Supplies Sketchnotes can be created using whatever materials you have on hand. Notebook A blank, plain paper notebook is best. Black Ink Pens Emphasis Pen Carrying Case Interview with Sketchnote Creator Mike Rohde. Home - Verbal To Visual. Sketchnoting In The Classroom - Verbal To Visual. Verbal To Visual. What To Listen For While Sketchnoting. My Pencil Made Me Do It: A Beginners Guide To Sketchnoting In The Classroom. Resources & Prompts – Sketch50.

Week 1 Back to Basics Week 2 Always Learning Week 3 – School Subjects Week 4 – Technology Week 5 – Creating & Making Week 6 – Hobbies & Free Time Week 7 – Outside The Finish!

Resources & Prompts – Sketch50

How To's From #Sketch50 Community – Google Drive. OHS Sketchnotes Gallery. Search this site Return to Cardinal Innovation Center Main Site Welcome to the Cardinal Sketchnotes Gallery!

OHS Sketchnotes Gallery

Have you ever doodled in your notes? Do your notes resemble a work of art? Have you ever missed notes from class because your were absent? What is a Sketchnote? "Sketchnotes are purposeful doodling while listening to something interesting. . - Sketchnote Amy. Connect, Collaborate, Create. Sketchnotes: A Guide to Visual Note-Taking. Use Google Drawings for brain-friendly visual notetaking.

Visual notetaking can help new content stick.

Use Google Drawings for brain-friendly visual notetaking

Use Google Drawings to pull in images and make those notes shine! (Public domain image via Our brains like words. But they really love images. The brain works in images. A powerful way to take advantage of that is visual notetaking — recording ideas using both images and text. Brain benefits of visual notetaking It keeps the brain active. I’m a sketchnoting fanatic and have written several posts about it: Google Apps + Visual notetaking At a recent conference, I was chatting with fellow sketchnote enthusiast Carrie Baughcum.

I would consider that visual notetaking. It was such a passing thought that she probably doesn’t even remember it, but it had an impact on me. Because I really like the sketching side of visual notetaking, I didn’t even think of other forms of it. Then it dawned on me — this could be done with my favorite of the Google Apps, Google Drawings.