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12 Poems to Read for Black History Month. In 1761, when she was about seven years old, the girl we have come to know as Phillis Wheatley was kidnapped from her home on the West Coast of Africa.

12 Poems to Read for Black History Month

She was transported to Boston because she was too frail to be of practical use in the physically demanding sugar plantations of the South. She learned English, Greek, and Latin. But she remained enslaved. Twelve years later, in 1773, this same girl would become the first black person to publish a book in English. From that collection comes “On Being Brought from Africa to America” one of the most amazing poems I have ever read. The poem itself follows the neoclassical model—it’s concerned with order, structure, reason. But this is not a poem to be easily dismissed. We see this same thing throughout the poem in her use of punctuation, in her rare enjambment, in the ways she plays with allusions, and especially in the fun she has with the homonymic potential of the English language.

Browse more resources for black history month. Lemon Bay AP Lit Resource Packet. Mrs. Saunders' AP English Literature and Composition - AP Writing Rubric and Tips. Short Story AnalysisCollegeBoard Link to Practice Cardinal Wosley The Street A Symbol "A Story" 2008 Questions.

Mrs. Saunders' AP English Literature and Composition - AP Writing Rubric and Tips

Understanding Jim Crow (Setting the Setting) Ap15 seminar sg pt2. AP LITERARY TERMS. AP Assignment The Namesake and Fences. Tps theater pearsall grade 12.original. Tragedymillerandaristotle. Fences Unit - Welcome to  AP Literature at Morse High SchoolMrs. Wilensky. The Year Poetry Tried To Save Us From Ourselves - BuzzFeed News. Log In. Living on Chicago’s West Side, where the dazzling downtown skyline always seems to shimmer in view but out of reach, means mornings like these grow strangely normal.

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The blue lights, the yellow tape, the next day’s quiet moving on — all of it. Photo Over weekend, when The New York Times tracked every shooting in this city, the largest concentration of them happened here, in about six square miles that make up Chicago’s 11th police district. Of 64 people shot that weekend, 16 were in this district. Danez Smith on "poem where I be & you just might" - Poetry Society of America. Introduction by Christopher Soto Danez Smith's debut collection of poems [Insert] Boy is a testament to pain, a gospel of possibility.

Danez Smith on "poem where I be & you just might" - Poetry Society of America

Here, each poem is a body reborn and rising to claim itself. "I am learning to touch a man's back / & not think saddle or conquer or burn. " Smith is a poet whose work is stamped with the presence of literary legends such as James Baldwin and Audre Lorde. Simmons Secondary Writers B3B7E38339A8D. Edutopia. In the middle of the school year, I always regret my choice of becoming an AP and Honors English teacher.

Not because I hate to teach, but because I'm always swimming in essays that I have to grade. In order to accommodate the load, I adapted the elementary way of thinking and formed a writers' workshop for my own classroom. Once they participate in the workshop, students are able to learn how to revise their own essays. Because of this, the time it takes for me to grade essays is literally cut in half. Suggestions for Implementing a Writers' Workshop in Your Classroom. The messy truth about the gulf between Trump and Clinton voters. So, days before the 2016 election, I decided to fly into a battleground state -- and talk to them.

The messy truth about the gulf between Trump and Clinton voters

I visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where a major battle was fought in America's Civil War. I wanted to know one thing: Are we on the verge of another civil war? What I learned surprised me. The answers are even more important, now that Trump has won. My film crew recorded our Gettysburg encounters in hopes they'd shed light on this tense moment in America. A Social Justice Reading List for Those Who Want to Rise Up. I’m not gonna lie.

A Social Justice Reading List for Those Who Want to Rise Up

I Mean Y'all (a short short short story) — Kiese Laymon. I liked to think about big ol’ girl booties as long as DeVante and Ella Staywoke knew me, and DeVante and Ella Staywoke liked to think about big ol’ boy booties as long as I knew them.

I Mean Y'all (a short short short story) — Kiese Laymon

Y'all might not understand, but that’s just how we were. DeVante was probably the most gifted fourteen year-old in the history of Jackson Mississippi. 2012\teacher 20121022 1441. RubricsAssess. Teaching Positive Masculinity - Natascha Yogachandra. AP Test Prep - AP English Literature & Composition. Poetry mc practice using poetry. "The Future of Men" explores evolving gender roles in 21st century. With the role of men in society evolving, and a power shift toward women at work and home, the "traditional" male is dying out, according to author Jack Myers.

"The Future of Men" explores evolving gender roles in 21st century

Myers argues men will "be increasingly defined, dominated, and controlled by women" in his new book, "The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century. " "These young men are not their fathers, they're not their grandfathers. Beliefs about the roles of men and women are 'as firmly held now as in 1980' In the last 30 years, women's participation in the workforce, in athletics, and in professional education has increased in the US.

Beliefs about the roles of men and women are 'as firmly held now as in 1980'

But gender stereotypes are just as strong today as they were three decades years ago in the country, according to a new study. Janet Mock - I Was Born a Boy. ReDesign. American Girl: How Young Is Too Young To Be Transgender - BuzzFeed News. KING: Police brutality fix needs change in systems racial makeup. Today kicks off Part 1 in a 5 week, 25-part series exploring solutions for police brutality in America.

KING: Police brutality fix needs change in systems racial makeup

The problem is actually deeply entrenched and amazingly complicated. It has no quick fixes. No one solution will solve the problem. The Common Application Announces 2016-2017 Essay Prompts. The Common Application has announced that the 2016-2017 personal statement essay prompts will be the same as the 2015-2016 prompts. By conducting a review process every other year, rather than annually, we can hear from admissions officers, as well as students, parents, and counselors, about the effectiveness of the essay prompts. These prompts are designed to elicit information that will strengthen the other components of the application. "We want to make sure that every applicant can find a home within the essay prompts, and that they can use the prompts as a starting point to write an essay that is authentic and distinguishing," said Scott Anderson, former school counselor and current Senior Director for Programs and Partnerships for The Common Application.

With the release of the essay prompts and the announcement that student accounts created now will roll over to 2016-2017, counselors can introduce their juniors to the Common App now, or whenever they are ready. Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship 10 College Application Essay Questions to Make Your Essay Pop. Curly Hair Essay - Love Your Curls. My father always jokes that when I was first born, he thought my mother gave birth to a puppy. I had hair all over my body, except for my head. College Essays About school, self-esteem, health, hair, college and personality. College 101: Common App 1: Background and Identity. Sophal Ear: Escaping the Khmer Rouge. Self-portrait in case of disappearance.

We Live Here. Your Excuse Sucks. Where do you enter A poem At the same place I... - Must it be? It Must be! Trip Through Your Wires: Death Is Calling. Seven summers ago, a phone call upended my life. This Is a Story About Loss. The Victims Poem by Sharon Olds. The Ultimate List of AP English Literature Tips. The Common Application Announces 2016-2017 Essay Prompts. Sanford Biggers: An artist's unflinching look at racial violence. Rubrics. Teaching Strategies. On Serena Williams And The Policing Of Imagined Arrogance - By almost any measurement, I am a wholly mediocre basketball player. DRUNK IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR. Negin Farsad: A highly scientific taxonomy of haters. Ms. Gehorsam's AP Lit Syllabi. Ms. Memories We Lost Incredible Journey SINGLES.

Ls sum13 creating norms tool. If It Is The Summer Of 2009. I am the darker brother., I drink champagne early in the morning instead of... Humans of New York. Give one get one move on. Elegy - Poetry Foundation. Dear 14-Year-Old Boy, You Are Not Entitled to Sex — Bright. David Hoffman: What happens when you lose everything. College 101: What matters to you, and why? Cam Newton on Those Versace Pants, Race in America, and Whether He Would Let His Kid Play Football. Boniface Mwangi: The day I stood up alone. Audrelordepoems. Artist reimagines ‘Pee-Chee’ folders with police brutality.

APEssayScoringRubric Fig1.3. AP%20Literature%20and%20Composition%20A. Ap%20rubric%20descriptors. AP%20Generic%20Writing%20Rubric. AP%20English%20Literature%20and%20Composition%20Course%20Syllabus %20Greene. AP Lit syllabus. AP Course Audit - AP English Language And Composition. A detail you may not have known about Eric Garner blossoms in poem. A Beautiful Story About A Dark-Skinned Woman Told Through 37 Stunning Photos. 17 Poems By Black Writers To Read When You Feel Hopeless - BuzzFeed News. 10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay - Professors' Guide.

"Trap Queen" is Our Generation's Greatest Love Song.