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How Society Kills Our Creativity – In A Breathtaking Award-Winning Short Film – Uplifted Life. The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay. How I Plan My Freshmen Composition Course - Book Oblivion. After teaching the same freshmen composition course 19 times over the past four years, I have found my sweet spot in the way I set up my class.

How I Plan My Freshmen Composition Course - Book Oblivion

I pull back the curtain here and let you inside my thought process for how I structure this course. So far I have taught four different levels of composition, and if I could get away with it, I would offer the same syllabus at every level but emphasize different aspects of grammar, punctuation, and rhetoric at each. I don’t do that, but it should help you understand how much I love this specific level. This is a four unit course that integrates reading and writing to meet program requirements. Below is my syllabus for my freshman composition course. I break up my semester into three different units, but each unit builds on the next. Reading the novel provides the backdrop to discuss how language works. We start with reading the novel, since it’s a lot of reading. The Unconscious by Sigmund Freud is foundational for discussing the unconscious. Get Out of the Kiddie Pool! – The Rhetor's Toolbox. This was the mantra repeated by a presenter at one of the first AP conferences I attended.

Get Out of the Kiddie Pool! – The Rhetor's Toolbox

We were examining methods to break students out of shallow analysis. The past few years of teaching AP Lang have convinced me that teaching students to write really comes down to three things: thesis statements, organization, and support. That covers about 95%. Throw in some style and intellectual maturity, and you have a great essay. Since I’ve already talked about the thesis, I’m going to focus now on how I teach organization and support. Organization The organizational pattern a student chooses will make or break the essay. Introduction; thesis statement about tone shift using “____ yet ____” frame Body paragraph #1: How does the author reveal his attitude toward the subject matter in the beginning of the piece?

Body paragraph #2: At what point in the text does the tone (or other rhetorical/literary element) shift, and what is the new tone? AP Language and Composition GROWING BUNDLE by The Rhetor's Toolbox. Looking to add new AP Language and Composition resources to your digital file cabinet?

AP Language and Composition GROWING BUNDLE by The Rhetor's Toolbox

This GROWING BUNDLE includes all of my paid AP Language and Composition products at a 20% discount. This means that you receive my current products at this price, plus my future AP Language and Composition products at no additional charge—just follow me by clicking the green star, and check back periodically to re-download for updates! As products are added, the price will go up, so buy now and save more! Please check out the links below for previews and detailed descriptions of the products included. The BUNDLE contains the following products: AP Language and Composition Approved Syllabus My College Board-approved syllabus from 2015-2016 includes a year-long unit outline complete with student learning outcomes and rationale for each unit.

THE GAME Argument Activity Students compete to develop the most persuasive argument, using whatever strategies they can. How Assertion Journals Can Inspire and Challenge Your Students – The Rhetor's Toolbox. They’re analytical.

How Assertion Journals Can Inspire and Challenge Your Students – The Rhetor's Toolbox

They’re argumentative. They’re intriguing. They’re bite-sized. Assertion journals are hands-down my favorite way to teach and assess writing. Here’s how they work: Students are given an assertion, usually in the form of a pithy quotation. BollesSchoolEnglishAP - Pages and Files. AP English Language & Composition. Patterns for A+ Thesis Statements. Stasis Theory 1asmh6b. Glossary of types of humor 2ctrq0g. AP English Language & Composition. Patterns for A+ Thesis Statements. Arrangement Terms by Shachi Mangoli on Prezi.

Are We Really Monolingual? AMERICANS are often told that in today’s globalized world, we are at a competitive disadvantage because of our lazy monolingualism.

Are We Really Monolingual?

“For too long, Americans have relied on other countries to speak our language,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said at the Foreign Language Summit in 2010. “But we won’t be able to do that in the increasingly complex and interconnected world.” The widespread assumption is that few Americans speak more than one language, compared with citizens of other nations — and that we have little interest in learning to speak another. But is this true? Since 1980, the United States Census Bureau has asked: “Does this person speak a language other than English at home? But a moment’s reflection reveals that the bureau’s question about what you speak at home is not equivalent to asking whether you speak more than one language.

I know I’m not alone. The celebrated multilingualism of not just Europe but also the rest of the world may be exaggerated. The Rise and Fall of the American Linguistic Empire. Wheatley, Cassie / AP4 Docs/Links. Class. Class. Calendar View Events/Assignments for Description: This course has an emphasis on a survey of American literature.


The selections and accompanying assignments within the units will provide students practice in critical reading of complex texts, as well as critical thinking, speaking and writing skills as they analyze various plays, poems, short stories, novels, and numerous works of non-fiction such as speeches, essays, news articles, etc. Students will also write analysis essays, which will evaluate an author’s purpose and use of literary and rhetorical devices.

AP Exam May 11, 2016 iLearn@home Packet InformationPractice AP English Language Multiple Choice Exam Questions Day 4: Read Passage 8 in your iLearn@Home Packet and answer multiple choice questions 54-60. Class. StyleAnalysisMood%20and%20ToneFirst%20Betrayal1. CyberbullyRangeFinders. Character%20Map%20and%20Analysis. Parkrose Online Course Support.