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Here are 24 cognitive biases that are warping your perception of reality

Great stories come and go, but there are a certain few that can truly stand the test of time. Tugging on the heartstrings with nostalgic stories can be a powerful tool. Yet, even the most world-renowned storytellers like Disney face pressure to constantly innovate. Today’s infographic from TitleMax illustrates the highest-grossing media franchises, and dives into how they generate their revenue and adapt to new mediums in changing times. The Supreme Storytellers According to the infographic, the majority of franchise revenue comes from merchandising. Perhaps surprisingly, Marvel is not included in the top 10. Reinventing a Classic While the list proves that success builds over time, these classics need to constantly reinvent themselves as their audiences become reliant on new technologies and demand more immersive experiences. Pokémon As the highest grossing media franchise earning roughly $4 billion a year, Pokémon’s strength lies in it ability to adapt to new technology. Hello Kitty Star Wars

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What Is Swarm Problem Solving? - What Is Swarm Problem Solving? contributed by Dr. Jamie Schwandt, (Ed.D.) “It would be unlikely that it would be a fish that discovered water, or a bird air.” – Chinese Proverb Are You Doing Quick Writes in Your Classroom? Why You Should Be (Especially in an AP Language and Composition Class) Grief is a house. We were using this quick write from Linda Reif’s The Quickwrite Handbook since in AP Language and Composition we were beginning an analogy essay (For this essay, students extend compare/contrast form and write an extended analogy.). As I wrote my quick write about how grief is like a black hole, I soon discovered that while I could produce words like point of no return, event horizon, gravitational pull, I wasn’t confident in my use of them. AHA. Impromptu mini lesson: after we “[rode] the wave of someone else’s words” (Ralph Fletcher wisdom at its finest) and experimented with analogy writing, shared our best line or idea with someone in the room, and revised some part of that quick write, I shared my writing and explained how I realized I needed to research my known (black hole) more if I was going to write about it accurately. Slaying the Beast That Is Perfectionism (or at least wounding it)

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From the AI Revolution Right Now For many small business owners, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like a daunting challenge. It's easy to dismiss AI as a complicated and slightly alien tool that can only be used and understood by computer scientists and other experts at big tech companies, but this attitude is mistaken. In reality, there are many ways small businesses can take advantage of AI right now. And they shouldn't wait - their competitors certainly won't. While it's often mythologized in popular culture and treated like a uniquely destabilizing economic force, AI is a lot like any other technology. As more and more companies have developed AI applications, competition and adoption rates have increased, driving down costs and making AI accessible to a much wider range of businesses.

142 Resources for Mastering Coding Interviews – Better Programming By Ben Rogojan And Shayan To help you keep track of your progress, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist of the same problems listed below; that list can be found here. Warm Up With The Classics How did you do? Revising for Meaning My colleagues laid our papers down on the table in front of us. No one spoke for an entire minute. I rubbed my chin, while others seemed to silently search for words. New Series: The Full Stack Data Scientist – Applied Data Science Stack Overflow recently released their 2019 developer survey. It was full of interesting developer insights into everything from preferred technologies to optimism of the future. It made me think about the role of data science in technology and the skills required to have the role integrated into the wider ecosystem. Developers have coined the term ‘full stack’ for a developer who is comfortable working on all aspects of web development. What would be the equivalent for data science? Most respondents (51.9%) identify their roles as ‘full-stack developers’, with ‘data scientist or machine learning specialist’ taking up 7.9% of responses.

Origin, history and meaning of English words This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago. The dates beside a word indicate the earliest year for which there is a surviving written record of that word (in English, unless otherwise indicated). This should be taken as approximate, especially before about 1700, since a word may have been used in conversation for hundreds of years before it turns up in a manuscript that has had the good fortune to survive the centuries. 10 Short Stories to Make You Think About Life – Taylor Dolpin Reading a short story is a perfect solution for when we desperately want to read something but we just don’t have enough time to read a whole novel, or when we just don’t want to read a 400 pages long novel in order to be moved or entertained, when we want something short but just as effective. Neil Gaiman said: “A short story is the ultimate close-up magic trick — a couple of thousand words to take you around the universe or break your heart.” And the following stories are guaranteed to do just that.

Q & A: How does workshop work to prepare students for college? (Or I love teaching these books) #3TTWorkshop I’ve been asked this question in several different ways: How do we do this for college prep courses? How does workshop work in an AP English class? If I’m not teaching books from the canon, how am I preparing students for college? And we’ve written about it a lot on this blog.